Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Quarantine Quilt Show

Like many other quilters, I am giving my neighbors a daily quilt show. If you follow me on social media you have seen these photos. I'm sharing a quilt a day on my porch railing. I started with my first published quilt (found in the American Patchwork and Quilting Calendar 2013?) I want to make another spiderweb quilt using strips. 

I quilted this on my domestic machine (before I got a longarm) and did a free motion ribbon candy in the background. I also quilted the selvages using rulers to stay parallel to the prints.

Gift Baskets is a quilt that appeared in my first book with C&T, SCRAP QUILT SECRETS, and it was also featured in the British Quilting Magazine, Today's Quilter. I have seen lots of amazing versions of this one and each of them are special to me.

This quilt was custom quilted by my friend Betty A. before I got my own longarm.

The selvage spools quilt appears in my second book with C&T, STRIP QUILT SECRETS. I made a second version of it using strips. The color blocking in each spool is fun. 

I machine quilted each of these using rulers and free motion. The strip version has diagonal quilting on the strips to mimic the way threads are wound onto actual spools.

This is an off center log cabin made from selvages. I finished this quilt a few years ago for what would have been my 3rd book with C&T but they chose not to publish it. So the quilts have just been in a cupboard in my sewing room.

I quilted this on my Handi Quilter Amara using free motion with rulers in the selvage areas. It was fun and gave me lots of practice using rulers!

This Kansas troubles quilt is another quilt that has been completed and sitting on a shelf for a few years. It was also going to be in the now non-existent 3rd book. LOL I love making traditional quilts using selvages. This is another quilt that would be fun to make using strips instead of selvages. 

I also played with my new Handi Quilter Amara and custom quilted this using the pro-stitcher. I flipped and rotated and stretched the design to fit the diamond background spaces. I used a free motion with rulers for the selvage areas.

I continue to share a quilt a day on my porch railing, rain or shine, for my neighbors to enjoy. I've run out of selvage quilts, so this one if from my first book SCRAP QUILT SECRETS. I like how the four patches make nine patches but not in the traditional arrangement. I also like how the orange sashing is complimentary (on the color wheel) to all of the blues in the quilt. I call it 4 Patch Plaid even though my friend Mary Ruth suggested I call it Screaming Orange. HAHAHA I love her!

I'm not getting much else done at the moment because my kitchen in torn apart. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart. I will be so glad when I have a functioning home again.

Let's hope the results will be worth the chaos.

Stay safe friends!


  1. Loved seeing all your selvage quilts. It was quite an enjoyable quilt show.

  2. Simply lovely quilts--I love the scrapiness of them all... That selvage one is totally many pieces in there...thank you for the virtual inspiring...
    during these dark days...
    ~ ~ ~ waving wearing my winter togs as it is sooooo cold Julierose

  3. What a great quilt show! Thank you!

  4. I love the idea of a neighborhood quilt show! I thought about doing the same thing here...and then decided there was too much risk of someone walking off with a quilt. :-( Maybe I could do it for an hour or so each day, and sit on my front porch, reading and keeping an eye on the quilts!
    We were gearing up for a kitchen remodel when stay home orders were issued. I've been waiting for new kitchen cabinets for years, so I guess I will have to wait a little longer!

  5. Your neighborhood is lucky to have such a pretty show.

  6. I love these quilts. Any chance you will publish them as individual patterns? I want to make that Kansas Troubles quilt.

  7. What a great idea! (the quilt show) My porch is similar to yours and could easily be done, but we're tucked into a cultisac type thing so I don't know how many people would see them. Kitchen remodel - I know! Hang in there, it will be so great when its done!

  8. Wow, I am a long time blog follower and I have your books but I still love looking at your quilts on your website. I think of all the quilt books I own, your’s are still my favorites. I can’t imagine what is coming next but Iknow I’m going to love it..

  9. Beautiful quilts Diane! Thank you for the quilt show ❤

  10. Thanks for the quilt show! Nothing better than pretty quilts to brighten the day.

  11. A selvage quilt is on my to do list!! thanks for the ideas!!

  12. I enjoyed your quilt show! Thanks for the inspiration. Right now I'm making scrappy 4-patch leader and enders, so your "Screaming Orange" quilt is a great idea. Good luck on your kitchen remodel!

  13. Such a neat idea. I'm sure your neighbors are loving your quilt show!

  14. These quilts are just fantastic.It`s hard to pick only one best fav.Sure your neighbors love your quilt show.It`s a great idea!

  15. What a fabulous gift for your neighbors!! I'm a BIG fan of scrappy quilts. LOVE each of those shared!

  16. This is a lovely way to bring a bit of joy into trying times. People on a regular exercise route must look out for the quilts everyday and be cheered to see the changing gallery.

  17. I've been enjoying your quilt show virtually. I had a few hanging on railings at my condo for National Quilt day. but we are at the beach, and that means seagulls and that means poop! So I was grateful to pick up clean quilts at the end of the day, but I'm not that confident to keep doing it. I got caught up on your blog. I have many of the same feelings as you write about. The lack of concentration has been trying, but I'm trying to be forgiving to myself and just move on to the next shiny thing. Take care


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