Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Desperate Times call for Drastic Measures...can you help?

My family and I are healthy and home and staying safe, so please don't worry about us! I have not been able to travel and teach the last 3 months due to obvious reasons, and an unexpected college bill came in this week. I could  have easily paid it had my business been running as scheduled. But that's not the case and I would love to raise some cash quickly.

How can you help? I'm offering some of my quilts for sale! If you know someone that is in the market for a quilt, please share this post with them. All prices include US shipping only. International shipping will be extra. Please comment or email me at Butterflythreadsquilting (at) gmail.com to arrange payment and shipping. I accept paypal, venmo, check or cc. I've priced these to sell, so you'll get a bargain!

Windblown Wishes 
published in Scrap Quilt Secrets
61" x 85" (long twin)
$200 includes US shipping

Sawnee Shadows
published in Scrap Quilt Secrets
55" x 72 (large throw)
$175 includes US shipping 

Oh My Stars
published in Scrap Quilt Secrets
90" x 90" (queen size)
$375 includes US shipping

Machine Applique and Machine Quilted
designed by Kim Diehl
60'' x 60''
$150 includes US shipping

Machine Applique and Machine Quilted Hearts All Around
original design not published
54'' x 64''
$150 includes US shipping

These are the large quilts I am selling right now. I will have more small quilts for sale soon. I really appreciate your support!

And don't forget all download patterns are still on sale through the end of the month. Just use the code: 


will get you 25 % off all digital download patterns. 


  1. Oh Diane, this makes me so sad. Your quilts are gorgeous, and are worth so much more than what you are asking! I do hope they end up with people that will love and appreciate them. Good luck with everything, and hopefully you can go back to work soon.

    1. Please don't be sad Sandy, I am thankful that I have multiple ways to make money and I can always make more quilts! I just might already have more than I need though. LOL


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