Sunday, May 24, 2020

Instagram Review

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, this is a review of the past few weeks. I have been sharing lots of fun photos over there and it's just a much easier way for me to share and lots less work than blogging. Don't worry, I'll still blog (because you're worth it!) but I don't want you to miss the fun that's happening over there.

I've been sharing what I'm reading, what I'm making, sweet fur babies, and a quarantine quilt show everyday. I have added links to sources where I can. I have also blogged about some of these over time. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me.

Buddy, a great book and new paint for the dining room.
A new pendant, shelves for my quilts, and a quote.
New paint in the kitchen, kitty, a free pattern.
A fun read, tutorial and the view from my front porch.

Stash purging, a fun read, bird nest over my bedroom window.
Azaleas in bloom, old kitchen with new color, muffins!
Stash organizing, refolding quilts, Twirla.
A favorite magazine, a quilt finish, and inspiration.

WIP, selvage quilt, selvage baskets from book 1.
Recovering an old chair, selvage quilt, selvage quilt.
Boomer, best batting ever, backyard afternoon.
Instagram fun, new office reveal, blooming dogwood.

A new book, Quilt from book 2, and a WIP.
New kitchen counters, sew along share, reno/demo.
Quilt from book 1, WIP, kitchen demo.
A great book, cookies, selvage & strip quilts!

New kitchen bling, charity quilt, porch time.
Great book, before and after, Boomer.
quilt, reno, quilt from book 2.

Sneak peek, favorite gadget, a finish!
Quilting video, quilt from book 1, quote.
Time with friends, quilt from book 2, kitchen reno.
Quilt from book 1, roses, Candy Crossing.

Cookies, quilt from book 2, facemasks
Tech issues, roses, another good book.
Quilt from book 2, Boomer, quilt from book 1.
Mother's day, reno complete!

Quilt from book 1, office time, quilt from book 2.
Gardenia, quilt from book 2, quilt sale!
home, cover quilt, my first quilt 1997
Stash enhancement, new kitchen, Origami Galaxy.

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and love you leave for me on Instagram and here. I really appreciate your enthusiastic support of my quilt sale and your continued support of this little business of mine. My longarm quilting has quite a few quilts waiting in line, but I am working hard to get your gorgeous quilts back to you ASAP.

I feel so blessed to have so much kindness and encouragement from each and every one of you!
Stay safe,



  1. I don't use Instagram because It seems such a jumble to me. Could you post about the ins and outs of it?


    This is a good video explaining how to get started with Instagram. There are many on YouTube that you can check out. It's really quite simple an user friendly once you get it set up.

  3. I just have to learn how to use Instagram! All my friends are doing it and I just need 20 minutes and a five year old to show me how to use it. My favorite of your comments is "I drink coffee for your protection"!


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