Sunday, June 28, 2020

Flea Market Fun

Last weekend the kids and I went out to brunch and then to the flea market here in town that is open only on the third weekend of each month. I was looking for some new things for the kitchen and there is a wonderful booth full of nothing but Fiesta dishware. I got one bowl and one plate but she's bringing me some requested items next month!

I had never seen a sewing machine that looked like a tractor before. I thought it was clever but didn't look very user friendly.

Quite a few of the booths were not open due to the pandemic, but they were lovely to look at as they had quilts covering the merchandise. This string quilt and the four patch are both giving me ideas!

And this basket quilt is awesome! Is this desk a sewing desk or just a writing table? I do like the color.

I thought this little spool tree was clever. Wouldn't that be fun to decorate for the holidays?

And I was so proud that my daughter knew what this lamp was made from. She must be a quilter's kid for sure! LOL

And we even got some apartment decor for my son! Here in UGA country we rarely find VT stuff but this was waiting for us when we walked up! And it reminds me of patchwork made from wood if I do say so. I'm glad my son is excited about it.

I'm looking forward to going back next month!



  1. Those quilts are giving me ideas, too. I sure miss going to flea markets and thrift stores. Btw I just ordered White Fragility. Thanks!

  2. Fun to glimpse antique quilts! Most of our Tokyo flea markets (called shrine sales) are closed but a few are open.... and I'm itching to go to one...


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