Saturday, June 6, 2020

I'm Listening...

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I've shared a few quotes and resources on social media in response to the current events in the USA. I am not adding my thoughts because my voice really doesn't matter.

As a white woman raised in the south I have seen racist acts and I've heard racist words. I've been on a lifelong journey to do the right thing when faced with a choice, and I've always been horrified by hate in any form towards any human or creature.

I've also been incredibly naive. I assumed that my intentions were enough. So I'm learning, and I'm listening and I'm making a choice every day to better understand how I can contribute in a positive way to the world around me.

Here are some of the resources I'm turning to right now...

video about systemic racism
video about white privilege

White Fragility
How to be an Anti Racist
Me and White Supremacy
Where to Begin
Sing Unburied Sing

Social Media:

I hope that wherever you are, you are able to dedicate some time to better understanding what's happening in our world right now. We can all do better. We can all support one another in that effort. Please leave information in the comments about books, authors, and social media you would like to recommend as well.

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NOTE: while most links on this site are affiliate, I have not used any links in this post that will result in any profit (monetarily or otherwise.) These links are meant to be resources only. Finding black owned bookstores to purchase these books from would be even better. 


  1. Living in the Netherlands looking at what happens in your country makes me so sad. We have the same problems here to but not as bad as in the US. I wish we could all just spread love instead of hate.

  2. Thanks for being a voice on your blog. Too many are ignoring it and going along their merry way. Movies- 13th on Netflix, Just Mercy on Amazon

  3. This is a historical time in our lives and I appreciate that you are writing/sharing about it. Echoing Lori's comment above, there are so many who are just breezing past - unaffected, unchanged. I agree with you - we need to self-examine and it is hard. There is a long wait for the White Fragility audiobook. Fortunately the author has plenty of presentations on YouTube and I have listened/watched several them. I am deeply moved by the work of Bryan Stevenson and the Equality Justice Initiative. I saw the movie "Just Mercy" and I cannot recommend it enough. Carol Andersen's White Rage is next on my list. And till I can get Ibram X. Kendi's book I will be watching his many interviews on Youtube. Stay safe, Diane.


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