Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Kitchen Renovation: Before and After


We've never lived in a house long enough to do any major renovations and this was our first venture into remodeling.


Let me start by blaming my husband. It was entirely his idea. LOL No really. I though it would be nice to have new counters and backsplash but he wanted to go FULL rip out and redo. So we somewhat compromised. (After he saw the quote on how much the full reno would be he decided he could be more flexible.)


In the end, we decided to get new counters and new tile. While we were replacing the counters, it would require a new sink, so we went with a farm sink option that was huge bonus! We kept our hardware and appliances (two of which have been replaced the others are original but still working.) We also kept the cabinets as they were in good condition, but we had them professionally repainted. We went with a soft white for the cabinets, and dark grey for the island and desk area. We also replaced the pot rack with lighting.


I love the work that was done, especially the painting. I do not recommend doing a remodel during a pandemic, as it took much longer because only one contractor per day would work (understandably.) The contractors were all wonderful and did great work. Also, all 3 of our college kids moved back home during the process because their campuses were closed. So we used a makeshift kitchen set up in the basement for 3 weeks which was not ideal.


We also had the walls painted a soft grey (Sherwin Williams March Wind) and painted the adjoining family room the same color. While the painter was here, we also had the dining room painted a dark blue, and the office a deep turquoise.


We haven't finished by any means. I've purchased and returned three sets of curtains online. We had the new sofas for the family room delivered but they were incorrect, so we are waiting for the new ones to arrive hopefully in July. There are still walls in need of decor (quilts to make) and new accessories for the new color scheme. But those will come as I find them.


While I'm thrilled with the result, I won't be anxious to do any more remodeling any time soon. Yikes that was nuts. Much wine was consumed during the construction phase of the process.

I'll share more after photos once we actually have some more afters.



  1. Kitchen turned out beautiful! Love the paint colors you chose for the other rooms, too. Redecorating is so much work but so rewarding when finished! You'll be so happy to work in that lovely kitchen! Well done!

  2. The finished results look well worth the hassle. Beautiful. The glitches just make part of the story. (Easy for me to say! Hahaha)

  3. Looks lovely and fresh. We are one year out from an almost total 1950s kitchen re-do, and we love it! No pandemic while they were here, but we had to share them with another homeowner's project so there were delays. I sympathize with your college students being home; luckily it was only the two of us and we had a little kitchenette downstairs. Enjoy!!

  4. So pretty! I can't imagine having a full house and a big remodel job going!!

  5. Love the reno! Great choices! Relax and enjoy!

  6. Beautiful choices, Diane! Don’t you love the clean, fresh feeling of NEW? I’m done with renovations and remodels, too. Almost. We only have the laundry room left, and that was supposed to be this year. Now we’ve put it off until one of our old appliances (washer or dryer) dies.

  7. It's very important for us, women, mothers and wives to have a beautiful house !!
    Yours is beautiful and cosy !!

  8. Beautiful updates! Lucky you to have most of the work over and done. I'm so ready to do my kitchen reno, but still uncomfortable with having contractors here all day. Guess I will wait...maybe do some painting myself.


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