Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mug Rug Love

Recently a few friends and I got together for a fun mug rug swap, lunch and fabric shopping date. We 'social distanced' by sitting at least 6' apart and we resisted hugging even though we really wanted to!

I chose to make rainbow mug rugs using the free pattern I designed for Craftsy several years ago. You can download it HERE.

I chose a favorite Alison Glass print for the backing and used it as my color palette for the front.

By laying a ruler on top of the strips I was able to determine the size I would need to cut. This was important because my scraps were very limited in some of these colors so it was a tight squeeze.

I started with the middle strip and worked my way out to one side, then the other. I also made them assembly line to reduce the confusion!

I machine quilted them in the ditch using a variegated thread. I also machine bound them as I would a regular quilt. However, when I'm working this small, I use a single fold binding instead of a double fold to reduce bulk.

My friends impressed me with their skills and creativity and I was particularly amused that one of them used my pattern!!! I just love them all! I'm so lucky to have such fun and creative friends.

Have you ever participated in a mug rug swap?



  1. They are so cute, colorful, and cheerful!

  2. I still use the salvage mug rug you gifted me when you published your first book. It's sitting right here on my desk with this morning's fresh cup of coffee. :) :) What a fun lunch date. :)

  3. Oh how sweet! I love these rainbow ones. I love swapping Mug Rugs. They are the perfect size for something quick and fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I clicked the link you posted but the pattern is not available. The page is there with a list of materials but the PDF of the pattern is not available. Page says all orders ended on May 31, 2020.

  5. Pretty mug rugs! I have never participated in a mug rug swap, but looks fun!

  6. So darn cute! It looks like BLUEPRINT/Craftsy won't let us download it unless we got it in our pattern library before 5/31. Or it's me. Regardless. It's so sweet!

  7. I just saw your post about not being able to find out how to start a new post in the new Blogger, but couldn't comment on it. There is a red plus sign in the bottom right of the screen. Just tap that for a new post to open up!


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