Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Instagram Review June 2020

Here's the review of the past month from my Instagram.
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the cotton farm, smoothie, mug rug swap
scrap quilt, lucky stars, happy mail
flowers and quilt, longarming, little quilt
silly dog, sewing curves, plaid discovery

black lives matter, disappearing 9 patch, words of wisdom
mask making, heartsy, truth
sparkle, sweet boy, vintage quilt

splash, rotary cutting, best book of the year
show and tell, happy anniversary, great book

smoothie, great book, flea market
in bloom, mug rug, happy mail
inspiration, smoothie, puppy love
sweet boy, truth, mug rugs

I hope you enjoyed this photo review of the month. It's fun to see the passage of time in snapshots.


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