Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Second Chances: rethinking good quilt designs

I love rethinking a good quilt with a new color scheme, or a variation on the original piecing or setting. I've had fun reinventing my own quilt designs as well as vintage quilts I've come across.
I especially love when someone takes one of my quilts and remakes it in a way that I wouldn't have thought of. To me, that is the real magic of quilting!

The quilt about is an amazing example of this rethinking a quilt. The quilter used my CRAZY DAISY design from my first book SCRAP QUILT SECRETS and made it larger by adding another row of flowers. How cool is that? She also used much more contrast in the patchwork than the original and it gives it a light and airy feel that I just love!

Would you be interested in seeing more 'second chances' quilts? I have some that are ready to share, and some that I want very badly to start on! For example, I want to make a patriotic version of OH MY STARS from my first book, and a Halloween version of a house quilt I made. I also want to make a smaller version of several of my quilts from my books so they are easier to travel with (if we ever get a chance to do that again!)

NOTE: I am scheduling teaching contracts for 2021 and I will be rescheduling all of my postponed teaching contracts from this year so far! Do not worry, we will make these guild visits happen eventually!

Let me know if you would like to see some second chance quilts.
Enjoy every stitch!



  1. I LOVEthat quilt. I love it enough to get my Scrap Quilt Secret’s and start making half square triangles with my giant tub of scraps......I find it interesting that I have a closet full if yardage but I sew mostly with scraps. Hm, maybe I should just buy FQS......

  2. Such a pretty version of your design - it would be fun to see more of your "second chance" quilts for sure!

  3. Crazy Daisy is one of my favorite patterns of yours - love the "rethunk" version! Funny you're thinking about re-making some of your quilts; I just decided to make a new version of a quilt I made many years ago. (Maybe it's a comfort thing?)

  4. I think seeing several versions of a quilt pattern in different colorways or with different borders helps give quilters a perspective on how they can adapt a pattern to their own design instead of making a copy of the original. It's been fascinating to see all the variations of Bonnie Hunter's Unity quilt on IG.

  5. I would love to see more of your second chance quilts. Thanks.

  6. I love seeing different versions of quilts! My vote is yes please!


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