Sunday, August 30, 2020

August 2020 Instagram Review


Banana pudding, Boomer walks himself, summer nights
color selections, good book, smoothie
ice cream, quiet, blogging
patterns, pup play date, rain

snuggling, new dishes, sweet old girl
long walks, smoothie, my bed
courage, view from Sawnee, fun hike with kids
Tula, work space, fun with Procreate

evening walks, Danny, cutting kits
Buddy, big spider web, David
Sew Along, Power Points, Boomer
Smoothies, Kelly on Sawnee, cinnamon rolls

Beach finds, seashells, nights at the beach
Beach sewing, surf, beach house
my fan club, stitches, pedicure
evening walks, smoothie, strips for quilt

long walks, beach, sew along
beach sewing, Vitamin D, sunset
champagne sewing, beach blooms, surf
my office, low country boil, storm coming

This month's Instagram started with hikes with the kids, long walks with the dog and lots of smoothies. 

Then my kids packed up and all went back to college so I went to the beach for a week. A wonderful house sitter stayed home with the dogs and spoiled them sufficiently while I was gone. 

I loved every minute of the beach, sewing in my little loft at the top of the beach house, and long walks on the beach. I did a little reading under an umbrella and lots of visiting with friends over big seafood feasts and lots of glasses of wine. We caught fresh crabs from the dock and enjoyed sunsets over the Intercoastal Canal. Our house was perfectly placed on an island off the coast of NC. It was nestled between the beach and the canal so we could enjoy both! 

I brought home some sea glass and seashells, a little bit of sunshine, and a lot of good memories with wonderful friends. Now I'm ready to start a new chapter of online teaching, ZOOM presentations and turning in the final artwork for my very first fabric collection. The beach was a sweet goodbye to summer and I'm so ready and excited for all the new beginnings in front of me!

I hope you are embracing something new and exciting too!



  1. Looking forward to the SAL. CONGRATULATIONS on your first fabric line! That is such exciting news.

  2. How exciting, your own fabric line!
    I can hardly wait to see it......
    Looks like you had a very full and fun summer, your little retreat in the beach house sounds heavenly!


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