Sunday, August 23, 2020

Coming Soon...

The Celebration 2020 Sew Along is happening every week in the month of September and will be a chance for us to sew a whole quilt in a month! I will share instructions for cutting and sewing a row (or 2) each week beginning on September 1st, then again every Tuesday in September. You can choose the size you prefer, or just sew one row and make a table runner! It's a fun way to celebrate my birthday month. There will be prizes and give aways every week!

Go HERE for all of the information on the Celebration 2020 Sew Along Quilt.

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The Mystery Block of the Month quilt begins in September and will run until May 2021. It will be instructions for sewing once a month, and you must finish one month in order to be ready for the next month. Don't worry, you can make a large or a small version, or just one sample unit. It will be easy piecing and no triangles or hard stuff. The first step will be shared on Thursday September 3rd, and then the first Thursday of every month following.

Go HERE for all of the information on the Mystery Quilt.

ZOOM Guild presentations begin in September. I am not offering workshops yet, but the guild presentations are available for either SCRAP QUILT SECRETS or STRIP QUILT SECRETS. These presentations include every quilt from the book, plus extras for inspiration, along with all the information you would get at a real in person visit from me. I will also have a discount code for guild member to use while shopping in my online store and I'll provide prizes for each guild. I already have 10 guilds booked so be sure to contact me for a date and time if you are interested.

Go HERE for all the information about my ZOOM guild presentations.

I know this sounds like a lot and it is! It's all an attempt to sew our way through this crazy year and connect and share the things we love! I hope you will join us for one or ALL of the options being offered. We will still have regular blogging and updates that you normally expect. I hope you don't get tired of me!

Let's get stitching,


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  1. I *love* Celebration 2020 ... I can't wait for the SAL to get started!! :)


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