Saturday, August 1, 2020

July 2020 Instagram Review

Boomer, new recipe, blog
fireworks, new furniture, explosives
great book, smoothie recipe, pep talk

Instagram from July runs in reverse order because the photos appear this way when I screen shot them. So if you want to start at the beginning, just scroll to the bottom and work your way up. It was a fun month overall! If you aren't already on Instagram, I would highly encourage you to join. Just make up a name if you want to remain anonymous, and you can follow anyone you want, no approval needed. You can also follow hashtags. Some of my favorites are... 


Some of my favorite products to follow are...


Or just go to @dianedknott and select 'following' to see all of the people and things I follow including books, travel, cooking, etc.

Christmas in July Sale, piles of quilt, cast iron skillet steak
Halloween fabric, Boomer, coffee
Making PowerPoint for online class, Buddy, Virtual Teaching
Fat quarter bundle, banana pudding, mask making

Good book, sewing stack, pep talk
3 cheese quiche, home, photo assistants
My favorite magazine, good book, making a new friend
Christmas in July Sale, royalties, Buddy

Trying a new recipe, Buddy, dinner
Old quilt in  a new home, Buddy, Buddy's health update
Quilt for sale, gardenia, quilt sale (thank you!)
Buddy and Bailey, Harry Potter movie marathon, wine

smoothie recipe, good magazine, rainbow
Bailey, pressing mat from a friend, fiesta win
a friend's sewing room, my favorite magazine, breakfast in bed
Boomer, chocolate chip cookie brownies, blog update

See all the fun you're missing! It's like facebook without the complainers. You can keep your account private too if you only want to approve who gets to see your photos. Just saying, it's really no risk!

Now go stitch something!

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  1. Like FB without the complainers - I like that. That last row middle photo looks just like my blueberry cobbler. Are you checking us for close viewing? ;)


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