Friday, September 25, 2020

Time to Wind some Bobbins!

My mom's sewing machine that I learned to sew on.

I always say it's time to "Wind some bobbins!" when I'm getting ready to start a new project or sit down to sew for a marathon session. This weekend I hope to get lots of sewing done, but mostly I'm just excited to be sewing with friends! Since retreats and quilt events are out of the questions (thanks COVID) we are retreating to my house. Just 4 of us and our sewing machines and fabrics. Lots and lots of fabrics!

We have a group project planned, we are all going to make a "Sew Together" bag by Sew Demented. I've had the pattern for years, and I'm super excited to finally use it! And a few of us will be working on the Celebration 2020 Sew Along (can't imagine why?) LOL

We also have a great menu planned and we are taking turns making/ordering the food. We are making some yummy snacks because quilting burns lots of calories (don't I wish!?!) There will also be beverages aplenty! 

We plan to do lots of hand washing and minimal contact. I've got sewing stations set up with plenty of social distancing, we are going to be safe, but we are going to have fun, and we might even sew something!

I hope your weekend includes something wonderful too!

Enjoy every stitch,



  1. Sounds wonderful - have a great time!!

  2. I am also hosting a small gathering of my quilter friends this weekend. This should have been our big guild retreat weekend. Food, beverages, sewing and a little much-needed socializing is on the agenda. Hope you have a great time!

  3. Sounds like SEW much fun!! Have a blast! I'm looking forward to seeing the Sew Together bag!! :)

  4. Have fun. A small group (no more than 4, often fewer) have been meeting weekly at the house of one of the group (she has mobility issues). We're all in the same age range and have been very careful, so we feel safe. Fortunately the Covid #s in NY have stayed low. It's good to see friends and talk to someone besides our spouses.

  5. Our chapter retreat would normally be in mid October at a great lodge with an awesome cook! As covid has interrupted that plan I just finished scheduling 5 zoom retreat sessions. They will full of sewing and chat and a few demos. We even scheduled a "cocktail hour" 1 of the days. We have also done a few all day sew-ins via Zoom over the past several months. Enjoy your retreat!


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