Wednesday, October 21, 2020


How do you decorate this time of year? I start with general autumn in mid September and usually morph into Halloween on October first then get rid of the goblins and go into Thanksgiving in November. But I’ve decided to simplify this year. No kids currently in the house means it’s really just up to me. 

So I plopped some small pumpkins on the mantle.  

And there’s a few hiding around the room as well. 

Can you spy a pumpkin in this picture in the dining room?

And a couple more in the kitchen...

A whole bowl of them on the table!

And of course the real ones outside. I was super excited to find a yellow one for the first time this year. Who knew? 

And there’s even one on my work table trying to find its way into a collage. I’m enjoying my pumpkins so much that I don’t even miss the Halloween stuff this year. And hasn’t this year been creepy enough already? 😂

Since blogger has made posting so challenging from my computer, I thought I would try it from my phone. No telling what’ll happen but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I would love to hear your favorite autumn decor tips are. 

Happy everything y’all!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful home. It seems I do less and less decorating every year. But I do love pumpkins, mums and fall colors. And a few of the hand painted signs I've made or purchased over the years. Happy Fall

  2. Thanks for giving me the idea I need more pumpkins. All the Halloween decorations in local stores were looking pretty picked over a few weeks ago, so I guess I'll have to turn to sprucing up my Christmas decorations now. BTW, what pattern is the orange and black quilt hanging over the sofa? I'm smitten!

  3. Your beautiful house is so beautifully decorated. I don't do much decorating, although I do switch out the quilts so there is a change.

  4. Most of my decor is hand crafted ... from wool acorns to yo-yo spiders to mug rug bats and (of course) pumpkins of every size, shape, color and material! Ha! Of course, it doesn't take much to overwhelm our tiny house (RV) space, so it looks like a LOT! I love your plaid pumpkin at the end and the beginnings of the collage! Can't wait to see a finished product there! :)

  5. We were lucky enough to find some gorgeous mums for a low price so have those and some geraniums that are still blooming on the back porch. Indoors the only thing that differentiates the season is a small display of carnival squash and gourds and some dried zinnias on a fall tabletop quilt in the dining room, and a cheddar and black quilt on my chairside table in the living room.

  6. I love your pumpkins. My granddaughter and I made cloth pumpkins when she was 4 or 5. She was SO thrilled with them- Grandma was too! We put then out every year along with a Jackolantern candlestick that I purchased a few years ago. We also have a few scarecrow shelf sitters that come out too. They have ceramic pumpkin heads, so cute! Love the fall decorations but not the Halloween ones......

  7. Thank you for the photos of your Fall decor. I'll live vicariously through them, since I didn't decorate much this year. Some pumpkins on the porch and a Halloween garden flag is all I managed. Someone else mentioned the orange and black quilt (the middle quilt on the quilt ladder photo). Is that your pattern? I would to purchase a copy, if it is. Thanks so much! Happy Fall!

  8. Your home looks perfectly decked out got the autumn holidays.

  9. Pumpkins, cheddar, then Halloween, then harvest. I keep it pretty simple too.
    The phone post looks great other than your photos are a little small unless you click on them.

  10. Your house looks lovely with it's autumn decorations. Decorating your home for fall is not something we do much here in the Netherlands. I like doing it, made a pumpkin quilt and table runner and dragged some decorations from my visits to the US back to the Netherlands. A little bit of America in Holland!


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