Sunday, November 1, 2020

October 2020 Instagram Review


Some #wordsofwisdom, afternoon light in the yard, evening walks
my finished #celebration2020sewalong, #mysteryblockofthemonth step 1, new kicks

fall color, gorgeous new book, autumn quilts
lots of zoom teaching, my dinner date always begs, my quilted sew along quilt
spoiled dog, lots of longarming, love seeing your sew alongs in progress
dog kisses, a new tea towel, happy mail 

my new favorite coffee flavor, he's so needy, shopping spree
ginger snaps, my quilting supervisor, fun day at the farm
sew along is on the bed, hand binding, pumpkin spice rolls
free projects, autumn decor, truth

chocolate chip cookies, best prequel ever, pumpkin muffins
fall color, dining al fresco, snuggles
pumpkins on the porch, happy mail, awesome magazine
collage beginnings, best donuts ever, silly dogs

hot tea with lemon, Halloween Donuts, 10 minute tip
strip sets, Hurricane Zeta, strip sets
pitiful dogs, another sew along quilt, porch time
loving this book, I voted, new masks

And if you are still desperately searching for a copy of the magazine with my quilt in it, you can order a copy HERE. It does seem to be sold out at many locations. See quilt hanging behind me in photo.

I hope your October was filled with lots of things you love. I am setting some goals for November and think I might try to walk 50 miles (2 a day for at least 25 days.) Let's hope the weather cooperates. I also want to share a few new projects I've been working on. Fun stuff!

LONGARM CUSTOMERS, please know that I am all caught up on my customer quilts and will be happy to quilt for you with a fast turn around. If you want something done for Christmas, please have to to me by Thanksgiving (the sooner the better!) 

If you are on Instagram, please share your link in the comments, I want to be sure I'm following my friends! 



  1. I like that you do a monthly IG review on your blog. So many times my photos cross between my blog and my IG, and neither gets completely exclusive content (though my IG is more likely to than my blog, just because of volume). Kudos to you! I'm following you on IG ... as @daneesey! :)

  2. Hi Diane. I just checked my IG and while I follow you, it looks like you aren't following me (not that a post much, but it's on my list to up my game). I'm @pate393 (because when I signed up for IG, I had no idea I could create a clever user name).


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