Thursday, December 10, 2020

20 for 2020 (the edited version!)

I naively announced this set of goals almost a year ago, and who could have predicted how much our world would change this year? But I'm not one to give up so easily, so I've edited the list below to reflect what actually happened... 

20 for 2020

1. Attend 120 Pilates classes. With my work and travel schedule this may be a challenge, but I love the way I feel when I make the time and effort! COVID 

2. Read 60 Books. I read 54 this year, and this includes the books I listen to while traveling. I'm on book 56 so I'm optimistic that this will happen!

3. Finish 10 quilts and donate them to charity. I have 3 almost complete. DONE

4. Walk a 5K every week. I know this is good for me and the dog will love it! I think it will be more enjoyable if I learn how to do listen to audio books on my phone (see # 14) Changed to 2 miles a day 4-5 times per week, loving it!

5. Go on a trip with my husband. He travels for work and I want to go along with him on a trip. He likes it when I travel with him but coordinating it can be a challenge. COVID

6. Learn how to use EQ8. I have had it for a year now, it's time to figure it out! Progress but still so much to learn! I did learn how to use PROcreate and designed my first two fabric lines using it.

7. Finish a custom quilt on my longarm using rulers. This is half complete. I just need to schedule the time to get it done. DONE

8. Publish 3 patterns that are in various stages of development. So excited to share some super fun stuff I've been playing with! No but I developed two online classes for guild presentations! 

9. Submit a design to an international magazine. Very intimidating, but I like a challenge! DONE

10. Reduce sugar in my diet. I'm addicted to sugar and I hate the way it make me feel. Seriously? Not this year!

11. Clean out my quilt closet. This is scary, as it's a big closet, but I need to purge and sort and remind myself what's lurking in there! Progress, I've donated two large bins of fabric and will continue to work on this one bin at a time!

12. Attack the attic and leave only what is necessary. I know there are things up there that really need to go to a new home, it's time to make that happen. Progress! I've laid additional flooring over the rafters, removed one car load of stuff, and began organizing the rest. Still several loads to donate, but pleased with the progress so far.

13. Rework my office space for more efficiency. I have two different desk areas, I want to consolidate and make it more comfortable. DONE

14. Learn how to listen to audio books on my phone/car. Technology can get the best of me but I don't want to be the old lady who can't do things for herself. I need to learn how this stuff works! DONE

15. Clean out the closets. DONE

16. Develop a meaningful AM routine with yoga/stretching. I've never been a morning person, and I think I need a routine that will help me with that. Seriously? What was I thinking? It's still all about the coffee.

17. Design a new Block of the Month for fun. These have been so much fun to share the last few years, I definitely have some ideas, and I am looking forward to this! DONE

18. Make pillowcases for charity out of stash fabrics. Leftover yardage from backings that is lingering in my stash needs to be put to good use. DONE

19. Attend the Birmingham Quilt Festival. I have wanted to do this for years, maybe I can make it happen this year. COVID

20. Remake a small version of Razzmatazz in neutrals. I love this quilt from my first book, but I want a small version in soft neutrals. I have the vision in my head, now I need to make it happen in fabric! No but I did learn how to collage quilt!

I also survived a Kitchen remodel, learned how to make a power point presentation, got a quilt published in Simply Moderne, designed two fabric lines, learned how to teach via ZOOM and spent more time with my college kids that I had ever hoped to! 

While 2020 did NOT go as planned, I think I managed to learn a lot, get a few things finished, get a few things started, and make a whole lot of progress in a variety of areas. But I would prefer 2021 to contain far fewer surprises. Just saying...

Give yourself credit for what you did accomplish this year in spite of it all!



  1. I am working on that morning routine and coffee is the first step in establishing a routine for me. I am not 100% - yet - but I have made progress. I love your list even if there were some unforeseen road blocks.

  2. Amazing progress with all the COVID restrictions. Great work on the clean and clear it out. That is my goal as well.

  3. I think you've done very well given the circumstances. I cannot say the same. I have been totally productive this year, finishing only one quilt and hardly making progress on any others. I'm way behind my Goodreads goal. The gardens, while a respite this summer, remains in need of much refreshing. But 2021 is coming up and maybe a new year will inspire me to get off the computer and back in the studio.

  4. Your response to #16 is SOOO me! I hope some day we get a chance to sit on the porch together and enjoy our morning coffee!
    As for 2021 - I'm with you in hoping it is an easier year. Every time I say that though, my husband says: 2021 is standing offstage saying 'hold my beer'. ;-)

  5. Your goals were all good, and you accomplished so much! The whole Covid thing threw us all for a loop, but you managed so impressively! Thank you for all you contribute to the quilting community. Here’s to continued health and happiness for you and your family in 2021. xo

  6. Goodness me, reading all the things you DID achieve, I think you have done remarkably well. I so enjoy reading your blog, and thank you from 'down under' for all the free quilt patterns you share with us. :)

  7. Love #10 and #16! Yep, I can relate!


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