Thursday, December 17, 2020

Secret Holiday Sewing

I asked this question on Facebook recently and have really enjoyed reading all of the wonderful responses. I am so glad to know that I have lots of good company! We can do this friends!!!

I will share my gift quilts AFTER they have been given so as to not give away any secrets. 

I'm very pleased to say that I only have one binding left to do before I can say I am completely finished! Granted I kept expectations low this year as I am having surgery the 17th. I am only scheduled to stay one night in hospital, and then I can come home to relax and enjoy the holiday. My kids will be here to take good care of me and my dogs will no doubt offer lots of snuggles.

So if I don't post for a bit, just know that I'm thinking of all of you! I plan to listen to books on Audible, catch up on my blog reading, put together a puzzle or two, and take lots of naps! Who knows, I might even stitch something if all goes well. But mostly, I plan to take it very easy and just relax. I hope I can remember how to do that! LOL

Good luck to all of you in your holiday prep and don't forget to take a little time to pamper yourself, you deserve it!




  1. I am done with my Christmas sewing! Good luck with your surgery. We all can use some down time!

  2. Good luck with your surgery and I wish you a smooth recovery!

  3. I have just a few things to finish here. Merry Holidays and a speedy recovery Diane!

  4. Take care.

    Oh my, what a truly beautiful quilt above your piano!!

  5. Well, you should be getting ready to head home right now. Soon you will be wrapped up in a snuggly quilt, perhaps in front of a cozy fire, ringing a bell to summon your "staff" to bring you some tea. Hope all went well. Enjoy your holidays with all the family there.

  6. Best of wishes for your hospital stay. I hope your family will spoil you and you'll recuperate quickly.

  7. I've learned over the years not to have holiday projects lingering in December. I get frantic. I hope all has gone well with your surgery and you'll be up and enjoying the holiday soon.


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