Sunday, December 13, 2020

Snow Globe Collage Quilt


I made this version of  the Laura Heine Snow Globe Pattern from a kit plus my stash. I wanted to hang in on a large wall so I added a border to make it larger. I probably didn't need to do that, but honestly, I was having so much fun with the collage process that I couldn't stop! LOL

I started by setting up a table just for this project, so I could contain the mess and not risk losing tiny pieces. I just used a folding table and added bed risers to make it a comfortable working height while standing. 

I then traced the basic outline of the pattern onto the pattern ease product and sorted the kit by colors/ sections of the quilt. This helped me to feel organized and not so overwhelmed by the process. I like to divide tasks into separate steps to feel like I am making progress with each completed step. 

Next, I cut and fused the tiny prints that would be added later. I wanted to get these all fused and ready to use and stored in a baggy. It was a good project while watching football because it was easy to sit and fussy cut them over a period of time, rather than trying to get them all done at once. 

Once these were safely tucked in a zip bag, I could move on to the actual assembly of the quilt. Clearly this didn't need to be done first, I just wanted to have them ready to go for later. 

At this point, I went digging through my stash for anything that might be a good addition. I wanted to have lots of variety and options, so I chose lots of 'snow' options and 'background' options and went through my Christmas fabrics to look for any fun additions that might work. Also, I think I added a few greens for trees as well.

Once I had the background fabrics fused and cut to random sizes, I arranged them on the background area of the pattern ease. I then repeated the process on another piece of pattern ease for the globe area with the snow fabrics. It was easy enough to press it to the background piece once it was a large unit.

I then cut lots of trees just freehand. I could have used the tree patterns provided, but this was just easier for me. I like doing a lot of shape cutting free hand and then I can easily trim to fit areas as needed. So here is the first batch of trees. I chose not to use tree trunks (like the pattern) because I just like the sweeping branches that go all the way to the ground. Or maybe I was lazy. Either way, you do trees however you like! There really are no rules. 

I arranged the trees in a general idea but didn't peel off the backings just yet. I wanted to get the main house and driveway located (to be sure it was straight and centered) first. I added a few details to the house and discovered that some of my proportions were off and I needed to eliminate a window, etc. Again, no worries, it is meant to be fun, not stressful! 

Once I had the layout arranged to ensure it was all level and centered, I added the pieces for the base and the sign. I had pre fused the letters to the sign so that it could be added already completed. You will notice that my pattern sketch is just that. I only added the large or significant lines and let the rest sort itself out as I went. I was concerned about the driveway and making sure all of the pieces of snow fit around it and any gaps were covered by trees or filled in with extra snow pieces. 

Then it got really fun! I built the houses and then started grabbing all of the fun bits from the zip bag and adding them all over the place! I did lots of moving bits about until I liked the general layout. I went with the 'more is better' approach and added everything and then some! 

Once everything was laid out (but not yet pressed) I was able to go back in and add more details, like ornaments to the trees, little fussy cut bits of candy for trim on the houses and just random details for fun. I also added the snow and icicles to the houses from leftover bits of white. I cut all of these free hand and trimmed as needed. I didn't use any specific shapes, but did look at the photos on the pattern for guidance. 

I then filled in any gaps with pieced together elements for signs or just my own amusement. I added a gingerbread chauffeur for Santa's car just because I felt like it. LOL

You will see that I used leftover bits to add a windowsill and a fussy cut elements for door knobs. I just wanted to be able to look at the quilt and keep finding fun surprises. 

Before I started quilting it, I needed to make a decision about borders. There are none on the pattern, and the quilt doesn't need them, but I did want to enlarge the quilt, but wanted to keep collaging as well. So I added borders with a similar feel to the the background, and randomly fused leftover bits and fussy cut snowflakes to the outer border. 

I knew I needed an inner border to contain the main part of the quilt, but I didn't want it to be grid quilted like the rest of the quilt. So I machine quilted an organic grid on my quilt before I machine appliqued the inner border. I did this on my longarm by quilting 1/2'' rows one direction, then rotating the quilt and repeating going the other direction. You can see where the inner border will be as I left the edges unfinished. The red strips will cover the those edges. I prepared a 1" strip by folding the edges to the middle and pressing the strip. I then sewed the strip down using a matching thread and just top stitching along the edges. This was trickier than I planned because the quilt was stiff as a board with all that quilting! LOL

Here it is hanging on my wall. I had to take the photo from an angle because of the dining room table, but I think you get the idea. It is bound by machine and I considered lots  of binding options, but decided I didn't need another feature on the quilt, so I just let it blend. Please note that there are two polar bears on the bottom edge who have found one of the fallen gifts and are admiring it. There is also a numbered countdown tree garland thanks to my friend Janet! 

The quilt even got Boomer's approval while I was trying to photograph it. I love that dog, but he ALWAYS thinks everything is about HIM. LOL

If you are curious about making a collage quilt, here is a list of supplies I used. (Please note that some of the links are affiliate, as always, I truly appreciate your support!)

Tutorial on collage that I watched

And if you have any collage quilts you would like to share, I have added a post on the Butterfly Threads Facebook Group and would love to see your photos!

I hope you are having a safe and happy holiday!



  1. Thanks for showing the contents of the kit. I wouldn't have guessed that it contained the pieces as printed items to cut out rather than all being made from scratch with tiny bits of fabric. Makes it much more doable. I like that you added your own touches. The border really finishes it. I just might have to get this one. Thanks for explaining how you did it.

  2. What a fun quilt, but it looks like a lot of work. I love it! I may have to try one of her quilts someday. Great job!

  3. Thank you for this interesting and informative read this morning!

  4. Wonderful! This is one pattern I am really tempted by. You have done a beautiful job of putting it all together.

  5. Just lovely, thanks for sharing!

  6. what a fun project and thanks for all the links if I ever tackle one of these.

    Nice to hear your method, thank you.

  8. What FUN! You did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. It's amazing and beautiful! Wow! What a treasure this will be ... plus you had such fun creating it!!!! :)

  10. What a stunning quilt, with so many charming details. I can imagine a child sitting with it or seeing it on a wall and searching for all kinds of fun little images.

  11. I think this is the cutest Christmas quilt of the year!!!!

  12. WOW! I love seeing the process! Its as adorable as ever!

  13. This looks like so much fun! Wow! Very intense, but so, so cute.:) Sorry, haven't commented in awhile. Have been reading the blogs I follow from Bloglovin, but it makes it hard to comment and then I forget. So exciting that you hare designing fabric. Sounds like your cup of tea! And best wishes for recovering from your surgery. Wonderful that your kids will be there to help during recovery time.:)


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