Saturday, December 26, 2020

Time to Share

I only made one quilt for Christmas this year and didn't want to share it so as to keep it a secret. But now that it's been gifted I can show you!

My daughter's boyfriend is a huge Saints Football fan and mentioned earlier this year that he would love a Saints quilt. That boy is so cute and so helpful that I would be happy to make him any quilt he wants! 

I found some Saints fabric and used it in the border. I collected my black and white fabrics and sorted through them for fun (an some funny) prints that he would like, and then bought a yard of gold fabric as nothing in my stash really worked with the Saints printed fabric. I know, I was shocked too! LOL

I wanted to get it done before my surgery on the 17th and have it wrapped and ready to go, like all the other gifts. I didn't know how I would feel afterwards and I am SO glad I got everything done prior to surgery. I slept for most of the following week. 

Using simple four patches and half square triangles, I created large blocks. I had the Accuquilt shape for the Fleur-de-lis so I just fused the gold fabric, cut those and fused them in the dark diamonds created where the blocks joined. And because I could not figure out how to make the border fabric turn the corners in a way that looked good, I just extended the gold inner border to separate the print fabrics. 

I quilted it on my longarm with black thread. One of the things I like to do with black and white quilts is to use all different shades of black and everything from pure white, to light grey to off white and even cream. I think this give it a old look and keeps it from being a modern quilt. Sometimes I like modern quilts, but I didn't want that look for this quilt. 

Needless to say, his face lit up and he was thrilled! I'm so happy he is happy. That guy has done so much for me this year, and he totally deserved a quilt of his own. 

Now I'm going to share this on Facebook and would love to have you share your gifted quilts from this holiday. I mentioned in a post before Christmas about last minute sewing and got so many replies, so I know y'all made quilts and I know many of you quilted until the last minute! No judgement here, I'm just happy that you made and gifted quilts! So I'm looking forward to seeing all of them!!

I hope your Holiday was special, and that you are safe and healthy.

Much love,



  1. What a classy quilt. No wonder he looks so pleased.

  2. I Love it and it is obvious he does too!
    I made not ONE handmade gift this year. :(

  3. It is amazing Diane! I hope you are feeling better and back at the machine real soon!

  4. Saints quilts are always OK in my book! Great use of the AccuQuilt fleur de lis!

  5. I love this quilt too. The blends of whites, blacks and gold are fabulous.

  6. I made a HUGE quilt for my nephew's college graduation this spring and really had no energy to do more. So no Christmas quilting this year.

  7. It's always satisfying to see someone who's genuinely delighted with their quilt gift. Sounds like he's a keeper. Hope you get back to your machines soon.

  8. A beautiful quilt !! No doubt he loves it 🥰

  9. I love that quilt! I made two quilts but didn't get them back in time from the longarmer. Hope you are recovering well.


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