Monday, January 4, 2021

December 2020 Instagram Review

Sneak peek at my new fabric line, cozy bed, snuggle buddy Boomer
Early evening light, amazing sugar cookies, Buddy in his blue sweater
A video of Boomer snoring, SNOW, Christmas dinner
Noah's Saints quilt, Christmas Tree, delicious dinner from friends

Being 'carolled' by friends, sewing blocks, a new book
Boomer waiting to play ball, a grateful heart, Buddy snoozing
Fantastic movie, Boomer in bed with me, pain meds
Morphine is my friend, a new needle ring, I voted!

Kitchen table view, Buddy, all wrapped up and ready!
Pre-surgery COVID test, best donuts ever, lights
Merry Christmas to me, collage quilt, the review
collage progress, quilt puzzle, 'Sparkle' the snow-star

excellent book, party in a cart, the birthday boys
she finally got her diploma!, graduation, gorgeous bracelet from a friend
Christmas quilt, Boomer, binding
Mystery Quilt Along, ruler work custom quilting, collage progress video

This month was all about Christmas, surgery and recovery, and staying home. It was cozy and snuggly and I couldn't have asked for better help or kinder offers of support. Your outpouring of good wishes here and on social media really meant the world to me. The meals, the cards, the gifts and the love kept me going.

Please know that I respond to every single comment left here on the blog unless you are a 'no reply' (default setting) and then I can't reply. Just know that your words are read and very much appreciated.

Let's hope January is a month of more rest and recovery, connecting with friends, and a return to quilting! 

Stay healthy and warm friends!



  1. I hope your relaxing and recovering continues to go well! How long will the kids be home?

  2. You had quite a year! I watched Chocolat this fall - great feel good movie. Happy New Year

  3. 2020 has some wonderful memories. Keeping positive!


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