Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mystery Block of the Month Step 4


Step 4


 Cut each block in half directly through the middle. Rotate and repeat the opposite direction.

This will create four units that measure 5 ½’’ x 5 ½’’.


Cut 4 strips 2’’ x 5 ½ ’’ from one fabric for each block.

Cut one square 2’’ x 2’’ for each block.


Sew a strip to opposite sides of the square. Press toward the square.

Sew the remaining strips to the side of 2 units. Press toward the strips.

Make 2.

Sew the remaining two units to the opposite side of the strips. Press toward the strips.

Make 2.

Now sew the pieced strip/square/strip unit to the side of the unit/strip/unit. Press toward the strips.

Repeat with the remaining section.

Your blocks are now complete!

Queen Size- 36

Throw Size- 20

NOTE: I used the same fabric for the center square in this step for all blocks. You can also use the same fabric for all the strips for all the blocks, or a different fabric for each block strips. 

Go HERE to print the instructions. Scroll down to the end to see the latest step.

See the Introduction post for more options and details.
If you are sharing your progress on social media be sure to use the following hashtags so we can find you!


Enjoy every stitch!

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  1. I love that this is only once per month! You can easily stay caught up!


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