Saturday, January 2, 2021

One Little Word 2021

Made by a student in one of my workshops from the pattern in my first book 

Many of you are familiar with the "One Little Word" concept. It's basically selecting a word to carry through the year with you. It's not a resolution or a commitment. It's not a plan of things to do or to avoid. It is simply a representation of an idea you want to visit from time to time and see how it appears in your life. Perhaps how it inspires you or surprises you. 

I've chosen a word a couple of times over the past decade and honestly, I usually forget them or abandon them by March. So I haven't really connected with the concept in a meaningful way. However, this year, I feel like a word selected me. It sounds odd, but I was thinking about whether I should bother with this idea again (it's been a few years since I even considered it.) And while I was considering the obvious choices like... endure or persevere (we did just survive 2020!) My thinking settled on how little control we really have over life and many of the events that impact us. Feeling exhausted and worn out, I wanted a word that was the opposite of how I was feeling. 

And then it hit me. I can't control much of anything in life, but I can CHOOSE how I respond, what I learn and which direction I go. I can CHOOSE to be bitter and sad, or I can CHOOSE to learn a lesson and embrace a new idea. I can CHOOSE to feel sorry for myself or I can turn to my friends and experience the love and support that is always being offered to me. I can CHOOSE to move onward rather than quitting. It's not going to be easy (when has it ever been?) but I CHOOSE how to react. 

So this year I am going to remind myself daily that it's up to me to CHOOSE my attitude, my actions and my experiences. 

Best wishes and lots of love to each of you for 2021!


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  1. Absolutely right. There is a void in our lives from this virus year. And a void will be filled. We can choose to fill it with what we want. I choose joy and all good things. This will not defeat me!

  2. I love your word for 2021--it is how we all should feel--like you I often put a new word for the year out there in Jan--but then---in face--I have to go look up what word I did pick for 2020--My back up word though is always--believe--that's been my word for many years and friends often send me things with that word on it--
    have a great week--luv and hugs, di

  3. Perfect word not just for 2021 but for life....our family have always went thru life by the seat of our pants....rotating shift activities,music lessons,dance lessons, life happenings with parents and family members...but taught my kids that you can complain and mope but you do what you need to do to get thru and eventually things work the midst of that sandwich time of my life, I started quilting....I was amazed how much I accomplished....I have also taught my kids that your choice of how you handle things in life may not work out correctly but you have to try to choose the best path you can.....our life is never dull, tiring sometimes,a big learning curve, but never regretful when you look back....we find we did what we had to do....Thanks for sharing all you do with us,although we don't always respond...we are appreciative.....happy New Year, may your choices bring love,joy, peace and help you keep the Faith! ....

  4. A great, yet not so obvious choice for word of the year. Wink. I'll write it on my board as a reminder. I hope for a better 2021 for you, me and the world. Yesterday's weather felt like an early spring day, so that's a plus already!

  5. I'm familiar with the one word concept, but I've never chosen one. Nor do I make
    resolutions and lists of goals, as life always seems to get in the way. I like your word and think it highlights an important concept for everyone. I also Like Julie Sefton's 2021 word, which is colour (quiltdivajulie). I think I'll proceed by trying to be more positive, spend more time sewing and less time scrolling and read more books.

  6. I have just been scrolling and reading some of your old blog posts Diane, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR Diane. I hope you stay safe and well!

  7. It's all in the about the attitude. We can choose.

  8. I wish a happy new year! but first a nice weekend!


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