Thursday, February 25, 2021

February 2021 Book List

I listened to this book while driving to and from Florida and really enjoyed it. I was worried that it would be confusing but it wasn't at all. It was a fun look at a young woman who has a very challenging 'disorder' and how she finds ways to face those challenges and thrive in spite of them. I found myself really cheering her on and being impressed at her creativity. It was an enjoyable book.

I didn't really read any other books this month because I watched all 9 seasons of this...

While there is a lot of breathing and pushing and other obvious birth related drama, the real story here is the wonderful characters and their families and relationships. It is an amazing collection of stories based on real events, and also many social events of the times. I watched so many episodes in a row that I'm surprised I'm not speaking with a British accent! 

If you haven't watched this series, I highly recommend it. And season 10 will be released this fall, so I have more to look forward to! Yay!!

Enjoy every story!


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  1. I have not watched all the seasons yet but agree with you that this is an amazing series. I became easily attached to the characters. To me it would be helpful for all young girls to watch and realize how it used to be before modern birth control became available.


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