Thursday, February 11, 2021

Happy Valentines Day!

Sending love to all of my quilting friends! I hope you celebrate today by doing something kind for yourself and sharing a little love with someone special. 

The HEARTSY pattern can be found HERE

Another one of my favorite red and white quilts is this version of Dreaming in Black and White (but red and white obviously!) The pattern includes 5 sizes and can be found HERE

The secret to creating a soft blended look with chains running through the quilt is CONTRAST. Use high contrast for the nine patches and low contrast for the hour glass blocks. This allows the chains to really show up and the diamonds to recede. Or go for any look you want. There is no wrong way to quilt!
A complete tutorial for my 'no math' method of making scalloped borders can be found HERE

I hope you enjoy your day, however you spend it, and be sure to give yourself a little extra love from me!



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