Monday, February 1, 2021

January 2021 Instagram Review


The kids and the dogs, hyacinths, my favorite tea
groceries for 3 grown kids, colors of 2020, one little word
sneak peak at my new fabric line, a long winter's nap, postop recovery snuggles

Boomer and Buddy chillin', long walks, good books
missing the kids, a gift from a secret friend, new teapot
rain for days, big family breakfast, video of Buddy
best book in a long time, sneak peak at quilt along, happy mail

Mystery quilt reveal, next book order, sweet gift
flowers from a friend, binding for days, Boomer and Kelly doing school
care package from a friend, snuggles by the fire, hot air balloons
Boomer, excellent book, custom quilting a surprise

This post of the current Mystery Quilt Block of the Month went a little crazy so if you are on Instagram and would like to give a heart or a share, I would be so grateful. I think with just a little help it could hit 1000 likes!

January's Instagram started out with lots of sweet gifts from friends and puppy love. Then we started walking again following post op recovery and read lots of good books. I finished 2 quilts that I will be sharing more of very soon. Sneak peek at the new fabric line and lots of rainy days that are only good for snuggles by the fire, reading books and quilting. Let's hope February brings us some sunshine and warmer temps. 


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