Monday, March 1, 2021

February 2021 Instagram Review


Boomer remains optimistic as always, excellent local quilt exhibition, happy mail
Banana muffins, Velcro dogs, from a sweet friend
Road trip to FL, Spanish moss and humidity, a gorgeous change of scenery 
Quilt shop hopping, he hates the suitcases 

Noisy nature morning and evening, a warm and cozy fire
Low volume love, mystery sew along solved, yum
Beautiful ‘new to me’ featherweight, fresh quilt on the bed, BOTM club February selections

Lots of dark rainy days and a dog with an injury meant very little time outside and no photos of walks. Hopefully we will be back to walking and having more adventures very soon. 

Scroll down on the blog for more information on the sew along. 


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  1. For a short month you filled it with wonderful things.


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