Thursday, April 29, 2021

April 2021 Book List


Firekeeper's Daughter

This book got lots of attention when it was recently released and has already had talk of being optioned into a movie or mini series. I was curious because of the hype. I was also fascinated by the cover art. I listened to the audio version and was so glad that I did. There was a lot of language and phrases that I could have never pronounced properly and loved hearing them spoken.

It's the story of a girl who grows up between two worlds because her mother is not Native American and her father is. She feels and experiences so many things because of this divide. Her story is captivating and her courage is inspiring. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

I loved this book and highly recommend it!

The Light Through the Leaves

After reading her first book, I pre-ordered and anxiously awaited this book's publication. It is just as beautifully written and captivating as her debut novel. The characters are so well developed and leave you wanting to cheer them on and wrap them up in your arms. The story of this young girl and the decisions that shaped her life are both heartbreaking and touching. It's so hard to describe this story, please just read it!

The Sweet Taste of Muscadines

Oh gosh, if you were raised in the south, or ever lived in the south, or know someone who was, please read this book! I absolutely love the author's version of southern life and observations. The main character grows up in the south and moves away to an island off the coast of Maine as an adult. Her brother likewise 'escapes' and her sister stays in their hometown. This story takes place when their mother dies and they all return for the funeral. The stories and images and anecdotes had me laughing until I cried! Her descriptions for things that are subtle and unique is spot on. There is a best friend and sibling relationships that are both tender and fierce. I'm so very glad I chose this book. I could not recommend it highly enough.

The Last Story of Mina Lee

I listened to this book on Audible on a road trip to and from Alabama and enjoyed the story very much. The characters were interesting and complex and their experience with relationships and how their immigration status affected their daily decisions was both fascinating and heart breaking. My favorite part of the book was how the daughter slowly unfolds so many details of her mother's life that she had no idea existed. It was sad and often frustrating, but beautifully told and will stay with me for a while. I recommend this book, but just know that it's not a 'happy' story.


This was my book club selection this month and I chose it because I always choose the historical fiction option if there is one. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this book. I love that it is written so beautifully and the characters are so rich and interesting. I also love that it gives a daily life view of events and people that I had not spent time with in other novels. I also think that this author is one I will look for in the future. My only frustration is that I was reading it at a time with lots of distractions and didn't feel like I could get lost in it the way I wanted to. I will probably put this on the shelf and pick it up again when my life is a bit less distracting. I really want to give this story my undivided attention.

Dictionary of Lost Words

This might be on the short list for favorite book of the year. I just absolutely love the story, the characters, the relationships, the whole premise! A young girl is being raised by her father who is working on one of the original versions of the modern dictionary. The story is about words and their meanings and the potential that words hold. It's also about a young girl and her discovery of the world through a very unique lens. I felt myself cheering her on and defending her naivete. If you like historical fiction, this book is a must read!

This was an amazing reading month. I've also picked up some books that were referred in the comments and I'm looking forward to lots of amazing reading this summer!




  1. I just finished listening to "The Lager Queen of Minnesota" by J. Ryan Stradal.
    Read by Judith Ivey. Absolutely loved it! Story does move back and forth through the years and from the characters view point but Stradal does an amazing job with melding the stories. Lots of the secondary characters appear in various parts of the book as well as the inter woven stories of the two sisters and you may not even realize it. Sooo good!

  2. I love your book review posts. I will add several of these books to my "want to read" list!

  3. Thanks for your newest 'picks'. They look great! I know you are a fan of YA, Harry Potter and books so I recommend you read Amelia Unabridged! There isn't a page I didn't like!


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