Thursday, April 8, 2021

Instagram Review March 2021


Boomer's devastating diagnosis, lunch with my UGA kids, sweetheart

quilt display, long walks, my face in Quiltmania!
Quiltmania feature, shopping spree, daily meds for dogs
heart quilt finish, playing with blocks, book club selections,
anticipation!, flowers from my sister, the best dog ever

March was filled with many mixed emotions around here. There was the thrill of being featured in my favorite magazine of all time QUILTmania! and there was devastating news that Boomer has advanced stage cancer that is very aggressive. Then there was the stitching of sweet heart blocks designed by the amazing Rachaeldaisy, that were sewn along with my friends that always show up to support me when I need it most! 

While navigating many daily doses of medications, doggie diapers and learning to care for special needs of a dog with spinal cancer, I felt and saw and experienced the love and support of family and friends and quilters in such tangible ways. Your love and strength has gotten me through some tough times and while my time with my beloved dog is limited, he will forever be some of the best memories of my life. 

Here's hoping April brings some good news and even a miracle or two!


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