Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Daisy Talk: fussy cutting


As a quilter, I knew that I wanted to include a motif design that could be used for fussy cutting. I love hexies and circles and simply placing fabric in fun ways to create happy little surprises in my quilts. I wanted to create a fabric that could look good on its own or when cut into strips or squares or hexies, etc. I used the daisy  motif in the middle as the focus but surrounded each daisy with a wreath and pop of color. The background has enough space to allow for fussy cutting including seam allowances.

Whether you want to use a strip of fabric as a sashing or narrow border, or cut each flower wreath into it's own piece, this design is sized and scaled for all of those options! I played with many background color options but was only allowed to choose one, so I chose the soft white as it really helped the flowers pop and, when used in patchwork, would provide a good contrast to all of the colors in the line.

I'm super in love with the versatility of this print, I hope you like it too!


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  1. Finally have a chance to get caught up on blog reading! I'm been seeing blips of your new fabric line on your blog!! So exciting!


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