Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Daisy Talk: the theme

For those of you that have my first book you will recognize the daisies. The cover quilt is called Crazy Daisy and I just love the fun flowers that start with a circle. The petals are one fabric circle, from which slices are cut to create the petals that are still all one piece. The center is just a smaller circle. 

I've had a long standing love for circles and dots so that is the main shape that repeats in various forms throughout this fabric. And to add a little more fun, I created a mini print that also features dots but in flower form. 

Notice that these prints are hand drawn and imperfect. No computer generated garden will do! I wanted the shapes and forms to be fun and quirky with a home grown feel. I think it adds to their charm.

I hope you are enjoying this tour of Daisy Talk, please forward this information to any of your favorite shop owners, they can order the line NOW. 

Have a daisy day!



  1. Adorable! Hearing designers talk about their inspiration is always wonderful. This fabric is going to be fun to use!


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