Sunday, July 25, 2021

Daisy Talk: The Warms and Cools


What do you do when  you have enough artwork and designs for 40 bolts of fabric and you find out you are actually only allowed 15? Panic? Nope! Create a bolt of multiple prints in a variety of colors. I am scrap quilter at heart, so the more prints the better, but I rarely use more than a fat quarter or even a few strips of one fabric in a quilt. These prints are 7" wide so you can cut them into strips, or squares and even charm squares! Or how about a strip that incorporates two neighboring prints? 

The warm colors feature a pink/red multi small scale plaid because plaid is perfect for patchwork and applique. It's a fun way to incorporate lots of colors and a graphic element together. A yellow was needed for those that truly want to make the centers of their applique flowers into sunflowers, or just for a bright pop of sunshine. The pink double dots are necessary because they are dots! If I have to explain the essential nature of dots on fabric to you at this point, you haven't been here very long. LOL And the stitch stripe print needed to appear on a red background as well as the neutral because red IS a neutral! And orange with little flowers on dots was important because I LOVE orange. And it is so gorgeous with the pinks and reds. Then a final red mini dot was added to serve as pop of color but also as a simple print. I'm thinking hearts, flowers, patchwork, pretty much everything is better with a little red.

The cool color options needed lots of green options for leaves and stems and patchwork and the aqua is just the perfect partner to all that green!

The grid print on the green background incorporates lots of tiny dots of all the colors in the collection, and the stitch stripe needed to be on the aqua background as well as the red. Personally, I think this could be an adorable binding as well! The green double dot is a chance to combine a couple of shades of green for a good texture print. The itty bitty leaves on the aqua incorporate some super cute red and pink berries too. I micro print is a fun surprise anywhere you want to include it. And the green plaid was the hardest bolt to give up because it just wants to be a bias stem soooooo badly! But there is plenty her to make stems and leaves as well as piecing options. The flowers on aqua add another fun pop of color and repeat the motif in a way that relates to the other prints while adding another scale option to the mix. 

While I would have loved for each of these to be a bolt unto themselves (and a few more!) I'm super happy that these designs get to snuggle together. The fat quarter bundles will include two cuts from each bolt so that all six prints of both the warm and the cool colors are included. The free patterns will also offer options so that all of these prints can be used. And since more is always better, this really means that you get more designs for the price of one! 

I hope these make you smile!



  1. Oh, these are simply delightful! You put so much thought into it. I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  2. I love these! So versatile! I’m looking forward to a little retail therapy!


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