Sunday, August 1, 2021

July 2021 Book List

Happiness for Beginners

My daughter and I listened to this book on a road trip and laughed out loud so many times! I just love this author and have read a few of her books  but with truly look for more now that I know her humor just hits me in the right place! The story of this woman and her adventures were just the right balance of relatable and unbelievable that I couldn't help but cheer for her until the very end. If you enjoy a light summer read with a good sense of humor, please read this book! 

The Downstairs Girl

I often check out the Book Club picks from all of the popular groups but Reese is one I follow very closely. I haven't read all of her picks, but enjoyed most of the ones I have read, including the young adult pics. I listened to this book because it is set in Atlanta and it is historical fiction. It was very interesting just from the history perspective alone, but the characters and dialogue and interactions were also very compelling. I enjoyed the book even when it was a bit of a stretch in places. I am glad I listened to it.

It's kind of remarkable that I had never read or listened to a book by this author even though I am familiar with her. I listened to the audio version and am so glad that I did because it gave me the perspective of feeling like someone was just sharing bits of wisdom and insight with me. There were a couple of significant take aways for me that I know will be helpful to me in the future. If you are looking for ways to reframe your thinking and new strategies for dealing with issues, this book is definitely worth the listen. I will try to make time for some of her other books now that I know her communication style is so relatable.

Just when I think I have read/listened to every historical fiction book about WWII, I find another that educates and mesmerizes me in a new way! This story is one that wrapped me up from the first chapter and I didn't want to say goodbye to these families. It was located in Rome and was told from several view points. It's easy to see how incredibly complicated and twisted the events of the war unfolded and devastated the people who had to fight so hard to survive. This story was one that truly left a mark on my heart, I won't forget these characters.

If you love Italian food, it's woven into all of the aspects of this story as well. I listened to this book and was glad that I did because the accents and names and locations felt so much more real to me when listening to them all pronounced correctly! I highly recommend this book.

I actually read this book in the hardcover edition. A friend loaned it to me and it was easy to see why it was voted book of 2021 by Barnes and Noble. Each chapter related to a natural world animal or place or phenomenon and was depicted from the personal experience of the author's childhood. It was an easy book to pick up and put down because each chapter was a short story and separate from the other chapters. I loved all of the chapters/stories except for one. I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you enjoy spending a little time with nature. 

Enjoy every book!



  1. Lots of good ones here. I've added to my Good Reads list and all of them are in our library system. Thanks

  2. Thanks Diane! When I am looking for a book to read I search your blog!


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