Tuesday, August 3, 2021

July 2021 Instagram Review


Daisy Talk Prints, visiting mom, Daisy Talk Prints
gifted scraps from a friend, Daisy Talk Print, black and white Plaidish
Daisy Talk Print, new sewing room set up, Daisy Talk Print
My sons!, Daisy Talk Print, Scrappy Razzmatazz mini

Daisy Talk Print, being watched, Daisy Talk Print,
Book of the Month Club selections, Daisy Talk Print, my second book
Daisy Talk Print, sweet friends, good book
day trip with a friend, prime day purchases, happy mail

I haven't taken and shared many photos this month as life just happens to keep me busy at times. I didn't think you really wanted to see all of it either! LOL The poison ivy, and the moving boys into apartments and the general chaos of life sometimes isn't super photo worthy.  But thanks for sharing it all with me anyway!



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