Friday, August 6, 2021

Website Updates

You might notice a few updates and changes to the website. I am trying to make things easy and up to date. The blog here is the same as ever (minus the changes I have no control over!) Please be patient with me and let me know if you find links that don't work. I promise I'm trying to cope with the changes the best I can!

The link to my SHOP has been updated with new patterns. If there are things you've been meaning to grab for a while, you might want to do that now, I will be retiring some of the older patterns. Don't forget to scroll down to see all of the shop departments.

The link to my TEACHING and workshop information has also been updated to include zoom information and what I currently offer. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I am scheduling into 2022 as I am mostly booked for the remainder of 2021. If your group has last minute change of plans, please contact me as I can sneak in a zoom or even a local event when my schedule allows.

Longarm services continue to be available and turnaround is always less than 2 weeks (except when my travel schedule prevents it and you will be notified!) All the information is on the form, and I'm happy to advise or consult about designs and thread colors. 

QUILTS FOR SALE continue to be a question for me. Do you prefer to see them listed here on the blog, in the shop or over on etsy? I need to make some decisions as the piles of quilts here are staggering and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. LOL

Thanks for taking the time to look around! Please let me know if you have and questions or suggestions.

Enjoy every stitch,



  1. I prefer quilts for sale on your blog or at least a link on your blog to where they are for sale :)

  2. Everything looks good from my end!


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