Saturday, November 6, 2021

September/October Instagram Review 2021


View from the top of Sawnee Mtn., YAY, a great book
Massive cinnamon roll , Sawnee Indian Seats, travel doc questions
home, Colorado tunnel, Colorado River
Haunted Hotel, Utah, fun in the desert

Hello Cecile!, locks in Paris, Eiffel tower sunset
Arc de Triomphe by Cristo, from the Musee D'Orsay, travel to France
selvage, making masks, sweet Bailey is an 'only dog' now
remembering Buddy, travel weather checks, my quilt in Simply Moderne

coffee, Sawnee sunset, Halloween gift
new Grand-dog Koda, Eiffel tower, Giverny
Rouen, Pharmacy for Covid test, Mont St Michel
Nantes gardens, Nantes Royal Square, Pour L'Amour du Fil

Sawnee trails, new rugs, Sawnee view
drawbridge on Mont St Michel, Koda!, Sawnee sunset
Longarm assistants, David and Kelly at the Indian Seats, finished quilt
longarming, new sneakers, baby Koda

September turned into October while I was in France. I enjoyed lots of travel with my sister to both the US west on a train trip through the Rockies, then on a crazy adventure through Paris and half of France. We said goodbye to our sweet old Buddy who at 14 years old, gave us all the love he could. Koda, my daughter's new puppy joined the family just a few weeks later while I was in France. Hiking continues to be my therapy and I finished a quilt for myself for a change! I'm still longarm quilting for customers and happy to quilt for you! I am still taking orders for Christmas delivery!



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  1. Lucky you having such a great trip. Hopefully our country will open it's borders soon, cause I'm champing at the bit to get out. :) I love the look of your masks. Could you please tell me which pattern you used.


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