Wednesday, January 5, 2022

December 2021 Instagram Review


New Year's Eve Seafood grill, mani from my girl, seatbelt bruises hurt
the crash we are thankful to have walked away from, stocking are hung, a hand to hold
sweet old girl, breakfast in bed, decking the table
strawberry santas, snowflakes are hunk, the best friends ever!!

gingerbread in the baking, walks with Kelly and Koda, wrapping the gifts
date night with my sweetheart, celebrating 23 years of twins, more good books
mug rug exhange, lunch with my besties, my 3 kids
hiking with the boys, hiking with my honey, winner of the Crimson Tate giveaway

December was beautiful time with family and friends. Celebrating love and support and so many blessings! I was able to shower my support system with a tiny fraction of the love they have given me over the last two years. It was my turn to say thank you and I love you and my life would not be the same without each and every single one of them! 
Multiple visits from the boys and my mom heart was so happy to have time with all three of my kids who have grown and flown and make me so very proud every day!
Hosting family from across the US made this Christmas even sweeter than ever before. To be with Mimi and my sister and her family was so precious. While the hole left by Boomer and Buddy continues to ache, we enjoyed the antics of Koda and his puppy energy!
The gratitude was amplified when Chris and I walked away from a devastating car wreck the day after Christmas. We are so thankful for airbags and seatbelts that work! We quietly rung in the new year with champagne at home, healing from the bruises and sore spots that the crash inflicted, but so very thankful it wasn't worse.
The nightmare that was 2021 turned so very sweet at the end!

Thanks for sharing the wild journey with me,



  1. So happy that you and your husband were not seriously injured.

  2. You've had a very wonderful year. I'm sorry it had to end with that awful car accident, but I'm glad you both were okay. Now 2022 can start with only good things.


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