Thursday, February 10, 2022

1st Teaching Trip of 2022

I had the pleasure of taking my first teaching trip of the year last week! It started with a drive to Ocala, FL for a visit with the Country Road Quilters.

We shared the trunk show for Strip Quilt Secrets (we had shared Scrap Quilt Secrets via zoom last year) and had a day full of making Under the Mistletoe. After a decade of teaching, it remains my most requested workshop as well as my favorite one to teach! We cover pressing, cutting, flip and sew paper piecing, curved piecing and making templates from freezer paper for the background options. There is also lots of discussion and samples of color placements and design options, which ensures that no two quilts look the same and they are all amazing!

On Saturday Chris and I drove to St. Augustine for a fun visit that included lunch, walking the streets of old town and exploring the fort on a very windy and cold afternoon. We grabbed some hot chocolate and treats to warm us up on the drive to Bluffton, SC. The next morning I had the pleasure of visiting with the Maye Rivers quilters and working on Multiplicity for a day of workshop fun! We played with color and contrast and learned how to piece 5 sided shapes out of strips and squares. It was suggested that the quilt should be renamed "Barrel of Fun" and we did have a good time!

I will confess that having a driver and luggage handler was quite a bonus! Chris insisted on helping me with all the lifting tasks as I am still recovering from the sore ribs I cracked in our car crash last month. I loved having all the help, but mostly love the fun company and companionship. We ate lots of yummy seafood, had long talks on the drive and found out we make a really good travel team.

It was so good to see this little guy (who had grown!) when we got home.

Next month we will head to Bradenton for another quilting adventure and more trunk shows and workshops. If your group would like to schedule a visit, please let me know! I'm happy to customize any trunk show or workshop to fit your group's needs. 

There's nothing quite like quilting with friends!


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  1. So glad to see you happy. You deserve this. If you come close to Northeast Texas, I would love to take one of your classes.


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