Friday, March 4, 2022

February 2022 Book List

Wish You Were Here

One of my favorite authors for many years has written another wonderful book about current events and compelling characters. The story takes place in the beginning days of the pandemic in NYC and is the story of one doctor and his fiance and how they are both affected and changed by the devastation of Covid. I did find certain events a bit (being vague so as not to reveal anything) unsettling and not sure how I feel about the twist of the timeline. But I very much enjoyed the details of the visit to the Galapagos and all the amazing nature and creatures described. Not my favorite book of hers but still glad I read it.

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe

One of my newest favorite authors has charmed me again with a tale of a small town in Alabama and the relationships and complicated families that live there. The mystical addition of blackbirds and their role in the town and one family is both interesting and very intriguing. I love this author and her southern characters! I can't wait to read every book by her!

Throne of Glass

I bit of departure from my usual reading but so well written! This fantasy is told in land that is described so well I feel as though I'm walking alongside the main character. The customs and clothing and food are so real that the characters and their experiences can be felt as well as understood. I'm going to enjoy this entire series I have no doubt. 

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