Tuesday, March 1, 2022

January 2022 Book List



This book was beautifully written and wonderfully told but still a quick read. It focuses on the relationship of a father and son navigating the world of the son's special needs and the challenges of single parenting. Their relationship is tender and loving and complicated. There is so much imagery of the natural world described as well as quite a bit of science included. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

The Book of Two Ways

One of my favorite authors has written one of her very best books in my opinion. The story is about a woman who has a near death experience and then begins to search for the life she would have had if she had made different decisions. Throw in a whole lot of Egytology and some fringe physics theories and the whole story is both fascinating and intriguing from the character perspective as well as the science. I was not a huge Egypt 'fan' but now I really need to visit the Valley of the Kings and sail down the Nile. Adding that to the bucket list! I completely enjoyed this book and if you like this author, you will be surprised by this one. I'm so glad I read it!

What You Wish For

I loved this book and the characters with all their complicated flaws. I enjoyed the inclusion of the children and their perspective. One of my new favorite authors who delights while she moves the story forward often at rapid speed. I really enjoyed this one even if it was a bit predictable at points.

Enjoy every chapter!


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