Wednesday, April 6, 2022

March 2022 Instagram Review


Celebrating Chris's Birthday, his daughter's wedding, and wedding joy!
Noah's baseball game, a finished customer quilt, and a family dinner
goofy Rumi, walking in DeSoto Nat. Monument, Sarasota
Dinner on the gulf, another teaching trip to FL, lunch with friends

Savannah breakfast in bed, Riverboat cruise, our hotel
Tybee Island lighthouse, Ft. Pulaski, cocktails at Vic's
walking Savannah with Chris, Wormsloe, haunted tour
so much Spanish moss, new fabric closet set up!

March was a busy month filled with lots of good things! We started the month with another teaching trip to Florida and Chris perfected his charming quilt sherpa skills. He's quite the salesman and an excellent travel companion. 
At home again we enjoyed some family dinners with the kids (and cried a little bit when Danny and Grey moved back to Virginia...but knowing they are happy and doing well is all that matters!) 
Noah started men's softball season and we love watching the games! 
And there were quite a few customer quilts to finish and the final touches have been put on the new quilt room. More info on that to come soon! Anyone interested in a new sewing room video tour?
Rumi has grown by leaps and bounds and still loves to amuse us with his crazy puppy antics.
Chris's beautiful daughter Stephanie got married in a beautiful spot in Tennessee. We enjoyed meeting lots of new family and dinner and dancing and loving on baby Ivy (Chris's granddaughter.)

Then we took a vacation just for fun! No work or weddings, just Chris and I. I'll be sharing a whole post with tons of photos on that soon. 

I hope your month was filled with special moments as well.


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