Friday, April 8, 2022

Savannah 2022


Chris and I have been making travel plans almost since the day we met back in November 2021. We both love to go on adventures and we discovered that we really enjoy long road trips during our first two trips together for my teaching. He insists on driving and his truck is great for hauling fabric and books and quilts! He also makes quite the wonderful salesman and has picked up on the quilting 'lingo' really well. He has even offered to write some guest posts here on the blog if anyone would like to hear his perspective on this crazy quilting life! He really is an amazing support and willing to help with almost anything. And me makes me laugh every single day, gosh knows that's important!

We stayed at the Olde Harbour Inn on River Street in Savannah. We had perfect weather and wonderful meals along with lots of sightseeing and history exploring. Our favorite restaurants included: The Shrimp Factory, Vic's on the River, The Pirate House and Pier 16 on Tybee Island

Wormsloe Plantation was an amazing place to walk the trails and see the ruins of the original home. The location is stunning and history is fascinating. I would highly recommend a visit to this gorgeous place. It was here that Chris got the brilliant idea to buy a t-shirt at our favorite places to make a memory quilt from our travels! I had never thought of buying t-shirts for the purpose of cutting them up just for a quilt (with no intention of ever wearing them) but it's brilliant! I don't really wear t-shirts but I love making quilts from them. We came home with 5 shirts to start and I'm so excited.

We did the walking tour of Bonaventure Cemetery and loved the 2.5 hours of history that we learned along the way. If you are a history nut (like us) contact Bonaventure Don. If you just want the fun stories or ghost tales, there are plenty of golf cart tours available as well.

Ft. Pulaski is a wonderfully preserved original fort built to protect the river from the Spanish in Florida and as a buffer for Charleston. The engineering and architecture is fascinating and the stories of life there were truly inspiring. We had a wonderful time not only exploring the fort but the walking trails around it along the river.

We also drove out to Tybee Island and visited the lighthouse. We climbed all 178 steps and enjoyed the view from the top. It was super windy and I loved walking the outside walkway at the top but Chris chose to stay inside. The lightkeepers home was also open to explore and we picked up a t-shirt here for our quilt as well.

We then drove around the island and walked out on the pier but it was super windy with misting rain at some points so no great photos.

The haunted walking tour was a beautiful way to enjoy the city at night. It was not very scary but it was super interesting and fun to learn where the stories originated how much truth there may or may not be in them. I especially liked seeing the squares lit at night. On another night we did a haunted pub crawl that was also fun. Since Savannah is the most haunted city in the world supposedly, there was no shortage of stories and no lack of imagination!

We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset river cruise one night and sipped drinks and even did a little dancing on the top deck. I'm pretty sure I could not have had a better time or a better travel companion for the week of exploring and experiencing such an amazing place. 

And yes, we are already planning our next two trips. Stay tuned...

Happy travels,


  1. when my husband passed he had acquired over 150 t-shirts. I made myself a quilt using the National Parks shirts reminding me of our travels, a daughter a quilt using Hard Rock Cafe shirts, a daughter a quilt using Spring Training (baseball) shirts, a daughter a quilt of vrs travel shirts and when my son said he wanted a quilt, I let him pick out his own shirts and he picked the ones he remembered his dad wearing the most. Every quilt was backed with flannel - these quilts will last generations.

  2. You struck gold with Chris (he has too!) and I’m so thrilled that you two have found each other. Life sounds amazing for you! What fun travels and adventures you are having. It couldn’t happen to two nicer people! I think it would be fun to hear Chris’ perspective on the subject of quilts, but I suspect you’ve already biased him (wink!) xoxo

  3. Beware the T-shirt Memory Quilts! (giggling)

  4. What a wonderful get away!
    We stayed at the same hotel when I went with my girl friends.

  5. I'm so happy for you! Super excited that he is so supportive and helpful with your quilt work!


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