Friday, June 17, 2022

Instagram Review May 2022

This month's instagram features lots of blocks from the sew along 
that was such a fun experience. Click HERE to see more.

Finished the Mosaic Story Sew Along!, binding, sew along block
the bathroom flooded and fell into the kitchen, sew along block, family fun!
sew along block, memories of sweet Buddy, sew along block
Rumi is growing so fast, sew along block, basement reno underway

sew along block, brunch at Revielle, sew along block
back porch sitting, sew along block, a quick climb up Sawnee with the kids
sew along block, Daisy Talk version of UTM, sew along block
crazy dogs, sew along block, Kelly and baby Koda

Sew along block, walking the lake trail, sew along block
flowers from my love, sew along block, Rumi and Barb bonding
sew along block, Barb's visit was amazing, sew along block
porch season is in full swing, sew along block, happy 6 months to us!

Sorry this post was a little late, but as you can see, it's been busy around here.




  1. WOW, you're busy! I just found you over the weekend. Your work is gorgeous!

  2. I'm getting fed up with Instagram. I think I maybe saw half of these posts. I see lots of ads and recommendations based on IG posters they say I've viewed but I never have. But people I follow, not so much. Anyway, looks like you've been busy and sorry about the bathroom disaster.


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