Thursday, September 15, 2022

A'MAZE'D Quilt Along STEP 2

 A'MAZE'D Quilt Along STEP 2

This step we will make the half square triangles (HST) that appear next to the four patches from the last step. The finished size will be 3 1/2 inches. The method I'm sharing is the one I always use and is detailed in both of my books. You may use any method you prefer but the yardage required may be just a bit different. This method is very efficient and precise and requires no trimming or squaring up.

Cutting for HST using Triangle Ruler

It is very important that you begin with pressed fabrics! If you are using wrinkled fabrics, this method may not have the desired results. Press your fabric and layer it right sides together. I am cutting directly from the bolt in the photo above, the folded edge is shown.

I cut the strips 3 1/2". If you are cutting from yardage, you will get enough cuts for 5 blocks from one strip. 

Next cut the ends to create a clean cut for the triangles. The photo shows an Easy Angle ruler but there are many brands that will work. The key feature to look for is the flat edge at the top of the angle. If the ruler is pointed at the angle, it will not create the seam allowance needed and the triangles will be too small. Refer to the photo below as well for a better view. 

Cut along the angled edge of the ruler and then rotate the ruler so that the blunt angle is facing you. Cut along the flat side of the ruler. Repeat cutting and rotating the ruler for the entire length of the strips.

Note that each triangle cut will have one blunt angle and one pointed angle. (Just like the ruler.) This will allow the triangle to be the correct size and only one corner will have tiny points from the seam allowance that need to be trimmed.

Sewing and Pressing the HST

Sew the triangles (right sides together) along the long edge of the fabric using a quarter inch seam allowance. 

Press the triangle open with the seams toward the darker fabric. The unit is now 3 1/2" square and has only a small triangle of seam allowance to trim at one corner. If your unit is not the exact size, adjust your seam allowance as needed.

Chain piece the units and snip the thread after removing them from the machine.

Each block requires 4 half square triangles and this photo shows the amount of fabric trimmed away. Pretty efficient huh? I started using this method years ago and it's the only HST method I use now.

Here is the number of HST you will need to make for each size of the quilt:

Throw- make 24 sets of 4 HST.

Twin- make 42 sets of 4 HST.

Queen- make 64 sets of 4 HST.

King- make 80 sets of 4 HST.

NOTE: If you are making a scrappy version, you can make all of your units different or you can make sets of 4, or you can make sets of 4 that are all the same color combo but different fabrics. Make a few and arrange them different ways to see what you prefer.

Now snap some photos and share on social media using #2022amazedQAL #butterflythreadsquilting

Congratulations! You are ready for next week!


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