Thursday, September 22, 2022


I’m sorry to report that Google is now requiring payment for blogging and I’ve been unable to set up the payment system. I’ve spent hours trying and have others working on it as well.

It is possible I will be unable to update this blog soon and lose all of the information here. If you see something you want, download it now!!!

EDIT: Etsy situation has been resolved! whew!!!

My Etsy shop may also be frozen soon as they are requiring banking information that my bank isn’t compatible with providing. So that may be inaccessible to me as well. 

My sincerest apologies for any interruption and know that I’m trying my best to stay connected with you! 

I will post updates and information on Instagram and Facebook if it becomes necessary. Step 3 for the SewAlong may be delayed. I’m so very sorry!



  1. I think someone is pulling your leg. If you Google if Blogger is still free, it still says it is. You sure you weren't hacked or spammed?

  2. I've not heard or seen anything about paying for blogger........ Is it because you have a .com address instead

  3. This is Patty, not Bruce. Bruce did say that he recently increased our data storage with Google because we were running out. He also said that because blogs involve many pictures, that data storage might be the issue.

  4. I haven't heard that google is going to require payment - That is sad news

  5. Is Google requiring that because you are a business? I dislike it when things get complicated!

  6. good to hear, taking note of pattern just in case


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