Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Niagara Falls Road Trip

We had a wonderful time on our road trip through TN, WV, PA, NY, MD, VA, NC and SC. Our first stop was to see family in TN. We never miss a chance to visit with this cutie!

Then we headed north on our way to NY and were stunned by the gorgeous fall color in WV and PA.

We stopped at Falling Water in PA to explore the woods and visit the iconic house built on the waterfall. The architecture and nature were both inspiring and we really enjoyed our visit.

The further north we headed the more spectacular the color got. It was hard to believe it could get prettier and then around every curve in the road, it somehow did.

We finally reached East Aurora NY and decided we couldn't be that close to Niagara Falls and NOT visit. So we spent a day enjoying both the NY and the Canadian side of the falls. The weather was sunny and cool and the leaves were putting on a show but the water was just so amazing. I can not describe how powerful and impressive the falls are. Nature sure is amazing. 

Then I spent two days teaching and visiting with the quilters of both the quilt guilds in East Aurora. I am always blown away by how kind and talented the quilters I meet truly are. I had a lovely visit and sold out of both books and fabric! Thanks so much for the support Morningstar Quilt Guild and Southtown Piecemakers Quilt Guild. 

I especially love it when quilters bring quilts made from my designs or sew alongs as show and tell. It's so fun to see them up close and hear the stories that go with them!

After a couple of days of teaching we headed down to Gettysburg, PA for some sight seeing. Chris and I both love history and enjoyed the presentations at the visitors center and then we did our own car tour of the battlefields following the recorded stories on the national parks app. What a wonderful way to experience such an emotional and somber location while learning some history! The weather was dark and gloomy and the clouds were ominous, it all seemed very fitting for learning about the devastating events that took place there.

Then we headed to Richmond, VA to visit my son! I miss him so much but it's always good to see his smiling face and spend some time enjoying each other. We had a amazing brunch with him and his sweetheart. And yes that is a cinnamon roll the size of a CAKE. And it was super delicious!

And then it was time for the last long leg of the trip home. I got lots of hand sewing hexies while we listened to books on tape and watched the miles pass by. We saw a bit more fall color coming home but autumn is just starting here in the south. 

It's good to be home and unpacking and getting settled in again. No more travel for us this year and that's just fine with me! It will give me time to start longarming the customer quilts that need to be ready for Christmas (I still have plenty of room on schedule if you want to send a quilt or two my way!)

I will also get the sew along back on track in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that!

Enjoy every stitch!



  1. It sounds like a very full and amazing trip!

  2. That was certainly a whirlwind trip. I live about 1. 5 hrs east of East Aurora. Niagara Falls is awesome in every sense of the word. You're lucky to have missed the big crowds of high summer. And hopefully you solved the issue with your blog.

  3. What an amazing trip, love that part of your country especially in the fall!


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