Thursday, November 10, 2022

A'MAZE'D Quilt Along STEP 5


A'MAZE'D Quilt Along STEP 5

It's time to put all the steps together into blocks! All the units for the blocks have been made and now we just need to sew them into 4 patches.

No Cutting needed for this step!

Arrange the units so that you can see what your blocks will look like, you can lay out the units from Steps 1-3. Play with the arrangement and see if there is something different you would like to try. Perhaps you want your darker squares running diagonally through the middle? Maybe you like the look of the small triangles facing the opposite direction? Take photos of each arrangement so you can flip through them and see what looks most interesting to you.

For each block you will need the following:
Two units from Step 3 and two units from Step 4

Arrange the four patch/HST units and the squares with triangle units as shown above. Take care that every set is arranged the exact same way so that the chain is created in the final block.

  1. Sew a 4 patch /HST to a square with triangles, repeat with 2 matching units.
  2. Twirl one unit and sew it to the matching one, creating a four patch.
  3. Note that the seams will pinwheel press on the back the same way they did for the four patches in Step 1 and the 4 patch/ HST units.
  4. Press the block from the right side and repeat with the remaining two pairs.

Here is the number of block you will need to make for each size of the quilt:

Throw- make 24 

Twin- make 42 

Queen- make 64 

King- make 80 

Now snap some photos and share on social media using #2022amazedQAL #butterflythreadsquilting

Congratulations! You are ready for the next step when we will start arranging our blocks for the final layout!



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