Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Calendar Updates

Hello! I just wanted to give an update on my CALENDAR. My teaching schedule is has been full for 2023 (unless we've talked and it's pending!) for a while, and 2024 is filling up. I'm still booking programs and workshops for 2024 and you can see my availability by clicking on the link HERE

If you have enjoyed my visit to your guild, please forward this or mention it to your guild program chair. My schedule is 100% personal referrals. I couldn't do this without you and I truly appreciate all of the kind comments and support. 

Click HERE for an updated teaching brochure that you can print if you want to share it. I have added some new classes and updated some of the offerings.

I'm just so happy to be on the road again, and spending time with the most amazing quilters! Special thanks to the fun quilters in Arkansas, Florida, and South Carolina that I've recently had the pleasure of visiting. 

I'll be heading to Indiana, and California in the next few months to teach. Contact me if you would like to combine a visit with another guild so that you can split the travel expenses. It means less travel for me and less cost for you! Win/win!

Also, due to factors beyond my control, half of my newsletter mailing list was lost (over 500 of you!) so please click the newsletter link HERE if you would like to get random updates from time to time. My goal is to send monthly newsletters but they are far fewer as of now. I promise I'm working on that!

Much love and enjoy every stitch,


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  1. Love your updated brochure! Love teaching and spending time with quilters!!


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