Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fusion, the table runner version

Fusion is a quilt found in Scrap Quilt Secrets. I love this quilt because it's a perfect example of how simple blocks work together to create additional designs in the overall pattern of the quilt. One way I enjoy experimenting with designs is by choosing different color combinations.

These blocks are simply hourglass blocks and square-in-a-square blocks alternated. I did turn the hourglass blocks so that they surround the square-in-a-square block either with all reds or all whites. Notice how the blocks surrounded by red begin to look like larger diamonds. Notice how the nine blocks together look like a large star. The white in the hourglass blocks become the star points.

I used extra blocks on the back of the quilt. I tried to line them up so they would match the front. However, the quilting shows that I missed by just a tiny bit. I'm okay with that. I also used leftover fabrics for the backing. I think it's more interesting this way.

As a reminder, here is the original quilt found on page 40 in the book Scrap Quilt Secrets. If you would like to make this little table runner the directions are below.

Fusion Table Runner (20" x 40")

Make 11 Square in a square blocks (found on page 42)
Make 10 Hourglass blocks (found on page 42)
Cut 4 blue corner border squares
Cut 12 red border rectangles
Cut 8 blue border rectangles
Arrange blocks as shown in photo.
Sew the blocks into row, then sew the rows together.
Layer baste, quilt and bind.

Enjoy every stitch!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday Sale Begins Now!!!

To show my sincere appreciation for all of your support, I'm offering 25% off everything in my online shop beginning immediately. The sale will run thru December 1st. Please copy and paste the code below into the coupon box at checkout to get the discount. 


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Take advantage of great savings on all individual patterns and templates as well. Stock up now and be ready to sew when the time arrives!

Thank you very much for your amazing support, I am so thankful. Happy shopping!!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful for...

This Thanksgiving week I am feeling very thankful for so many things. I am always thankful for the warm and cozy home I share with my family.  We are so blessed to have a home filled with love and laughter at the edge of the North Georgia mountains.

I'll never be able to do enough good deeds in this life to deserve these amazing people. I am so thankful beyond words for this faithful and patient husband who is such a devoted father to our children. We could not be more proud of these three kids who are becoming amazing adults in front of our eyes. Parenting them has been the best adventure of our lives!

I'm so thankful for my new job at this wonderful quilt shop. The staff has made me feel so welcome and it's an honor to be a part of such a talented and hard working team. The fabric is fabulous, but the people and friends make it an extra special place.

 Needless to say, I'm thankful for Boomer and all of his crazy wild energy. He's a handful but he is the sweetest soul on earth, even if he is bouncing around in every direction at once!

And I'm thankful for these sweet doggies who put up with Boomer and require lots of extra naps since he joined this crazy family of ours. I'm not mentioning the cat today as she did something dreadful to the carpet, but I'll probably be thankful for her again tomorrow...or maybe the next day.

And I'm truly thankful for these beautiful women in my life. They inspire and encourage me more than they will ever know. They set the best example of what creative, strong and intelligent women can be. I'm lucky to call them friends.

I sincerely hope that each of you are finding many things to be thankful for as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Life Cycle of a Fabric Bundle (in my sewing room)


I love fat quarter and fat eighth bundles. I've been known to purchase a few. These are a few of the bundles that have come home with me from market, sample spree and local quilt shops. I like a variety of colors and textures because I love scrap quilts and these blend well with scraps. They also become lovely scraps themselves.

I'm no expert on organization but I do have a system that works fairly well for me. I store my pretty bundles on shelves so that I can admire them. I feel no need to cut into them immediately. I am happy to just let them sit there and look pretty for a while.


Once they've been cut into, I separate them into colors. 

I have drawers that are designated for this. I have a drawer for each color. These are my go to source for most of my fabrics. Remember, I'm a scrap quilter, so I DON'T want my fabric lines together, but if you do, you could always keep them together I suppose.


Once the fabrics are smaller than a fat eighth, an odd shape, or less than 6" wide, I throw them into the basket near my table. This basket is not terribly large so it forces me to keep this system up to date. This is the holding basket until it fills up. Once it starts to fill up, I tackle it!


I cut those scraps into strips or squares. I trim down the odd sizes into usable sizes. I cut them into 2 1/2" strips, 2" strips, 1 1/2" strips and then smaller 'bits'.

The strips are stored in these containers by size. I also use these container for projects in progress. Having the strips organized this way allows me to go to the bin I need and choose from strips that are already cut before I need to head to my stash. Most of my projects start with the strips or scraps and then I pull from the stash if I don't have enough of what I need.


The trimmings from the strips and larger pieces become 'bits'. These are very small pieces that can be used for small patchwork play, string piecing and foundation piecing. I keep only one small bin of these. I enjoy sewing these into larger units, so these can get used up fairly quickly. If I have more than will fit into this one bin, I either use them or share them.

And that is basically the life cycle of a fabric bundle once it's in my sewing room. I have been using this system for years now and it works for me. I am always on the look out for other ways folks maintain and cultivate their scraps and stashes. I love learning new and better ways of doing things. I hope that this is helpful to you.

Enjoy every stitch!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Safe Place Heart with Safety Pin

I have drawn a safety pin with a heart that I plan to use on a quilt label. I am happy to share it with anyone who would like to use it. The printable file can be found HERE. I'll also add it to the tab at the top for free patterns if you decide to look for it in the future. Feel free to resize it up or down to use in any project you like. All I ask is that you not sell it online and simply give me credit if you share it. (It makes me sad that I even have to say that.) 

This is not a political post. Please do not leave political comments. It's simply a way to share love and support for our fellow human beings. Thanks for keeping this blog a positive place!


Monday, November 14, 2016

A Quilt for Patsy

Recently my small stitching group made a quilt for one of our members. She likes all things bright and black and white, so we found this design and I drew a larger version pattern with a few more squares in each block so that Patsy would have lots of bright colors to look at while she cuddled up under this. Patsy is living with her son and his family in Pennsylvania while she goes through her treatments, so her friends in Georgia keep reminding her how much we are thinking of her!

 Darlene made this sweet label and put the binding on the quilt. I've waited to share this because I wanted to be sure that Patsy had received the quilt before I shared it. I didn't want to ruin the surprise!

And here's our beautiful friend Patsy in her 'happy place' just last year. We miss you every single day Patsy. We talk about you all the time and we are rooting for you to beat this thing and get back to quilting with the rest of us very soon! If not, our little stitching group may have to make a road trip to see you and imagine all the trouble we could get into doing that!?!

Love you Patsy!

Diane (and all your quilting friends)

Friday, November 11, 2016

I Survived my 1st Saturday Sampler...

When I started working at Tiny Stitches almost a month ago, I knew that I would be working every Wednesday and every Friday. I also knew that I would be working on the first and third Saturdays of the month because that is when the "Saturday Sampler" program is held. I also work the second and fourth Sundays and special events. I've been enjoying my days at the shop more than I could have ever imagined! The customers are wonderful and the fellow staff are truly my kind of people. We laugh and have so much fun while the fabric flies!

For those of you that aren't familiar, Saturday Sampler is a monthly club that costs $10 to join and you choose which quilt you want to participate in. (Our shop offers a couple of different patterns and colorways.) You attend either the 8am, 9am, 10am, or 11am presentation and then receive the next block for free if you have your latest block sewn and present it! See our lovely leader Maetha telling the group all about everything here!

If it looks a little crazy, it is! Carolyn is the "block bouncer", she verifies your block is done and then gives you the next block packet. If your block is not complete, you get sent to Linda to pay the fee! Some folks participate in multiple options. All in all, we cut over 700 block kits each month. Yep, you read that right, over 700! And all those folks travel through the process each month.

So what was I doing when I wasn't racing around snapping photos of the chaos? I was cutting fabrics and helping folks with shopping choices while they were in the store. These people are so much fun! One amazing customer brought me a whole bag of selvages because she knows how I love them! Seriously, she flagged me down in the parking lot as I was walking into the store and handed them to me! You know she got a great big hug once inside the shop!

Oh, and look, there's my quilt on the display! And yes, this was just one of the sessions, remember, we repeat this FOUR times, and because all the customers can't always make the first Saturday, we repeat this on the third Saturday of the month, every...single...month.

Ok, I need a nap just thinking about this little experience. Thankfully I survived and I expect I will be completely recovered by the time we do this again. LOL And for all of you who greeted me with warm wishes, big hugs and happy smiles, THANK YOU SO  MUCH!

See you next Saturday!
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