Friday, August 17, 2018

Change is Good!

It's time for me to make some changes! I've felt this coming on for a while but I'm ready to really refocus and make a shift in my priorities. I've been feeling exhausted and over worked for several years now (running my own business!) and then I realized I'm the boss! Wait, what? Oh yeah! I can choose to make changes and my husband has been strongly encouraging me to. I need to do more than think about it...and you know how I love my lists, so here goes!

1. I'm no longer writing blog posts for Craftsy on a regular basis.

I love the team at Craftsy and I love the content they allowed me to share for almost five years. Find some of my favorite posts HERE. You've probably noticed that they have shifted their content presentation as well, and learning the new format and invoicing system was just more than I could take on at the moment. It's still a dream of mine to teach a class for them, and maybe that will happen one day. But that's for another list at another time.

2. I plan to re-open etsy shop.

I have loads of quilts and samples to sell, I just need an easy way to do that. I've not had luck with my attempts at selling on social media, and eBay rates are crazy these days. So I plan to list my quilts and maybe some fabrics and supplies as well. I'll be sure to share those updates here.

3. I will be commuting less.

As much as I adore the friends and staff at the quilt shop. The 2+ hour round trip commute is killing me. The days I work at the shop mean I'm away from home for over 11 hours. It's taking a toll on my health and my car. My hubby has been begging for this since it affects him directly (think undone laundry and grumpy wife) LOL But I can't give it up completely because I would miss my friends and customers too much! (Hi Friday Friends!!) And I love being involved in the HQ Ruler Club and HQ education.

4. I will be doing more customer longarm quilting.

I've gotten my system set up so that I can take in local and long distance quilting. I find that I love this work and it makes me happy. I never envisioned myself as a 'longarmer' but I'm embracing it! No one is more surprised than me at how satisfying it is! Find more information about having me quilt for you HERE. Or simply send a question to me at 

5. I'm going to limit my computer time.

I spend more hours at the computer than I do at the sewing machine and I don't like that! I know it's important to share what's happening, and I love connecting with friends online, but I'm going to set a timer when I sit down at the computer. I hope this will free up more time for me to do a lot of other things, but mostly quilting! (Don't panic, I'm still planning to blog a minimum of twice a week!)

6. I plan to accept more commission quilting.

I finally have the confidence to do commission work without stressing (too much). I love the challenge of taking someone else's ideas and quilting them! I'm currently working on an amazing piece that I will share soon. It's a way to flex my creative muscles and really focus on precision. It's invigorating! Please contact me at for more information on hiring me to make the quilt of your dreams!

7. My kids are going back to school.

That empty nest hurts. But rather than focus on the loss of adorable people to take care of in my house, I'm going to focus on taking care of me (and the dogs, of course!) Limiting computer time, introducing some new personal habits, and scheduling some relaxation (sad but true) will make me better at everything I do!

8. I've got some new patterns coming soon.

I've been hiding half a dozen finished quilts, trying to decide how to proceed with them. I'm going to release some individual patterns first. Then I think I'm going to finally (I've been making excuses for several years) going to pursue some fun new ways to share my designs.

Stay tuned!
I hope you are taking good care of yourself, and if not, maybe you should make a list, just saying...


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fifth Friday Funday at Tiny Stitches

Tiny Stitches August 5th Friday Fun Day!
August 31st, 2018
9:30 am – 9 pm
Teacher: Diane Knott
Supply List

Book Scrap Quilt Secrets (project on page 44)
Creative Grids Kaleidoscope Ruler
Glow Line Ruler Tape
Fabric: fat quarters or half yard bundles available
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies
Rotary cutter

The Project
We will make the quilt shown above that is currently on display in the shop. There will be 2 samples using different fabrics, but choose any fabric line or color scheme to celebrate any occasion you wish.

Learn how to make triangles from strips, turn any ruler into a specialty ruler, and bind any size angle using a simple technique.

The Fun
We will cut strips, make triangles, achieve perfect points, and sew all day long! There will be prizes, snacks and dinner will be served. Go home with an almost complete project perfect for giving away or keep it for yourself!
Visit the shop for help with choosing fabrics, or call the shop at 770 565 1113 to make an appointment with Diane for a custom fabric selection.

I would love to see you there!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Quilt Guild of the Villages Trunk show and workshop

On Tuesday I had the honor of presenting my trunk show Scrap Quilt Secrets to the Quilt Guild of the Villages, in Florida. It was a great group of about 200 fun quilters who showed up for my presentation. There was free ice cream as well, so that may have been helpful!

The next day was spent sewing and learning and having fun with a full day of  Under the Mistletoe workshop to a sold out crowd! I'm not exaggerating when I say I enjoyed every single one of the special women. The best part is, that no two of these quilts is going to look alike because they all chose such fun and different fabrics and combinations. I can see why this group has so much fun, we laughed and sewed and shared and I left feeling so happy to have all of these new friends.

I don't think I will ever get tired of teaching this workshop. It is such a great way to learn about making simple templates, sew and flip on paper, sewing perfect curves, and putting all the easy steps together for a great result!

If you think your guild would be interested in this workshop or any of my other workshops, please visit this link and send it to your guild program chair.

You can find the 'Under the Mistletoe' pattern HERE.

Thanks again to Ruth, Theresa and Brenda for their hard work, lovely hostessing, kindness and delightful friendship!

I hope you see you all again one day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

10 Minute Tip

Just some scrappy blocks on my design wall.

Today's 10 minute tip is one I don't do often enough. When you don't have time to sew, or you only have a few minutes in your quilt studio, grab a lint brush and clean off your design wall. I know I'm not the only one who neglects doing this because I see photos of some pretty 'thready' design walls out there in 'internetland.' So next time you have a few minutes, grab a lint brush and get busy. Here's a link to the lint brush I've been using for years. It's easy to wipe off and use again and again. 

Get this lint brush here.

For more 10 Minute Tips click here.
For a tutorial on how to build a design wall, click here.

Now go tackle those threads!

the fine print: this post contains an affiliate link. Any purchases made through this link will result in a tiny reward for me. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. [And I really have been using this lint brush for over ten years, so I can verify it's worth it!]

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Quilted Owl

My friend Angie who writes Quilting on the Crescent, told me about a cute little quilt shop where she likes to shop called The Quilted Owl. It was on my agenda for my day in New Orleans and I would like to share a little about this marvelous little shop.

It is situated in an adorable old home that I knew was going to hold some treasures before I even opened the door! This little house has fabric crammed in every little nook and cranny. It is amazing how much goodness is squished into this place.

There was also a classroom and a fabulous area with stitching supplies. I have some friends that would have drooled over this selection.

I had to purchase a few things before I left, of course. I bought a couple of fat quarters and New Orleans themed prints.

I'm so glad the shop dog, Sophie approved. She was so precious I would have gladly taken her home too, but I think I've got enough dogs for now.

Thanks Angie, I just loved it!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

I left my Heart in New Orleans

On Tuesday, I found myself in New Orleans for the first time in over 20 years. I was born and raised in south Louisiana. I grew up less than an hour from Jackson Square (photo above). I have so many good memories of my childhood in this special place. While much has changed, most of this unique city has not. The people are still warm and smiling, the food is out of this world, and the sights and smells and sounds are like no place else on earth. It was great to let myself be wrapped up in this way of life, if only for a day. 

While I was really tempted to start the day with breakfast at the Camellia Grill, like I had done on so many Saturday mornings once upon a time, we tried The Ruby Slipper. It was close to our hotel and we wanted to get our day started! I had the Lousianan Omelette and it was amazing!

It was raining so we took and Uber to Jefferson to the Quilted Owl. I'll share a whole post on that adorable quilt shop of amazement soon. I brought home a few souvenirs from there as well. *wink*

So we went back to the French Quarter to do a little shopping and, instead of lunch, we had an order of beignets and chocolate milk at Cafe du Monde. I was sad that they no longer serve the milk in glasses with paper straws like I remember from 40+ years ago. But the beignets were still just as good so I got over it. And we also went next door to purchase some pralines from Aunt Sally's. They will always be my favorite. 

We walked and shopped some more, mostly in the French Quarter. I have wanted some black and white drawings of New Orleans for years and have not been able to find them online. I found some in one of the local shops and couldn't decide which size to buy. Bill was beginning to melt at this point from the heat and humidity, so he promptly bought both of them and told me to make up my mind later. LOL He loves me. 

I kept stopping to take photos of everything and he would detour into every shop that had air conditioning while I was leisurely taking in every detail. He's a polar bear, he can't handle the steamy summer weather in the south. I'm a southern girl, I can freeze to death sitting under a fan!

Eventually we found ourselves at Evangeline for dinner. The food was as good as the restaurant was beautiful. The old brick walls and the huge wooden bar were the perfect setting for a casual but amazingly delicious meal. I had the daily special of red fish with crawfish and corn risotto. I highly recommend it.

And I took more photos. Can you even believe how beautiful these doors are? Every single building had something amazing to discover. I wanted to soak it all in. But we had to go to bed early because my sweet hubby needed his rest. He had to go to work early the next morning.

He's the one who flew the plane home. I love going on his work trips with him when he has nice layovers. Sadly, it rarely happens because the flights are full or the layovers are too short to do much of anything. It makes these rare escapes even more special. 

Not to mention, I came home with tons of inspiration and ideas that are going to find their way into a quilt soon, I can just feel it. That's a little something called lagniappe.


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