Saturday, December 20, 2014

Craftsy's Best of 2014 Sale


Craftsy's Best of 2014 Sale
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Craftsy's Best of 2014 Course Sale - $19.99 or less!

The hardest part will be deciding which one to enjoy first!
Enjoy every lesson!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

This week's throw back thursday is the about the log cabin quilts I made for my boys beds for Christmas. I had made quilts for all the beds in the house and got the brilliant idea that they all needed Christmas quilts as well. My boys were about 7 at the time (so that would be about 9 years ago, gulp!) and they have twin beds that are in the same room.

Sidenote: They really wanted their own rooms when we moved to our current home (they were in Kindergarten at the time) so we honored that request and got them all moved into their very own rooms. That lasted four days, and then they decided they wanted to be together again. How sweet is brotherly love?

Where was I? Oh yes, I decided to make Christmas quilts for all the beds in the house and they were in the same room so I wanted theirs to coordinate. I made the same pattern for each of them, only one in reds and one in greens. The backing fabrics are the same as well, only one in red and one in green obviously. I machine quilted them and was so happy to finish them by Thanksgiving of that year!

When my daughter saw them, she excitedly said, "Mommy those are so beautiful! What's my Christmas quilt going to look like?" Ummm. My best response at the moment was, "Yours is going to be invisible this year, but you will be able to see it next year, I promise!" And she was very happy with that answer thankfully. I will share her Christmas quilt next week.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and enjoying your Christmas quilts as well! I would love to see your Christmas quilts if you would like to link to them below or in the comments. Sorry I forgot to add the linky last week. Oops!
Enjoy every stitch,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today is THAT day

I had my annual mammogram today...have you had yours this year? If not, schedule it right now!!! Then go quilt something as your reward for taking care of yourself.

Thank you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Vintage Sewing Machine Survey

Yesterday my post about vintage sewing machine appeared on the Craftsy Blog. It was also shared on Facebook. And a fun thing happened. Readers actually started listing the vintage machines they have and use. So I'm any of you use a vintage machine, or just have one that you  love? Or more than one? I would really love it if you left the names and models of your vintage machines in the comments below. If you already commented on Facebook that's fine, no need to repeat.

Personally, I love my Singer that my mom taught me how to sew on when I was little.(photo above) It still runs beautifully and I hope to get it set up in it's own location soon so that I can use it more often. I also have a treadle that works but needs some serious love and maintenance. I hope to get that done next year.

Can't wait to hear what oldies but beauties you are sewing with...
Enjoy every stitch!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday, Monday

( some fun scraps I've been playing with)

Just keeping it real around here folks! I usually like Mondays, truly, it's strange but I do. I like the fresh new week with a brand new list of things to tackle. But today I'm not feeling it so much. This is the kids last week in school before they are home for holiday break (YAY, I love having them home all day!!!) But the flip side is, it's the last week for me to pull it all together and get everything done so we can enjoy those days together.

(a binding tutorial that I still haven't written)

So where does that leave quilting? Well, I have been getting a LOT of quilting done, but since I have two quilts coming up in magazines this spring, another this summer, another calendar quilt in July, and then there are the 16 quilts (excuse me while I breathe into a paper bag) that's right, sixteen quilts that are going to be in the book I'm writing that is due to my editor by the end of February. Don't even look at the calendar, I don't want to know how many (or few) weeks away that is.

(cutting strips, lots of strips!)

The good news is, that all of the magazine and calendar quilts have been finished, shipped and are being photographed. I have also finished 10 of the 16 quilts for the book. I am quilting one this week and have sent six to a longarm quilter. It feels like cheating, but who am I kidding? It had to be done and she can do amazing things that I can't with my Janome.

(fuzzy slippers make me sew faster)

So while I've been stitching my little fingers off, I can't show any of the quilts here. I really HATE that. I'm not good at keeping secrets and I get so excited about what I'm making I want to share it with the world!!!

I'll be shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking and prepping this week, and with any luck, I'll squeeze in a few more stitches. Whatever you are doing, I hope it is merry and makes you smile!

Enjoy every stitch!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

This week's version of Throw Back Thursday is the quilt I made a few years ago from the Sue Spargo pattern named Crimson Tweed. It was gorgeous and perfect but I needed the quilt to be a bit larger so I added the checckerboard to the left and made the bottom row and bottom border wider so that the overall dimensions fit the size I needed.

I also simplified the vine border. Instead of making the little stems for each berry, I just used rick rack and let the berries float next to it. I used wool for the berries and leaves and they are not perfect but they did improve the more I made them.

O kept these blocks very close to the original (or tried to at least) but I used some machine stitching in place of some of the hand stitching. I love hand stitching but I also really enjoy machine quilting with colorful threads to add texture and detail.

This block was not part of the original design. The pattern had a pomegranite here and I chose to replace it with a pineapple. I simply pieced a checkerboard unit, cut it to the shape and then appliqued it. The greenery on the sides is velvet which is fun to work with if you like a challenge. And the leaves on top are wool. I did hand stitch the details on this block.

This tree is cut from one piece of felted wool and the balls are different types of wool. It was fun to mimic the round shapers in the background quilting. I hadn't tried that before.

This block is made according to the pattern. The star in the middle is velvet and the berries and leaves are wool. I also hand stitched these leaves.

I really enjoyed the process of making this quilt and photographing it. It's fun to pull out every year and enjoy it over and over again. And besides, I had a really helpful photography assistant...

What would I do without him running back and forth in front of the quilt? He's sleeping at my feet right now. He is my constant little companion!

Enjoy every stitch!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Have you seen this?

(a block from my Crimson Tweed quilt by Sue Spargo)
It has nothing to do with this post. 

I have a post over on Craftsy this week about stockings and stuffing and swapping and all kinds of fun exchange ideas and options. If you haven't checked it out yet, just click HERE and see. There are lots of other good ideas to check out while you are over there at Craftsy. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Enjoy every stitch!

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