Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday for Quilters!

Don't forget to treat  yourself to something fun this holiday season! 

And if you are local, don't forget to visit the Tiny Stitches SALE room today, it's 50% off!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Quilters!

Happy Thanksgiving week friends! I am so thankful that these boys made it home safely Friday night. It is music to my ears to hear their voices and laughter. I love seeing them share their stories with each other and especially love just seeing how happy they are.

Also thankful that I have yet another quilt finished for the next book. Deadlines just got moved up a month and I am NOT panicking. 

Thankful that I have a fun gig with Craftsy and get to write little tutorials for them. I enjoy making cool stuff and sharing it.

Thankful I got these holiday pillow cases finished before the kiddos arrived. I am so happy to have them home that I needed to celebrate with holiday fun!

And thankful that I have some amazing new reading material. These two books are filled with eye candy and tons of great information. They are so inspiring!

I hope you have lots to feel thankful this week as well. Blessings to all of you!

Friday, November 17, 2017

My Bee Group (and why every quilter needs one!)

My bee group has been together for more years than I can remember. There are lots of reasons why, but mostly, because we support one another. Sure we get together for lunch once a month, and sometimes we even stitch something. But mostly, we are THERE for each other.

We have celebrated grand babies, said goodbye to beloved husbands, had more surgeries than we care to count, and cheered on each others's successes as well as waved sad goodbyes to members that have moved away (winking at you Joanne and Ruth!) We love each other. And that's why it's been so hard when we lost our very sweet and uniquely special member, Patsy, that we have been so deliberate in keeping her spirit with us.

This month we stuffed goody bags filled with her quilting treasures for distribution at our guild Christmas party next month. We love keeping her generous spirit moving and passing her things (that she was wildly creative with) on to all of her friends! I like to think she approves and is pleased, though she would never want us to make a fuss about it.

We also enjoyed some moments in Mary Ruth's gorgeous garden to take photos of some quilts. This one is a quilt top that was Patsy's. Mary Ruth finished it for a charity donation quilt. Some person is going to feel so loved by these frogs. That would definitely make Patsy smile!

Aren't quilting friends the very best?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Houston Quilt Market 2017, the fun

For me, the fun of quilt market happens when I meet designer and industry folks that I admire, and Jen Kingwell is as nice as her designs are gorgeous. It's always fun to visit with her.

Since I'm not connected with a company that offers dinners or events, I eat alone sometimes. I'm okay with that because my years as a flight attendant taught me to enjoy solo travel. I made the most of it by having dinner here the first night.

Sitting at the kitchen bar allowed me a close up view of all of the action, and I got amazing service!

The food was spectacular as well. And if I looked left, I could see the stadium where the world series was being played at the same time as I was eating. Houston was very excited to be in the world series and it made for a very festive atmosphere.

I also find it fun to see little surprises like quilts I recognize from folks I consider 'online friends'.  This quilt made by Sujata Shaw is even better in person that it was on the cover of the latest Simply Moderne by Quiltmania.

 And I did have the pleasure of enjoying a delicious dinner with my friend Janet (who also works at Tiny Stitches!) She was there on a mission for the shop and we had fun discussing our experiences as both of us were first time Houston Quilt Market visitors.

It was super fun to see all of the dog quilts, especially the ones with golden retrievers. I think I counted four or five quilts with my canine friends. 

But the most fun was coming home to this guy and seeing how elated he was to have me home again. He loves me with so much enthusiasm, I can't help but be happy!

Feel free to post any comments or questions you have about Market in the comments below. I will be happy to do a Q&A post if needed. I hope you enjoyed my version of Quilt Market 2017, I sure did!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

6 New Patterns Available Now!

I've added 6 new patterns to my online shop and they are also being distributed by Checkers! If you like these patterns and would like for your local quilt shops to carry them, please pass along this information. I would be most grateful.

These are the first 6 patterns I also have distributed by Checkers and my many heartfelt thanks to those of you who helped spread the word. I am so thrilled to see how well received they have been. It's a good start, but it's only the beginning.

Lots of big things happening around here, and I can't wait until I can share all the details! I HATE keeping secrets, can you tell? LOL

Thanks again for your amazing support!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Houston Quilt Market 2017, the shopping

The first question I always get asked after I get home from Quilt Market is...What did you get???
I didn't make it to sample spree this year, sadly, but I did find a few things to purchase on the show floor at the 'pop up shops'. I am so happy that the fabric companies are doing this now for those of us in the industry that miss sample spree and can't stay for festival.

I bought lots of luscious threads for hand quilting. I bought a book by Sue Spargo (to add to my collection because she is a quilting hero of mine!) I also picked up the last copy of a book from Quiltmania.

But you want to know about the fabric don't you? I did buy three bundles. I had to choose wisely because I bought the cheapo airfare that didn't include checked luggage, so I knew I had to carry on everything! I snagged two bundles from Windham, including the super cute new Sarah Fielke line called WordPlay and another bundle called Foundation by Shayla Wolf. And I got the very last bundle of Horizons by Kathy Doughty from Free Spirit.

I am still just admiring this lovely loot, I haven't actually unwrapped the fabrics yet. I'm trying make this experience last as long as possible. LOL

Image 1

I also ordered a few interesting books from C&T and will share those when they arrive. I'm really excited about this new book my Maria Shell.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Houston Quilt Market 2017, the quilts

View from my hotel room just before sunrise.

While Quilt Market is about seeing old friends and making new ones, visiting people you work with online face to face, and seeing all the new and exciting fabrics and products (and buying as many as you can stuff in your suitcase!) I honestly love the quilts the best. Isn't that what it's all about?

While I could have photographed every quilt, I didn't. I just wanted to be with them and experience them. I did take a few photos though, and here's my observations about the quilts I saw.

Sue Garman was a quilting genius. Her ideas and her skill created an array of beauty that is breathtaking. No matter what style of quilting you enjoy...Sue inspired with her workmanship and creativity. I was so moved by each and every quilt in her collection.

There was a trend of ombre in fabric as well as piecing. This quilt took my breath away.

This special collection was emotional for me.

Seeing another quilt by Karen Stone is always a special moment for me.

Seeing a quilt by a friend made me smile so big!

And running into Kaffe Fassett and Kathy Doughty and taking 'action shots' was a highlight of my day for sure!

Enjoy every stitch,

PS More posts about market to follow!

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