Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quilters on the Go Quilt Shop

This cute little quilt shop opened in Hendersonville since the last time I was there visiting.
It is super cute and I would have taken more photos but my kids were in the car and one of them ALWAYS times me while I'm in a fabric store. He kept texting me how many minutes I had taken.

I did manage to grab a few fat quarters and this cute little book. The owner was super nice and I plan to go back next time I'm in town...withOUT the kids!

Here's the information, go check them out!
Enjoy every stitch!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's finished!

I have officially moved back into my sewing room after being kicked out for a week! The new floor is in, and while I don't like it nearly as much as the original, it is finished...and dry!

If you need me, I will be sewing my little heart out in my happy place.
Enjoy every stitch,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Willow Road Market

This little shop, Willow Road Market is my very favorite shop in Hendersonville, NC. It is filled with vintage quilts, antiques, and amazing accessories. After talking to the owner, I found out that she and her mum once owned a quilt shop in London. That would explain her exquisite taste in quilts and her adorable accent. 

How amazing are the colors of the solids in this basket quilt?

This 25 patch quilt really wanted to come home with me but my checkbook started crying.

Have you ever seen a primitive Carolina Lily in solids? This was so sweet. The double wedding ring next to it is going to be my birthday present (hint, hint!)

The fabrics in this star quilt stole me heart. There were gorgeous chintzes next to sweet childrens prints. The colors were amazing together.

No words needed. I want them all.

Itsy bitsy hexies in every fabric imaginable. 
Now do you see why I love this place?

Enjoy every stitch!

Monday, July 21, 2014

1949 Singer Sewing Machine

I brought this baby home with me from my mom's last weekend. It is the 1949 Singer that she bought when she was newly married. It was nine years old at that time. It is the same machine that I learned to sew on for the very first time in the mid 1970's. It had been sitting in her garage for a couple of decades, so she happily gave it to me when I asked if it was still around.

According to this serial number, it is a 15-91. 
It's not worth much on the resale market and it weighs a ton!

But look how lovely her case is...

and the rest of her parts look great as well. 
She sews perfectly and seems to be in excellent shape.
Her little light bulb still works!

After doing a little research online, I also discovered that her manual is still available. 
I think I should order this just in case. I also found this little bit of information...

If I follow this advice, I might never sew again. 
Still, it makes for great entertainment!
I'll have to show my mom, she'll think its hysterical.

Enjoy every stitch!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vintage Quilt Inspiration

On Highway 25 in South Carolina, there is a simple little antique mall called Country Antiques. I love to stop there every time I visit my mom in NC. They always have a good selection of antique quilts and vintage sewing accesories. I actually bought a ball jar full of old wooden thread spools and another printer's tray for storing threads. Of course I didn't take a photo of either of those yet.

This is the main display case of quilts, but there are others scattered throughout. Not all of them are fine heirlooms. Many of them have damage or are made of polyester, but they all have charm!

How fun is this cathedral windows made from plaid? I had never seen this combination before, but it is really fun and proves that no matter what you have to work with, you can make whatever you want!

There were several variations of New York Beauties. This is one was very well made and all of the points were chopped off, on purpose (or at least very consistantly!). I love the color combinations on this as well but it is so faded, I can only wonder what colors these were originally.

I find inspiration in this little antique shop every single time I visit!
I'll be back soon to share other photos from our little trip soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

9 Patches to the rescue!

Sewing these 9 patches yesterday helped distract me from the sounds of the table saw, and the smell of paint. I had a crew in the basement installing the flooring in my sewing room, and another crew upstairs painting bedrooms while the boys are at camp. I doubt they will notice that their rooms are different colors when they come home.

As I sat in my dining room, sewing 9 patches for the exchange that Barb is hosting, I was able to create my own little world of patchwork. It was so much more fun than thinking about the hole in the new tv created by the flooring guys, or the cement that was hardening on my ironing board, or the dust that was covering my roll of batting.

So after I caught the dogs (who went on a grand adventure after discovering the workers had left the gate open!) and after I vacuumed up whatever it was that got tracked through my front hall, I sat at my little travel machine and sewed to my heart's content. I hardly even noticed the throbbing in my foot caused by dropping the bookcase on it while moving it out of the sewing room. After all, I still have nine toenails left.

Yep, pretty sure sewing these 9 patches saved my sanity yesterday.

Enjoy every stitch!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

String Star Progress

I've sewn a few more diamonds for my string star quilt. 
Does this look like enough?
I think it will be, but I'm not sure.
I might need to add another row to each section.

I used this ruler for trimming up my blocks.
I love the marking tape for easy reference to the size I want.
It peels right off when I'm done and no sticky goo remains.

I've been using this phone book. 
Looks like I may run out before the next phone book is delivered. 
Uh oh.

Still thinking this is basically the result I want.
Along with the border idea I have in mind.
I've been sewing like crazy and yet...
The scrap basket does not appear to be running out any time soon.
I'll just have to start planning another project!

Enjoy every stitch!

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