Monday, January 26, 2015

Quilt Retreat

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with these amazing quilters at a wonderful state facility east of Atlanta. It is called the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. We've been going there for quite a few years now and really enjoy the beautiful facility and the surrounding woods. The food is wonderful and the people who make and serve it are so kind! Our group had 32 this year and we spent 3 days sewing and eating and laughing. It was a really great way to spend the weekend.

We have been retreating as a group for twenty years now almost...hard to believe! The photo above is my friends Kathy, Mary Ruth, Me, and Darlene. We had an identical photo taken 16? years ago on the front porch of our cabin when we were first timers. (I'm pretty sure I was wearing the same red coat! LOL) We were roomies and had so much fun together! All these years later, we are still roomies and still having fun! I am so incredibly blessed to have these women in my life.

And yes, we did play with some fabric too! We stop at Intown Quilters on the way. We have lunch at    the Square Perk in Covington, and then make one last stop at Patrick's before the sewing begins.

I am slowly sipping coffee this morning and remembering what a good time we had. I hope you had a good weekend too!

Enjoy every stitch!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finding Inspiration...

LOVE this! And so TRUE!
Print found HERE

Excuse me this week...I'm living life and teaching workshops and going on road trips and playing with friends and filling up my inspiration bank.

See you next week!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Review: Cultural Fusion by Sujata Shaw

Photo borrowed from The Root Connection.

I follow a blog called the Root Connection and have long been intrigued by the work of Sujata Shaw. She has a way with words and stitches that make us as quilters feel connected and inspired. Just my personal opinion, but she is someone I wish was in my stitching group in real life!

Photo borrowed from The Root Connection.

I anxiously awaited her book last year (I may have had it on pre-order for months!) I also enjoyed the blog hop that featured it when it was published in December. So when my copy arrived, I was SO excited! I love her color combinations and her piecing methods. It is a relaxed and organic approach to quilting that I am so inspired by! Click on the link below to see more information about this book and order a copy of it.

Enjoy every page!

Disclosure: The link is affiliate but the opinions are entirely my own. I will get a tiny reward if you order from this link. Thank you so much!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

He's such a good boy!


If this puppy trick doesn't impress you, that fact that I actually figured out how to put a video on here should! LOL

And don't worry, Buddy got a treat too!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throw back Thursday has been delayed...

until further notice. I wanted to share a quilt that I made for Kelly's first 'big girl' bed when she moved out of her crib. But the sun hasn't come out yet this week for me to take a photo. The weather man says there might actually be some sun shine tomorrow or the next day. I have my fingers crossed that he's actually right this time!

I did make a quilt out of these fun fabrics this week...

And I finished the backing for another quilt...

And I played with him almost constantly...

And I wrote this post for Craftsy...

And I spent the day giving a program to a wonderful guild about two hours away yesterday, so there was that.

Today I'm going to get caught up on stuff around here and quilt something! That's my plan to stay warm and dry. Hope you are warm and dry too!

Enjoy every stitch!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Minute Tip

My favorite batting found HERE.

Does the dust and lint in your sewing room ever seam like it magically appears on a daily basis, or is this just my problem? Seriously, I know I play with fabric and thread in there but the lint built up seems completely out of control! I have found a good trick for it though.

I dropped a small piece of batting that I was going to toss in the garbage. When I bent down to pick it up I was horrified by the dust under my sewing table! I used the batting scrap to wipe the floor and the small parts of the table under my machine. Viola! It picked up all that lint and the tiny threads (and the dog hair, but that's another topic for another day).

So today's tip is...

Use batting scraps to dust around your machine, and in small places where lint and threads collect.

Now that it's all nice and tidy, go ahead and sew something, you deserve it!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, Monday

Lest you think we've been slacking off around here, I though I would share some photographic proof that fabric has been played with this weekend! Boomer jumps into this bin every time I pull it out. He thinks its a really fun game and how could I get mad at that face? At nine weeks he weighs almost 8 pounds and is so full of energy and fun! He gives new meaning to the word 'frisky'.

When my husband was a Target last week he saw this little shelf and called me immediately. He said it would be PERFECT for fat quarters. He was right. It really is perfect. Thanks honey!

I did make 560 half square triangles that will finish at 1.5" in a quilt. I've made all the blocks and now need to decide on the setting. It's for the book so this is all I can show you for now. Sorry!

Boomer plays hard so when he needs to nap, he'll do it anywhere! Luckily Kelly didn't mind having a puppy power nap on top of her. She is totally in love, as we all are. Well, except for Luna, she is still not a fan of any canine, ever. LOL

Have a great week!
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