Thursday, July 30, 2015

American Made Brand Challenge cont...

I know I've mentioned this before, but time is running out! Have you entered this challenge yet? Click on the photo above for all the details.

I started playing with something that looked like this... 

Even the scraps are pretty!

And now I'm leaning toward something like this.
But I change my mind every day. 
Sometimes making a decision is the hardest part. LOL

I had better decide soon and finish stitching this!
Enjoy every stitch,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 1718 Saga continues...

I made two swan blocks. I did not applique the individual 'toes' or whatever those things are called on swans. I decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

I made two lioness blocks. Not sure why she has such a short tail but a longer one wouldn't have fit in the block anyway.

And I made two bunny blocks. And why the bunny does have a long tail is another question we may never know the answer to. Luckily, my second bunny had two good ears unlike this poor thing. I'm way to close to the end to remake a block because of one wonkly little bunny ear.

Are you still working on your 1718? I would love to see your progress if you don't mind sending me a link, or leaving one in the comments. 

Enjoy every stitch!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Triangles on a Roll

The nice folks at Triangles on a Roll contacted me last month to see if I would be willing to try their products. Who am I to pass up a free trial offer? Obviously, I said YES and was so excited to receive this sample in the mail a few weeks ago. I decided to try it using some scraps of 30ish reproductions and a solid grey. Here's what I did...

Since my fabrics were mostly fat quarters, I cut the paper roll into lengths just under 18". That way they would fit my fabrics. I then cut my fabric strips 6" wide because that's what the directions on the paper said to do (and that's how wide the roll is.)

I layered my fabric right sides together just like the instructions said to do. I also put the lighter fabric next to the paper and the darker fabric on the bottom. This will help when pressing later.

I pinned the strips to the paper but found that I needed fewer pins than I thought I might and reduced the number of pins with later rolls. Truly, this one's up to you...personal preference and all. :)

Then I sewed on the dotted lines and followed the arrows. I'll admit, that while this is very clear, I got a little distracted by the TV and sewed in the opposite direction one time (no worries, it worked just fine anyway!!) Whew!

This is what it will look like from the back. See how the seam lines are parallel? If yours doesn't look like this, something went wrong. But frankly, if I can do it while watching tv so can you!

After taking the pins out, it was time to trim. I cut my strips in half, then trimmed the outside edges. Easy peasy. I then cut all of the units into squares. This is not a rule, I just liked doing it this way.

See all those cute little squares? Now I cut them into triangles on the solid line.

And since I didn't want to have to do any trimming later, I snipped the corners using my rotary cutter. It was super fast and prevented having to do this later.

Then I pressed all the triangles before removing the paper. This means that the shapes wouldn't get distorted. Remember how I put the light fabric next to the paper? Now when I pressed the units open it automatically means all the seam allowances are facing the dark fabric. Clever huh?

Okay, now to tear the paper off. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this. It was a SNAP though! I just put my fingernail in the center of the seam as shown above, then I gripped the outside corner of the paper and pulled. The seam tore neatly and easily and there was no mess. I then pulled off the strip along the seam allowance and was done!

Look at all those pretty little PERFECT half square triangles! Even with taking the time to stop and photograph each step, I made 24 of these in less than 20 minutes. That's less than one minute per unit. I expect that time to be even faster now that I'm doing these in batches.

I prep several at a time and zip right through them! Woohoo!
I think I'm in love. 
While I did not get paid for this review, I sure wouldn't mind if they wanted to send me some more to test . *WINK* I would love to try the ones that are for flying geese and the 60* triangles. To see a complete list of their products go here. Check your local quilt shop too, as many carry them in stock.

Enjoy every stitch!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chemo quilt for a friend...

A local quilt shop employee was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery and began her chemo treatments this month. The day I found out she was facing this battle, I asked the quilt shop owner to collect 9" blocks with 'any shade of pink' from anyone who wanted to participate. 

Most of the blocks were actually 9" and all of them had pink. I expected there would be variations. :)

I used a butterfly I had leftover from another project. It's actually a vintage butterfly that I added to a new background. It seemed like a fabric and pattern she would like.

Once I collected all the blocks and trimmed/sashed them all to the same size, I set them in an alternating pattern. I wanted blocks that would have space for friends to sign if they wish. It's not a masterpiece, or my best work by far...but I felt like getting to my friend was more urgent than getting it perfect. I think I was right. She loves it. She plans to bring it to her chemo sessions for comfort.

I machine quilted in the ditch and simply followed the block piecing. Each block was different, so each block was quilted differently.

I used a backing that was almost big enough. I added a strip each direction to make it large enough. I wanted to get this done and the quilt shop was not open at 10pm on Saturday night when I decided to quilt it. Funny how that goes... I think it turned out very well and I'm just glad it will be a reminder to her that we are all thinking of her and pulling for her!

Enjoy every stitch!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fresh Cut Fat Quarter Bundle

How long has this fat quarter bundle been sitting on my cutting table? Have I cut into it yet? Have I even unfolded the fabrics or untied the ribbon? It's not going to become a quilt for my bed by itself. The idea was that this was going to be my new 'summer' quilt for my bed. Time is running out if I want it to happen this summer. Sigh. It's not even a UFO its still a USO (un STARTED object).

I had better get busy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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