Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets, technique 2

The second technique in my new book STRIP QUILT SECRETS is all about how to make triangles from strips. Once I learned this technique, I never looked back! I will NEVER make triangles from squares again. No trimming, no over sizing, no waste...what's not to love about that?

This fun little quilt has a secondary design where the pieced sashing meets at the cornerstones. I love adding pieced sashing for just that reason. It's so much fun to create designs where the sashing meets between the blocks. You can see the nine patches in purple between each block.


This quilt is a simple set of sister's choice blocks set in rows. I chose to alternate the light and dark in each block to create a bit of a checkerboard effect. I had never seen this block using alternating color placement so I wanted to see what would happen. I like the effect.


This quilt uses simple strip sets (from chapter one) for the 4 patches and again for the double four patches. I love setting simple blocks on point for a bit more interest. I also chose to alternate the triangles in each row from light to dark to create the row effect. I wonder what it would look like if the light and dark triangles were alternated in a checkerboard effect like in Aunt Elsie? Hmmm, I might have to try that.

Enjoy every stitch!

Sorry for the lousy photos, but C&T sent me the photos in pdf format and life is too short for me to spend another hour trying to figure out how to convert them to jpegs. So I am using snapshops taken on my design wall. PLEASE don't comment with how to do it...I've tried everything, with various forms of failure, for more hours than I would like to admit, and I choose to not spend one more minute wasting my life. Thank you!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets, technique 1

As I mentioned before, my new book Strip Quilt Secrets, answers many of the questions I get when I am teaching and sharing my quilts. One of the biggest 'secrets' to scrap quilting is cutting your scraps into strips and making basic STRIP SETS.

Sewing strips into sets (and there are literally pages of info in the book about how to accurately do this!) is the foundation for making fun and exciting quilts from fabrics you already have. I love to shop as much as the next quilter, but I also love to use the fabrics I already have in my sewing room.


The first quilt in this chapter on STRIP SETS is one I made using leftovers from several jelly rolls. I then added some extra scraps and fun fabrics to enhance the sparkle of this quilt. I also used a solid as the chain. I love this vibrant shade of purple, but you could use any solid or 'tone on tone' fabric. Go check your stash and see what you have! I'll wait...

Now before you freak out about an entire quilt made from finished 1" x 2" pieces, remember this starts with 2 1/2'' strips and sews together in strip sets made up of 6 strips. They are subcut into 1 1/2" sections. Each block in an incomplete design. The design is created by the way the blocks interact with each other. It's fun and not hard at all. I promise!


I love black and white quilts. I have an enormous stash of black and white fabrics. This quilt would be awesome with chains in one color and scrappy background or the reverse. Use the coloring pages in the back of the book to discover lots of possibilities.

These strip sets create two different blocks. When the blocks are joined together is when the chains appear. This quilt would look so great on a bed, or just make a small one to snuggle under. I'm thinking a red and white one will be necessary for Valentines. What do you think?


This design was a pattern I spied on a floor mat at a restaurant entrance that I snapped a  photo of. Not much later I saw it again at my local print office. I felt certain that seeing it again meant that I needed to make this quilt. The strip sets are easy and fun.

This quilt is made up of only one block, the way the blocks meet in the corners is what creates the 'rings' which are the first thing I see when I look at the quilt. If you followed along with the mystery quilt a few years ago, you will recognize this one. It's a favorite of mine because of the design and because of the color combination.

Stayed tuned every day this week for the each chapter of STRIP QUILT SECRETS...

Did I mention all of these quilts are offered in four different sizes each? You are running out of excuses as to why you can't make these quilts. LOL They are fun, fast and flexible!

Enjoy every stitch!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Signing & Coming Next Week...

Saturday Morning December 15th I will be at Tiny Stitches signing copies of my new book. Please drop by 8am -noon. Use the back entrance, I'll be in the classroom, see you there!

Every day next week I'll be sharing the quilts from my new book STRIP QUILT SECRETS. I will also be sharing some of the bits of information you'll find in the book without giving away all my secrets of course!

Be sure to pop back in and check it out 12/17 - 12/21 at 5pm EST each day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Are you a member of International Association of Quilters?

What is IAQ? Click here to visit the website.
Designed by: Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse.  Joining her this year are guest designers:

IAQ details: 1 year from purchase- over 60 patterns + 2015 year to current year patterns is included!
Finished projects: During 2019 there are 2 Block of the months -one is a sampler the other is part mystery (the guest designers are helping this year!), 3 extra projects, swaps, challenges, giveaways and more!
Skill level: Beginner – Confident Beginner.  Because of the community atmosphere, you are able to get help if you are stuck, ask questions and share a hint.  
Technique: Because of the guest designers and variety of patterns you will be exposed to a rounded amount of different styles and techniques, including applique, embroidery, paper piecing, patchwork, hand sewing hexagons etc.
Price: $120 / year
IAQ details: 1 year from purchase- over 60 patterns + 2015 year to current year patterns is included!
IAQ membership format:  The group has an online community as well as a private facebook group for members only.  There you can share your own projects you are working on or have finished, meet and get to know the members from around the world, download patterns, and participate in the group. Everything is in one spot- simple and easy to use on your computer or on your phone.  
And here’s how it works:
The IAQ starts the day you join.  Everything from 2015 is available once you join.  The 2019 projects will be starting on January 1st and will be shared during the first full week of the month.  During each month there will be two block of the months, guest designer pattern, with the occasional extra project and rotating swaps and challenges.  Each Sunday you will get an email from the quilt group about what’s happened during the week- but the group online is always open! You can share any time during the day.  
Why should you be part of “the International Association of Quilters”?
The group is online.  You will have access to all the patterns, members and show and tell 24/7.  No missing out on anything. This is a group that fits your schedule, has members that are passionate about quilting,  gets you excited about designers you would normally not have access to.
When you join you will also have full access to all previous patterns- both in the group and by the guest designers.  There are more patterns than you have time! You will be kept sewing all year long.
We help you keep up to date on trends, patterns & designers- You’ll go from sewing alone and the same ‘ol patterns, to connecting with others while exploring new techniques, patterns and designers from around the world.
The International Association of Quilters allows quilters to explore new designers from around the world, enjoy current and fresh patterns, and share & sew with others.  no more "sewing alone and the family not getting it" --- it's time for "having fun and sharing with someone who understands"
Did you notice who the guest designer for January is? That's right, it's ME!! I'm so excited. I've already sent them the free exclusive pattern, and the free block for the sew along quilt. If you don't have a local guild (or even if you do) this is a great option for you! I'll be participating in the online group and the facebook group available to members only. I hope to see you there!

Click here to join.
Enjoy every stitch!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Strip Quilt Secrets

I might have mentioned a time or two thousand that I wrote another book. I don't think I ever explained why I wrote another book though...

I have had a wonderful couple of years traveling and teaching from my first book Scrap Quilt Secrets. It's been a joy and a pleasure to visit so many guilds with my trunk show and teaching workshops. And just like with my first book, this book is a result of the questions and comments I was hearing time and again. Comments like...

  • What is a scrap?
  • How do you sort your scraps?
  • What system do you use to organize your fabric scraps/strips/pre-cuts?
  • How do you come up with your ideas?
  • Why do you use a particular technique/method?

Since Scrap Quilt Secrets was a design based book that explored how I combine my stash/scraps into fun quilts, I felt that I needed to focus on techniques I use most often. I think the quilts in both books reflect my personal style which is often referred to as "happy scrappy."

Strip Quilt Secrets is a technique workbook that explores 5 methods I use for my strips/stash/scraps. The thing I like most about the book (besides the quilts!) is the Index that is a quick reference for strip sizes. Have a collection of strips? Just go to the index to see which quilts utilize that size strip.

What happens next?

To celebrate the release of the new book, I'll be doing a giveaway on Instagram soon. Follow me there at dianedknott, I'll have a post on the C&T blog this month. I'll also feature each of the quilts (and techniques) here on this blog throughout the next month. I'm considering doing a blog hop as well. If you would be interested in participating in a blog hop by hosting a stop, please let me know and I'll send you all of the information (including a copy of the new book!) Spaces are limited so reply soon if you are interested.

I sure hope you will enjoy this new book as much as I enjoyed making these quilts and sharing them with you. It's a long and complicated process to turn quilts into a book, and it's not for the faint of heart, but I do hope you find some treasures that you can't resist stitching.

Are a member of guild? Would you like for me to visit your group? Please let me know ASAP. My schedule is filling fast! I'm booking dates through 2020 at this point.

Hugs and quilts!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sew Your Stash Along Step 4

Sew Your Stash Along Step 4
(32 blocks that are 5'' finished)

Cutting Instructions
From each of the 4 fabrics (or scraps) - Cut 8 strips 1 ¾’’ x 18’’

Sewing the Blocks
Select one strip from each fabric.
Sew the strips together lengthwise. Press the seams open. 
Make 8 strips sets.



Cut each strip sets into 3 units 5 ½’’ wide.
Make 32 blocks. 

Adding to the units to the quilt

Arrange the blocks as shown and sew them into 2 rows of 7 blocks each.
Arrange the remaining blocks as shown and sew them into 2 rows of 9 blocks each.
Sew the rows of 7 blocks to opposite sides of the quilt.
Sew the rows of 9 blocks to the remaining two sided of the quilt.
Press the seams toward the sashing strips.

The quilt will now be 45 1/2'' square. Trim if needed.

For a printable version of this step click HERE.

For detailed photos and instructions of each step, go to:

I hope you have fun with this easy step!
I can't wait to see your photos.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


My new book with C&T arrived on my doorstep last night at 7pm! I have filled the pre-orders and they are shipping today. I am still waiting on more rulers (which should arrive in the next couple of days) so please be patient if you ordered one.

Order your signed copies of the book or book bundle now! I will ship all orders as they arrive so you'll be enjoying your new book in plenty of time for the holidays. Order extra copies for your friends and be the best quilty gift giver of the season!

I'm so proud of these quilts and so excited to share all of my secrets with you! I wrote this book as a response to all of the questions I was hearing while teaching the last couple of years.

  • How do you store your stash?
  • What do you do with your scraps?
  • How do you use your stash/scraps/strips?
  • What size strips to you cut from your scraps?

All of this is included in the book and the best part?

  • Each quilt is offered in 4 sizes!
  • There are coloring sheets for each quilt!
  • The index allows you to quick reference which quilts use which size strips!

I have some fun events planned to celebrate this new book, so stayed tuned for some exciting things here and on Instagram and Facebook...

I put my heart into this new book, I hope you will love it!
Enjoy every stitch!
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