Monday, July 16, 2018

Multiplicity on Monday

I saw a Ted talk about JOY on Facebook this week and I liked it so much that I shared it. I've gotten some interesting and fun comments in response to it. But my big take away from the idea of this video is one word that stuck with me... Multiplicity. It basically means what it sounds like. It's the repetition or collection of many like things. Think- sprinkles, confetti, and naturally quilts! I totally understand why I like quilts with lots of fabrics cut into lots of pieces. Multiplicity is the reason. I'm pretty sure I need to create a quilt just so I can name it with this word.

To see the video at the TED website, click here. The version on Facebook is an edited clip, and you can see it on my page here.

I hope that you will look for and find joy in some form of Multiplicity this week.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Awesome deals from Craftsy!

Up to 60% Off Kits & Supplies To Knit, Quilt, Crochet & Sew (through 7/15)

Time to stock up on thread, blade refills, etc. Click on the photo above for direct access to the savings. By purchasing through this link, you are supporting this blog. Thanks so much for your support!

Happy shopping!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Open Wide Bag X 2

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I've been working on the cute little bag called the OPEN WIDE bag by ByAnnie. I took a class with Terry on Saturday and got started. I made all of the sections in class and just needed to assemble them once I got home.

Ever heard the phrase "easier said than done"? LOL It wasn't actually hard, it was just really tricky machine sewing the binding on those bottom curves. I was surprised at how easily the zipper went in and the top binding wasn't hard. I enjoyed learning how to use the mesh and adding the cute little trim to the edges. Those itty bitty dots nearly made me cross eyed though!

Terry teaches a bag class every month at Tiny Stitches and it's been enthusiastically attended, so I decided to join the fun. Having never made a bag like this, I will say, taking a class is the key to success! I am so thankful for the opportunity to take classes from time to time and learn from others.

I plan to use my little bags when I travel for makeup and jewelry. I am so happy with the results and I'm kinda proud of myself!

Speaking of classes, the new Handi Quilter Ruler-of-the-Month Club began at Tiny Stitches this week with a whopping 20 attendees! If you want to sign up for the club, just call the shop for more information. The price of attending the session includes the new ruler that won't be available to the public until next year. Besides, it's lots of fun and Cheryl does wonderful demos!

Now go learn something new, it's an experience we all deserve from time to time!

Enjoy every stitch!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Longarm Quilting Services

I never anticipated how much I would LOVE my new HandiQuilter Amara with ProStitcherPremium when I got it. I knew it would help me finish more quilts more quickly, but I never knew how addictive it would be. Now that I've quilted all my (20+) quilt tops and all of my friends', I've decided I want to quilt for everyone else!

What does that mean for you? I can quilt your quilt tops using digital edge-to-edge designs. I am happy to choose thread colors and quilting designs for you, or you can specify exactly what you want.
I am happy to discuss options and ideas. I can provide Warm Co. 80/20 batting for you OR you can send your own batting.

Prices are as follows:

Quilting is .02 per square inch for example:
Crib 45" x 60"     ($54)
Twin 60" x 75"    ($90)
Queen 80" x 80"  ($128)
King 90" x 100"  ($180)

Each quilt will be measured and priced accordingly.
Mail orders will require a $50 minimum.

Batting will be priced as follows: (or you can provide your own)
I buy it by the roll and pass the savings on to you.
Crib 45" x 60"     ($15)
Twin 60" x 75"    ($20)
Queen 80" x 80"  ($25)
King 90" x 100"  ($35)

Return Postage is free for all services over $100. Flat rate fees ($13) will apply to others.


Thread is no additional charge. I use either Superior So Fine #50 or Glide. I am happy to provide any color you choose, I am not currently offering metallic or specialty threads. You can choose "blue to match..." or "white" and I will match as closely as possible. I have some great 'blender' colors as well.

Designs are not limited to, but can be chosen from any Digital Edge-to-edge design from UrbanElementz. They seem to have the most complete selection. Or you can simply specify "baptist fan" or "stars" or "snowflakes" and I will choose for you. I'm happy to send you some suggestions to choose from.

Trimming is included at no additional charge. I will trim all mail order quilts and include excess fabric only.

Binding services are not offered at this time.

The form below can be filled out and emailed to me (just copy and paste it into the email) and send it to

Click here for a printable version of the form.

Butterfly Threads Quilting
5090 Trailing Fox Drive
Cumming GA 30040
(404) 409 5149
Mailing Address

Quilt size:        _____” X _____”        (.02 per square inch)  

Backing size: _____” X _____”    (must be 8’’ longer and 8” wider than quilt)

Batting needed           yes       no        (choose one)                            

Type of batting ____________________________
(BTQ provides Warm 80/20 prices depend on size)

Thread color   _________________  or                    
Choose from any color at

Design             _________________ or
Choose from any design at

Special requests (Binding services not available)

Trimming        yes       no        (choose one)                                                                             
(Quilts being returned by mail will be trimmed, excess fabric will be returned)

Return Date Requested

Please fill out and email to for a price estimate. Print and include a copy with your quilt please.

Thanks so much for your trust and support!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July Fourth Sale!

Happy Fourth of July! 

To celebrate, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on everything in my shop.

I've added lots of new items to the shop, including Bonnie Hunter's new quilty pencils. They are too cute. Plus her triangle ruler. There's also a limited supply of my handy zip pouches
Take a peek at several new books, ones I use often, and enjoy repeatedly.

Prices are already discounted from retail, and with the code SHIPFREE when you checkout, you will pay no shipping (US orders only please!)

Happy July 4th friends!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Quilt Sale

I need to make room around here so I'm selling some quilts. I have mentioned this on Instagram, and I'm finally ready to offer these for sale. All sales are final. Please email me by clicking on the email address here.

Please include the following in the email:

The LETTER of the quilt you want.
Your paypal address to be invoiced.
If you don't have paypal, I can list it through my shop for you.
If you prefer to pick it up in person, note that so I don't charge shipping.
If you want to pay cash or check, (pick up orders only) note that.
If you prefer to meet me at a central location, (such as Thread Bear Fabrics) tell me where.

A- Tumbler Quilt in Tilda fabrics (50"x 66")
machine quilted, sample, like new

B- Tumbler Quilt with Dog fabrics (44"x 62")
machine quilted, sample, like new

C- Tiny Tumbler Table Runner (14"x 41")
w/ wool stars, machine quilted, sample, like new

D- Dresden Plate Quilt using Farm Fabrics (52"x 70")
w/ custom machine quilting and rick rack trim
sample, like new

E- Small Pinwheel Quilt with Camper border ( 37"x 45")
w/ yellow dot backing and bias gingham binding
sample, like new

F- Green Pinwheel Table Topper (30" x 30")
machine quilted, unused, like new

G- Four Patch on Point with Applique Border (53" x 64")
washed once to achieve 'crinkle', and stored folded

H- Pilots Wife Quilt (76" x 76")
original design with unique setting, one of a kind
no two blocks are repeated, custom machine quilted
washed once to achieve 'crinkle' and stored, unused

There will be more quilts later. These are the smaller quilts, I will list some twin, queen and king size quilts soon. I still have to finish photography on those. Thanks for your patience.

Happy shopping!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Travel Plans for 2019

My teaching schedule for 2019... 

is not quite full and I would love to add some quilt guild visits to my current schedule. Any group, at any location is welcome to contact me at for dates and availability. I am however hoping to add some guilds to a few of my trips below. 

February 21-25- QuiltCon, Nashville TN

I will be in Nashville for QuiltCon doing book signings for my new book at the C&T booth. With a little luck, I'll even have a booth of my own! If your group would like to have me visit just prior or afterwards, please let me know. I would love to have an excuse to take a detour on my way to or from Nashville.

June 6-8 Heartland Quilters Guild, Columbia IL

I'm so excited to be teaching at the retreat event in IL! If your guild would like to add on to this visit, I would split the travel costs and save your group some money, and save me some travel time! Woohoo!

October 6-7- Patchers at the Lake Shore, Muskegon, MI

I'm really looking forward to my visit to MI and I have been in touch with another guild there, but I would prefer to add another group or two to this trip. Dates either before or after are available, and I plan to rent a car, so anywhere is MI will work! The more groups that book, the better travel discount for each.

October 26-28 Quilt Market, Houston TX

Houston will be exciting for me next year for a couple of reasons. I can't officially announce those yet, but let's just say, it's going to be BIG! I would love to visit your guild in TX while I'm there. Airfare and hotel will be only half because I'll be splitting the expenses. I will have all new quilts and designs and fun stuff to reveal and share with your group first!

If your guild is located anywhere else, and would like me to visit, please contact me as soon as possible, dates are becoming limited. I have lots of other visits scheduled that are listed on my calendar I am also booking 2020 dates.

If I have already visited your guild... I'm offering a return discount and I have all new quilts, a new book, several new patterns and lots of new tricks and tips!

I'm looking forward to working with your guild and meeting lots of quilters in the next year! Thanks so much for your support!

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