Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Minute Tip

Whether you are hosting the Thanksgiving celebration or visiting, don't forget to take time to really enjoy it. Between the cooking, serving, cleaning and organizing, take a few moments to treat yourself to moment of solitude. Enjoy a sunset. Listen to a favorite song. Snuggle with the dog. Sip a cup of hot tea. And once the celebration begins, connect with someone special. Take the time to share a special moment. Hug someone extra tight. Whisper sweet secrets to a little one. Laugh.

Make this holiday one that you can look back on and be truly thankful for.
Happy thanksgiving to you and yours...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Etsy Update (quilts for sale!)

Find this quilt here.

I've updated my etsy shop and wanted to let you know that I am selling some of my quilts. Mostly because I have so many that I'm having a hard time finding a place for them all, and partly because I know I'm not going to stop making more any time soon.

Find this quilt here.

So if you are looking for a quilt to give as a gift, or know someone who is, please send them to my etsy shop. I would most appreciate it!

I'm also selling some mug rugs.

And some pincushions.

I'll continue to add more small quilts over the next week. My goal is to get them all listed by Friday.
Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

This week was busy...

I had the pleasure of visiting the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild on Tuesday night. This photo shows the quilts they were giving to the local assisted living facility. They are such a generous and fun group!

And on Wednesday we spent the day making Under the Mistletoe blocks. We had a small group of 12 which was great for giving everyone personal attention. I love making new quilting friends and these ladies are definitely good friends to have. My sweet bee friend Darlene was there and she made lunch for me! It was delicious and very much appreciated.

Unfortunately we had to drive home in horrible stormy weather but it was worth it for a day of fun! It was my last workshop of the year, so now I can pack away my workshop and presentation quilts until January. My vacation has officially begun. My to-do list should keep me busy for a while!

Friday, Boomer had a little surgery to make sure we have no baby boomers. He was a champ and I'm not sure he's even noticed that anything is missing, if you know what I mean. We took him out for a cup of ice cream today and he loved the car ride and the treat!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Favorite Things...

Here's a list of my favorite things. I hope you find something here that will help with your holiday shopping, or perhaps something to add to your wish list! I love supporting independent businesses and I've featured quite a few on this list. While they are in no particular order, I hope you enjoy my selections....

1. Get to Work Planner

(photo borrowed from Elise)

This is the book that keeps me organized. In spite of the fact that Boomer ate two weeks of September, it really is durable and well laid out. Elise has a wonderful little video that details all the features and how it works.

2. Patchwork Threads shirts

Not only are their shirts amazing...so is the customer service! The quality of the cotton and the colors are really nice. This is the second shirt I've ordered and it won't be the last. I purchased my "I quilt so I don't kill people" shirt here. It has to be one of my all time favorites. Go ahead and order one, you deserve it!

3. Tazo Tea

I've never tasted a flavor of Tazo tea that I didn't like, but Wild Sweet Orange is my favorite. I also want to try Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple. I'm a coffee drinker in the morning for sure, but I love a good steaming cup of tea in the afternoon or evening when it's cold. I will do anything to warm up and this tea does the trick every time!

4. Me and My Stitches Jewelry
Photo borrowed from Julie

Everything Julie makes is amazing and I get compliments every single time I wear a piece of her jewelry. She does custom orders too! I ordered charms for each of my bee group members this year and she customized them with colors and designs that were perfect! I gave them as birthday gifts throughout the year, but they would make awesome holiday gifts too. 

5. Comfy Shoes

I have these shoes in red and they are my favorites! They come in other cute colors too. Comfy and cute: the only combination for footwear in my opinion.

6. Bobbin boxes from Temecula Quilt Co.

I don't actually have one of these YET. But my friend does and the moment I saw it I NEEDED it! It is so cute and will be perfect in my stocking! They are available with or without the bobbins. There are advantages to being Santa's helper. LOL

7. Paper Jewelry

This cool jewelry is made from paper! It is cut into super thin strips and then rolled and coated into a shiny finish. I've ordered a couple pairs of earrings from them and their service is superb and the quality is amazing. I really like that these are so pretty and lightweight! I plan to order more.

8. Aurifil Thread

I have both this set and this set and I love using them every day! The neutrals are perfect for piecing and the colors are perfect for quilting. This is the best thread ever and my machine is such a snob it won't let me use anything else. I think my machine has very good taste!

9. Burt's Bees Face Wash

I've got sensitive skin, and super dry skin. I keep this in my shower and use it on my face every time I wash. It feels so good and works well. If you don't need super moisture like I do, they have options for other skin types as well.

10. Scrap Quilt Secrets

This should probably be number one, but I am trying show a little restraint here. LOL I would love for you to pre-order my book now or wait until it comes out in March and order it from my website if you want a signed copy. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this book. You may have noticed that already though.

So those are my favorite things at the moment. I'm no Oprah, but I do love a good recommendation when I get one. Please share your favorite thing(s) in the comments, so we can try them out too!


The fine print: This post contains some affiliate links. Any purchases you make from these links may result in a tiny reward for me. Please know that I NEVER recommend anything that I don't already own, use or love. Opinions are entirely my own.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book a Program, Workshop or Retreat today!!!

Because I booked two more dates yesterday, I thought it might be a good time to send out a quick reminder that I am booking 2016-2017 programs, trunk shows, and workshops. My calendar is filling quickly and I would love to come visit your guild and share my new book and lots of new quilts! If I've been to your guild in the past, this is an all new presentation starting in March of 2016. Please visit this link to read all about what's available, or this link to check my calendar. The calendar is updated as contracts are signed, so please contact me to verify availability. My email address is butterflythreadsquilting@gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you and visiting your guild!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quilting is my therapy...

I've said it so many times that I often use the phrase as joke now. But it's true. Quilting IS my therapy. When our lives are filled with unexpected grief, stress or anxiety...stitching provides such a calming an soothing effect on the soul.

I've always been too sensitive. It's in my nature to feel things deeply and carry burdens close. I don't choose to worry or feel sad. On the contrary, I make a conscious choice every day to be grateful. Living with gratitude is so much more beautiful than living with worry. Naming my blessings and being thankful daily really has changed my perspective on life. But sometimes bad things happen and all the gratitude in the world won't fix it.

Obviously the sad events in Paris this weekend have been heavy on all our hearts. So senseless and tragic. There is no good to be seen or purpose to be served. It's just sad. Everything about it. Sad for the victims, sad for their families, sad for the world we live in.

Closer to home, we had a health scare in our family. A week ago, my child developed symptoms identical to those she had three years ago when she was diagnosed with a tumor. Once you go through that journey with a child, you have a level of fear you never knew was possible. She received extraordinary care from the chief of the orthopedic oncology department at Emory right here in Atlanta. He actually developed the synthetic bone graft that helped rebuild her femur once the tumor was removed. She has been healthy and active since her recovery and I think our guard had slipped. When we got the good news that she is dealing with minor scar tissue issues and no signs of a new tumor, I sobbed. Literally sobbed the entire car ride home. I knew I had been stressed but the level of which I had not recognized.

So how does it work? How does stitching soothe my soul? It doesn't fix anything, it doesn't provide any solutions. But somehow, the familiar motion of pulling needle and thread through fabric gives my mind a place to slow down. Stitching allows my fingers stay busy so my heart can relax. It gives me a safe place to do something that is so familiar that I don't have to think about tying knots or threading needles, those motions are built into my muscle memory at this point. It gives me a task that I do have control over so I can focus on that rather than on the things I can't control. It allows me to surround myself with fabrics and threads that I love and simple tools that serve me well. It puts a small sense of order into the midst of chaos.

Maybe that's an over simplification of a much more complex idea. Maybe it sounds a bit naive. My words can't express all the things my heart feels obviously. But I think it's so vital that we recognize what our stitching gives us (besides beautiful quilts!) When we give our stitching the respect it deserves and recognize what it give us in return, we can let go of superficial excuses. We don't need to excuse our fabric addiction or our ufo's. We don't need to explain our time and resources spent on this 'hobby' of ours. We don't need to justify why we have threads on all our clothing.

Recognizing that this passion, this pastime of ours gives us more in return than words can identify and fills our lives with a kind of therapy that can't be found elsewhere, is important. It's important to remember that we are worthy of what quilting gives us. It's important to recognize that stitching isn't selfish or silly. It's important to remember that the quilts we create nurture us. The process is just as important to us as the resulting quilts are to those that receive them.

That's why quilting is my therapy.

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