Monday, January 24, 2022

2020-2021 in Review and looking ahead...

In June of 2020, my my world fell apart. My husband of 27 years, announced that he was leaving and starting a new life. There had been no arguing, no discussions, no attempt to address any issues, just... goodbye. He simply walked out the door. In the following months, he filed for divorce and left us in shock and disbelief. 

Not long afterwards, I was diagnosed with multiple heath issues that resulted in a complete hysterectomy in December of 2020. While my physical recovery has been swift and complete, my heart has not recovered so quickly. 

The day after Christmas 2020, our sweet little Buddy, a 14 year old Lhasa Apso, was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. We said goodbye to him in September after a long brave battle. He grew up with our kids and we miss his feisty attitude and stubborn spirit more than words can say.

In January of 2021, our 6 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that involved a tumor on his spine. It was untreatable and terminal. He has responded well to meds but even after diapering him daily for 8 months, as he had no use of his tail or function of his bladder or bowels, he crossed the rainbow bridge in my arms on August 13th.

In February of 2021, our third dog, Bailey, a 12 year old black lab was also diagnosed with cancer. She had been struggling with her back legs because as a rescue, she came to us with injuries that could not be fixed. She was a healthy and active dog for all of her life, but old age has not been kind to her with arthritis. We are medicating her as well and her spirits are high even though her body is failing her. I fear her days are numbered.

Meanwhile, my mother had fallen and broken her back and was in immense pain. She is slowly recovering but her health is not great and she very limited physically. My sister has been an amazing support and coordinated her at home care as we are both too far to away to visit as often as we would like.  

In the meantime....

I've been comforted by having my kids home, and we went on weekend hiking adventures, ate together every night and enjoyed walking the dogs every evening. The boys each moved out after graduation and are now embracing professional life with great enthusiasm. Their success brings me so much pride and joy. Kelly is now halfway through her second year of Vet School at UGA and comes home every weekend. Her love and support and new puppy, Koda are the best medicine for my ragged soul.

I've learned that my friends are amazing and they really showed up with meals after surgery, support at every turn and an endless supply of tissues while I cried and processed all the sadness. 

I have found a therapist that has been incredibly helpful. Learning to sort through all of these emotions at one time has been so challenging, and while my heart is still mending, I am learning to take things one day at a time.

In November, after much encouragement from my kids, I went on my first "first date" in 30 years! It was terrifying and surprisingly fun. I am now spending time almost every day with a very kind man who makes me smile and laugh more than I thought possible. We are enjoying hiking and lots of other adventures while we get to know one another. However, the day after Christmas, we were in a very serious car crash. His truck was totaled and we both suffered airbag burns and seatbelt bruises, mine being quite significant. I also have at least one cracked rib which is causing great discomfort. His truck has been replaced and we are mending. We are both so very grateful that we walked away from the whole terrifying experience. 

Moving forward...

I'm considering retiring from this little gig as a professional quilt teacher. I hardly have any bookings for teaching (thanks Covid!). If your guild or group would like to have a presentation or program, please contact me ASAP! My longarm quilting is the only thing that seems to be surviving. Bless each of you who trust me with your quilts, I am honored to quilt for you!

I am having fun playing with my new fabric line and will have some sew along announcements soon! I'm also doing a bit of designing in hopes of future publication features.

If you follow me on social media, you know that the joy in my life has returned in the form of a new golden retriever puppy named Rumi. He is perfectly delightful and funny and entertaining and total fur ball of love.

My heart has not been able to share much on this blog or connect through social media as the feelings have been too raw. Perhaps, I just needed to step away for a while and think about what I wanted my life to look like now that it's been totally turned upside down. The fact that I'm actually able to share this, means I have made loads of progress! 

Saying this past year (plus) has been the hardest and worst of my life is such an understatement. I've been through so much and still feel as though I've just barely come up for air. All I can do is try each day to face what I can and embrace the sweet blessings found amidst the chaos. While millions of people have lost their lives over the past year, I know that my problems cannot be compared to a global pandemic.

If you are still reading this, know that your support and friendship has helped me through the worst of this. My life will never be what I had thought it would be, but I'm surrounded by a support system that is truly amazing. I've always been a 'glass half full' kind of person, but right now I'm looking at a whole new glass and wondering how I should try to fill it...

May 2022 be filled with love and blessings and courage and hope for all of us! 


Friday, January 7, 2022

December 2021 Book List

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I was so surprised by how much I liked this book! I didn't think a fictional hollywood biography would really be that interesting but I was wrong! I loved listening to this on Audible and would highly recommend it if you wan to good read that is interesting and full of flawed and complicated characters.


This book was a Christmas gift and I was totally and completely absorbed from the first few pages. The relationship between the father and son is so interesting and unique. It deals with special needs that I'm not personally familiar with, so I can't speak to how accurate or insightful it is, but it is so beautifully told and wonderfully creative in the telling. It's a short quick read but well worth it especially if you find science interesting.

If you want to look back at my posts from the past and reading list for future months (in the May 2021 post), you can find it HERE.

Also, please remember that I always enjoy your recommendations or feedback on any of the books I share. These links are affiliate links which means I earn a few cents for each purchase made through this post. As always, I am deeply grateful for your support and appreciate the contribution to my 'book budget".

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

December 2021 Instagram Review


New Year's Eve Seafood grill, mani from my girl, seatbelt bruises hurt
the crash we are thankful to have walked away from, stocking are hung, a hand to hold
sweet old girl, breakfast in bed, decking the table
strawberry santas, snowflakes are hunk, the best friends ever!!

gingerbread in the baking, walks with Kelly and Koda, wrapping the gifts
date night with my sweetheart, celebrating 23 years of twins, more good books
mug rug exhange, lunch with my besties, my 3 kids
hiking with the boys, hiking with my honey, winner of the Crimson Tate giveaway

December was beautiful time with family and friends. Celebrating love and support and so many blessings! I was able to shower my support system with a tiny fraction of the love they have given me over the last two years. It was my turn to say thank you and I love you and my life would not be the same without each and every single one of them! 
Multiple visits from the boys and my mom heart was so happy to have time with all three of my kids who have grown and flown and make me so very proud every day!
Hosting family from across the US made this Christmas even sweeter than ever before. To be with Mimi and my sister and her family was so precious. While the hole left by Boomer and Buddy continues to ache, we enjoyed the antics of Koda and his puppy energy!
The gratitude was amplified when Chris and I walked away from a devastating car wreck the day after Christmas. We are so thankful for airbags and seatbelts that work! We quietly rung in the new year with champagne at home, healing from the bruises and sore spots that the crash inflicted, but so very thankful it wasn't worse.
The nightmare that was 2021 turned so very sweet at the end!

Thanks for sharing the wild journey with me,


Monday, January 3, 2022

Daisy Talk Update


DAISY TALK is shipping tomorrow! I should have it by the end of the week and will send it out to all of the presale shoppers and giveaway winners within 24 hours of arrival! I truly appreciate your patience during the unfortunate shipping delays. I hate that I was unable to fulfil my promise of January 1 delivery but since I don't have the fabric yet, I can't ship it out yet!

I am so thankful for each of you who have purchased the fabric and if you would like to download free patterns they can be found HERE and HERE. To shop the presale go HERE

Your enthusiasm and support means the world to me! Happy New Years!



Tuesday, December 7, 2021

November 2021 Instagram Review


Autumn colors, warm and cozy bed, teaching at Big Canoe
Happy to be healthy, gift from a friend, hiking almost daily

A new table, holiday lights, gnome day with friends
sweet memories of France, customer quilt, Koda!
flowers from Chris, girls day out, my first fabric line
quiet mornings, sweet old Bailey, home

hiking Sawnee at sunset, Grey, Danny and David, YUM
sweethearts, Friendsgiving, home for the holidays
Christmas magic, dog show tradition, games
scrapbooks, hiking, a full house

November was filled with family, hiking, friends, and so much love! I adore the holidays knowing that my favorite people will be here and old friends will visit and new friends will be welcomed. Together really is the best place to be. The faces in these photos are my whole world and my HEART. I'm so thankful for each of them. 

I hope you found much to be thankful for in November as well.

I'm thankful for you,


Thursday, December 2, 2021

Daisy Talk Fabric PRESALE available now


The fabric will be arriving very soon, and the fat quarter bundles shortly afterwards! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! If you would like to get your pre order in now so that you will get your fabrics shipped first (as soon as they arrive!) go HERE and see what's listed so far. I will be adding more later as I get kits made up and a sew along announced in January, but if you can't wait, reserve your bundles and yardage now! 

What are you waiting for? GO...NOW...



Monday, November 29, 2021

Longarm Updates: New designs and availability


See all longarm designs HERE.

I've added some new designs to the my library but I'm always willing to find special request designs you might want. I have room for 3-4 more quilts before Christmas if you have a last minute quilt that needs to be quilted. But don't wait, I plan to have all of my customer quilts done and returned by the 18th so I can enjoy family time with my favorite people!



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