Sunday, May 9, 2021

Multiplicity...another NEW pattern!

Get the pattern HERE.

Multiplicity first appeared in the magazine Simply Moderne by Quiltmania. It was inspired by all of the X+ quilts that have been popping up in the past couple of years. I wanted to add some additional units to the idea to make a secondary design where the blocks come together in the corners. It was fun playing with shapes and techniques. I created a strip piecing method for making the unique shapes so that no templates are needed for the 5 sided pieces in the corners of the block. If you can make half square triangles and do sew and flip squares, you can do this!

The pattern includes Throw, Twin, Queen and King sizes. The quilt is made simple of blocks, no sashings or borders! But you could always add them if you want. I am so in love with this quilt and smile every time I see it.

I also custom quilted it on my longarm using a wave shape that I matched to the size of the blocks. I think it gives the quilt a bit of a gentle movement that is fun. I hope you will enjoy stitching this quilt as much as I did. 

Get the PDF DOWNLOAD pattern or the PRINTED PATTERN from my shop.

Enjoy every stitch!


Saturday, May 8, 2021

A New Pattern has arrived!

Get the pattern HERE.

Chatterbox was first shared a couple of years ago when I posted this Halloween version. It got lots of attention and I always imagined it would become a pattern one day. I didn't realize it would take quite so long, but good things always do!

I made this version for my son Danny's bed. It looks much more like the original vintage quilt that the design is based on. It's a block that I have only seen one time, and wasn't sure of the construction, but loved the graphic look of it. So I drafted the pattern and remembered the block being large, so I just used a number that was easily divisible by the units needed. And voila!

The pattern includes Throw, Twin, Queen and King sizes. The cutting and assembly instructions are for the individual blocks, and the quilt is only blocks. So it's really easy to get into a rhythm once you get started.

I've made this now in two versions, but think it would be gorgeous as a Holiday table runner with just one row of blocks featuring some gorgeous fabrics. I also think a red, white and blue version would be stunning. So many possibilities. 

Find the pattern in my shop as a PDF DOWNLOAD or get the PAPER PRINTED version.

Enjoy every stitch!


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

That's ....DAISY TALK ... my first fabric line!


Beginning right now, quilt shops will be able to order my fabric line from Blank Quilting Fabrics. The actual bolts will ship in December. So what does this mean for you?

As a quilter, I designed these fabrics with making quilts in mind. My process included everything from making sure there were backgrounds, patchwork options, applique options, borders, backings and bindings! I scaled the floral wreath print perfectly for fussy cutting for hexies, and I made sure there were large, medium and small scale prints for every need. The patchwork print is also perfect for fussy cutting for applique or using as a backing. (If you've ever seen my trunk shows, you know I love a good cheater fabric for my backing!)

My Inspiration...

If you look closely at the large scale print you will see the daisies from my Crazy Daisy quilt that appeared on the cover of my first book, Scrap Quilt Secrets. It is such a fun and playful motif, I added lots of dots and stitches and layered patterns. I wanted the daisies to star in the different prints in various forms and for prints to work well on their own or together. 

Beginning with the end in mind...

As a quilter, I thought about how I would cut up the fabrics I was designing. I wanted the spacing to work for fussy cutting and the scales to vary from print to print. I also wanted lots of options because I like lots of fabrics in my quilts! While I didn't want it to be a sewing print, I wanted some stitches in the prints as a gift to quilters and sewers.

The Borders...

The large floral print has all of the colors of the line in it. It has the main daisy in lots of sizes and variations along with lots of dots. One can never have too many dots! I wanted it to look hand drawn and slightly imperfect with lots of variation to avoid a 'computer printed' look. I also wanted it to feel cheerful and fun. Layering other designs in the background adds a bit of interest. The space between the groups of flowers is also meant to allow for fussy cutting or cutting of repeats.

The Backing...

The patchwork print or 'cheater print' can be used as the patchwork in the Crazy Daisy quilt from my book along with the text print as the border. This isn't the only use for it though! It would make a perfect backing for any quilt made from this collection. It also can be used by cutting it into four patches or rows for piecing into a quilt or as a panel for a fun playmat. I'm thinking it will make adorable curtains for my laundry room! I also think it lends itself to table runners and placemats for a bright cheerful look. I can't wait to see what folk use it for!

The Binding...

The 1/4'' stripe is meant to be the perfect binding, and I think it is, but it could also make a fun sashing, or inner border. It could be perfect for bag handles (on a patchwork tote) or as a lining or backing. Every quilt needs some stripes so here they are!

Low Volumes...

These background fabrics are perfect for both wide open spaces and for piecing into blocks or units. The stitched circles will appear as a solid (with interest) and the busier prints can be backgrounds or included in the patchwork. I just love that each piece has so many options. 

Quote me...

The text prints were fun quotes I chose to include for both inspiration and giggles. And one can't have text without emojis, so I drew custom emojis to go with the quotes and sayings. They make a wonderful energetic background but also have enough interest to stand alone as a border or backing. I hope you have fun reading the quotes and I really hope it makes you smile!


Because I like LOTS of prints in my quilts, I decided to combine 6 warm prints on one bolt and 6 cool prints on one bolt. The print strips are 7'' wide, so they can be cut into strips or charms or applique pieces. This gives your 12 prints for the price of 2! What could be better than that? The prints are similar but not identical in both color ways to add even more options.

Selvage Surprise...

If you've ever met me, you know how much I love a cute selvage. While I don't have a photo of these yet, I am assured the daisies on the selvage are adorable. I can't wait to see them!

Free Patterns...

I've designed 2 free patterns for the fabric line, being offered on the Blank Quilting Fabrics website. I designed one that is beginner friendly and one that is more intermediate level. They are both fun to piece and I hope you will enjoy putting your own spin on them!

Block of the Month Options...

Because the fabrics ship in December, I've been asked if I will have Block of the Month options available and the answer is YES of course! I have designed a fun quilt that can start with simple units and move onto different shapes. It can include applique or you can just add more patchwork. I love lots of options!

Bundles and Kits...

Fat quarter bundles will be available and they will include all of the fabrics. Each bundle will have 2 fat quarters from the multi prints bolts to makes sure you get every print! I will also be offering bundles and kits on my website beginning in January. 

Where to Buy...

So if these fabrics don't show up in quilt shops until December, why am I talking about them now? So you can SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FAVORITE QUILT SHOP and make sure they order the line! Also send them to me with any questions and I will be happy to custom design a program or event just for their shop! 

Thanks so much for sharing this CRAZY Daisy Talk excitement with me. I can't believe it's actually happening!


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Instagram Review April 2021


My New Fabric Line, Travel Planning, Boomer
Overnight oats, moi, pattern testing
dogwood blooming, new pattern, neighborhood library
fully vaccinated, best book of the year, my babies

Not a lot was shared this month but lots happened! I did a lot of reading and quite a bit of longarming. I also started rescheduling teaching visits to guilds. I had an out of body experience when I saw my first fabric line appear online for the very first time!

I've also been working hard on getting two new patterns just perfect for publication and putting the finishing touches on a quilt going to France to be in Quiltmania's Simply Moderne Autumn issue!

Speaking of France, I'll be going to the Quiltmania show Pour L'Amour du Fil in Nantes with a friend in September. I would love to meet up with you if you'll be there! We also plan to spend a few days traveling about after the show. I miss traveling so much, this is going to be so good for my wandering heart!

I hope your April was filled with good things and that May will be even better!


Thursday, April 29, 2021

April 2021 Book List


Firekeeper's Daughter

This book got lots of attention when it was recently released and has already had talk of being optioned into a movie or mini series. I was curious because of the hype. I was also fascinated by the cover art. I listened to the audio version and was so glad that I did. There was a lot of language and phrases that I could have never pronounced properly and loved hearing them spoken.

It's the story of a girl who grows up between two worlds because her mother is not Native American and her father is. She feels and experiences so many things because of this divide. Her story is captivating and her courage is inspiring. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

I loved this book and highly recommend it!

The Light Through the Leaves

After reading her first book, I pre-ordered and anxiously awaited this book's publication. It is just as beautifully written and captivating as her debut novel. The characters are so well developed and leave you wanting to cheer them on and wrap them up in your arms. The story of this young girl and the decisions that shaped her life are both heartbreaking and touching. It's so hard to describe this story, please just read it!

The Sweet Taste of Muscadines

Oh gosh, if you were raised in the south, or ever lived in the south, or know someone who was, please read this book! I absolutely love the author's version of southern life and observations. The main character grows up in the south and moves away to an island off the coast of Maine as an adult. Her brother likewise 'escapes' and her sister stays in their hometown. This story takes place when their mother dies and they all return for the funeral. The stories and images and anecdotes had me laughing until I cried! Her descriptions for things that are subtle and unique is spot on. There is a best friend and sibling relationships that are both tender and fierce. I'm so very glad I chose this book. I could not recommend it highly enough.

The Last Story of Mina Lee

I listened to this book on Audible on a road trip to and from Alabama and enjoyed the story very much. The characters were interesting and complex and their experience with relationships and how their immigration status affected their daily decisions was both fascinating and heart breaking. My favorite part of the book was how the daughter slowly unfolds so many details of her mother's life that she had no idea existed. It was sad and often frustrating, but beautifully told and will stay with me for a while. I recommend this book, but just know that it's not a 'happy' story.


This was my book club selection this month and I chose it because I always choose the historical fiction option if there is one. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this book. I love that it is written so beautifully and the characters are so rich and interesting. I also love that it gives a daily life view of events and people that I had not spent time with in other novels. I also think that this author is one I will look for in the future. My only frustration is that I was reading it at a time with lots of distractions and didn't feel like I could get lost in it the way I wanted to. I will probably put this on the shelf and pick it up again when my life is a bit less distracting. I really want to give this story my undivided attention.

Dictionary of Lost Words

This might be on the short list for favorite book of the year. I just absolutely love the story, the characters, the relationships, the whole premise! A young girl is being raised by her father who is working on one of the original versions of the modern dictionary. The story is about words and their meanings and the potential that words hold. It's also about a young girl and her discovery of the world through a very unique lens. I felt myself cheering her on and defending her naivete. If you like historical fiction, this book is a must read!

This was an amazing reading month. I've also picked up some books that were referred in the comments and I'm looking forward to lots of amazing reading this summer!



Monday, April 19, 2021

New Quilt and New Pattern (coming soon!)


I finished this quilt for my son this week! He got a new bed (larger) last summer and I have been working on it off and on since then. It's based on a vintage quilt block I saw only one time and still haven't found the name of it. 

The pattern will be available soon as a download or in print! I'm just waiting for the final touches on the print version. You might remember I made this quilt in a Halloween version a couple of years ago.

I hope you will think it's worth the wait! Look for this and some other new patterns soon as well as some website updates. 

I'm filling my teaching calendar for the rest of this year with groups that need to be rescheduled as well as adding new groups. I've had both my vaccines and I'm ready to visit with you in person or online. Just let me know what your group prefers!

Have a wonderful week,

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Instagram Review March 2021


Boomer's devastating diagnosis, lunch with my UGA kids, sweetheart

quilt display, long walks, my face in Quiltmania!
Quiltmania feature, shopping spree, daily meds for dogs
heart quilt finish, playing with blocks, book club selections,
anticipation!, flowers from my sister, the best dog ever

March was filled with many mixed emotions around here. There was the thrill of being featured in my favorite magazine of all time QUILTmania! and there was devastating news that Boomer has advanced stage cancer that is very aggressive. Then there was the stitching of sweet heart blocks designed by the amazing Rachaeldaisy, that were sewn along with my friends that always show up to support me when I need it most! 

While navigating many daily doses of medications, doggie diapers and learning to care for special needs of a dog with spinal cancer, I felt and saw and experienced the love and support of family and friends and quilters in such tangible ways. Your love and strength has gotten me through some tough times and while my time with my beloved dog is limited, he will forever be some of the best memories of my life. 

Here's hoping April brings some good news and even a miracle or two!


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