Monday, October 21, 2019

Free Quilt Patterns

Free pattern here.

Everyone loves free stuff! Did you know that I have loads of free patterns and tutorials on this blog? I get asked for them quite frequently so I thought I would share them again. You can find them any time by clicking on the "Tutorials" link on the side of the page. (If you are viewing on your phone, you can choose the cross bar and scroll to the Tutorials option, then click.)

Free pattern here

Free pattern here.

Free pattern here.

Free pattern here.

Free name tag holder pattern here.

There are loads more patterns for quilts, mini quilts, blocks and pincushions. There are tutorials for how to build design walls to ironing board covers and more. Go check them all out here.

If you are looking for a quilt pattern that you can't find, it means it found it's way into one of my books or patterns. I am not allowed to offer my book patterns separately due to publisher agreements. So any of these patterns can disappear at any time if they are included in a future book. Be sure to download and print what you want while it's still available.

I'm happy to offer these as I always love sharing quilting ideas and inspiration. I hope you find something that you want to stitch!

Enjoy every stitch,

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Happy Halloween

It finally feels like fall here in Georgia! I love the cooler weather and I actually saw some fall color on the drive to work yesterday. Some of the things I like best about fall are the colors of the leaves and pumpkins, the smell of pumpkin muffins baking, and the taste of warm yummy soups!

And then there are so many fun projects to make to celebrate the season! I designed these cute little pumpkin pin cushions, and these sweet candy corn kitchen towels back when I was working for Craftsy.

Find all of my favorite Halloween posts HERE.

Find my favorite chili recipe HERE.

Find my favorite soup recipe HERE.

Today, I'm making a wild rice soup with pumpkin muffins for my bee group friends. I'll share those recipes soon. How are you celebrating the season?


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Longarm Quilting for Christmas

How can it be that time of year again already? Do not fear...I can quilt your quilts for you in time for holiday giving! I have a 1-2 week turnaround. I'm happy to offer 2 cents per square inch for edge to edge designs. I also have two types of batting available for purchase and I can even do your binding for you (extra time may be required).

Please go HERE for all of the quilting details.

Please go HERE for my Pinterest board that has my most popular designs.

I hope to hear from you soon, remember, together we can make this happen!

Enjoy every stitch!


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Michigan Memories

Earlier this week I flew to Grand Rapids, MI and had a delightful stay in Muskegon with the PALS (Patchers at the Lakeshore) Guild. Two guild members collected me and all my 100 lbs of quilts at the airport. It was so nice to have a guided tour of the area with gorgeous views of Lake Michigan.

I settled into my hotel room with a quilt of course. I hate duvets (how does a person not melt from overheating under one of those?) and since I had dozens of quilts to choose from...

Before the two days of workshops and the trunk show for the guild, my sweet hostess brought me to a wonderful coffee/bagel shop and this was too funny. I loved the little sign. Fueled by caffeine we headed to the workshop.

The first day of workshops was my favorite Under the Mistletoe. This is always fun because there are lots of steps to cover. Making paper and freezer paper templates, foundation piecing, sewing curves and putting it all together!

Even the most skeptical skeptics finds out that this quilt isn't nearly as hard as it looks. And it's even fun! Especially when you are in a room with 24 friends!

And I always love seeing these cute little featherweights in class. Oh the stories they could tell...

Look at all these beautiful smiling faces! Don't they look happy? I am so proud of their hard work and determination. Some of these women have been quilting for decades and some are new sewers. They all started what will be amazing quilts.

The second day of workshops was a "Twice As Nice" day. The guild gets to choose two patterns and we cover both of them. This time the Pumpkins in the Patch and Origami Galaxy were our two quilts. It's always fun to see how they share elements and can be taught starting with what they have in common, then the following steps are taught alternating between the two. Everyone who attends is welcome to watch and learn all the tips and tricks for both quilts and double their fun!

We started with strip cutting and piecing and turned some four patches into triple four patches, complete with pinwheel pressed seams. Then one group started making pumpkins. Don't you love these fabric choices?

And the Origami Galaxy folks turned their four patches into star centers and their strips into squares...

A little planning goes a long when you're making a scrap quilt. Sometimes, if you plan ahead, you can create amazing surprises in your quilt once the blocks and sashing start coming together.

See the aqua square in the corners of the star block? These become part of the 9 patches once the blocks get their sashing. I love it when things like that happen.

I had a wonderful time in Michigan but I took a very long nap when I got home! I always enjoy meeting new folks and sharing quilting secrets with them. I find quilters are truly the best folks around.

Enjoy every stitch!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Seeing Stars Sew Along Step 2

Step 2

6’’ nine patch variation block

Block as it appears in the quilt.

Background fabric- cut 8 squares 2 ½’’’ x 2 ½’’

Other fabric – cut 5 squares 2 ½’’ x 2 ½’’

Diagonal sewing line.                              Finished HST.

Layer 4 background squares, right sides together with the other fabric squares.
Sew a diagonal line from corner to corner. Trim away the excess leaving a ¼’’ seam allowance.
Press seams away from the background fabric.
Arrange the HST and squares as shown. Sew the squares into 3 rows of 3 blocks.
Press the seams away from the HST units.
Sew the rows together. Press the seams toward the center row.
Trim the block to 6 ½’’ x  ½’’ as needed.

Make 1 block for each panel.

Nine Patch without triangles.

Skip making the HST units and simply sew 2 ½’’ squares together to make a nine patch.
Reverse the placement of the background fabric with the other fabric.

Make the nine patch completely scrappy!

Please post a photo of your blocks to the group Facebook page (link) and tag it with #seeingstarssewalong and #butterflythreadsquilting

or send a photo to me at
Butterflythreadsquilting (at) and I will post it for you!

Go here for a printable version of Sew Along Intro Information
Go here for a printable version of Step 1 
Go here for a printable version of Step 2

Enjoy every stitch!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September Review

Pattern Sale

The month started with a celebration and a PDF download Pattern sale in my online shop. All download patterns are HALF OFF until the end of the month (better hurry!) Just use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY (all caps no spaces) at checkout to get the savings. And a HUGE thank you to the many of you who have already enjoyed the sale. Every penny goes to the Knott Family College Fund*


I celebrated my 53rd birthday on September 7th. Did you know that I was born on my sister's fifth birthday? Thankfully, I don't think she minds too much. LOL It was a quiet day and I got lots of love from those who matter most, so I consider myself a lucky girl indeed. And then I got a bonus trip to the beach while I was in Alabama visiting a guild and teaching a workshop.

Step 1

Seeing Stars Sew Along started with a 'big bang' at the beginning of the month. I have had so much fun seeing all of the progress and colors and fabric choices on social media and in my email inbox. We have loads of folks sewing along with us from Europe, across North America and even in Australia. If you are sewing along from another far off location, we would love to hear from you and celebrate your progress with you. Warm up your rotary cutters and sewing machines, Step 2 will be revealed later this week!

Free Download

Spin Cycle had been an idea in my brain that turned into a free pattern when I finally made the EQ7 pattern. Print out your copy and start using up those jelly rolls right now!

Social Media Stars

These 3 pups of mine make sure I'm never lonely. I'm amazed at how they are always within inches of me when they have a whole house to roam about. They do make me feel loved and they always get the most 'likes' when I share their sweet faces on Instagram.

New Pattern in the Shop

I added a new little Table Runner Pattern to the online shop. It's a variation of the Pumpkins in the Patch pattern but quick and easy and only $3 while the sale lasts. You can whip this up in time to enjoy it all month long before Halloween and then on into November.

Quilting Like Crazy

I've quilted a dozen customer quilts this month as well as two hospice quilts. A sweet customer from the shop I work at is battling bone cancer. Her hospice nurse says there isn't much time left, so a friend (another longarmer) and I asked her if we could finish some of her quilts for her. It's not much, but it's a small kindness that means a lot. I'm going to miss her smiling face walking through the door of the quilt shop.

Coming Soon 

I will be flying to Michigan next weekend to visit the PALS (Patchers at the Lake Shore) guild for some fun and workshops. Then I'll be busy traveling and teaching at guilds here in Georgia for the duration of the year. While I love meeting quilters from all over, I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for a couple of months. I'm already planning which quilts I want to sleep under. ;)

Don't Forget

The SALE ends when September ends, so go grab your patterns and get great savings before it's too late. I don't run sales often, so this may be your last chance this year.

Whew, it's been a busy month! I must say I was busy doing lots of things that bring me joy, I hope you found yourself doing the same. Now go get ready for Step 2!

Enjoy every stitch!

* Knott Family College Fund: For those of you that have missed it, I have have 3 amazing kids all in college at the moment. My passion for quilting helps support their education. Every penny made from this quilting business of mine goes to Berry College, UGA and VT. They are just as grateful as I am. Thank you so very much for your support!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

September Reading List

Get the book here.

I listened to this book on CD from the library. I love everything by Joshilyn Jackson and I really love her books on CD because the author reads them. Her thick southern accent and her high pitched voice really evoke her unique characters and the crazy situations they find themselves in. This story is about a woman and man who meet while being held hostage at the Circle K. The random event brings them together and shapes and changes them in ways they never could have predicted. It's funny and touching and sad and ultimately triumphant. If you don't read this book, PLEASE read something by this author. I promise you won't regret it.
Get the book here.

If you like to laugh out loud at wildly inappropriate but spot on accurate life observations, this is the book for you. (I will caution that it contains a few sensitive adult themes and some curse words.) The story is about a divorced couple who reunite after decades to support one another in some major life changing events. It's funny, and interesting and downright hilarious in places. It's also touching and tender hearted at times. I am very glad I listened to this book on CD from the library. I highly recommend it.

Get the book HERE.

This story set during WWII is about a family of very privileged young adults who travel to Scotland during the worst of the war and how they find themselves in a small village with folks whose lives are very different from anything they've ever experienced before. Some of the characters are rather disgusting but others show so much heart and mercy and tenderness. It's a great story. I loved the author's other book, Water for Elephants so much that I didn't think this one could be as good. Glad I was wrong!

Get the book here.

To be honest, I haven't finished this book yet. I started it a couple of nights ago when I was way too tired. So I had to restart it again. And now I know I'm going to like it, but I need to hurry because it's almost due back at the library! It was recommended in a book group I belong to on Facebook  and I  honestly get more good recommendations there than anywhere else.

And if you are curious about what is waiting on my bookshelf...

This Tender Land
The Oysterville Sewing Circle
City Of Girls
Lost Roses
Turn of the Key
On the Come Up
Before She Knew Him
The Bride Test
The Heart's Invisible Furies
The Clockmaker's Daughter
The Age Of Light
The Boleyn Inheritance
World Without End

And that's just one shelf, there are more, not to mention the request list at the library. I better get busy!

Enjoy every story!

The fine print: These links are affiliate, which means I make a few cents from each click and purchase made through them. I am so thankful for your support and appreciate that it buys me a book or two each month. Thank you from the bottom of my bookworm heart!
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