Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Instagram Review June 2020

Here's the review of the past month from my Instagram.
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I hope you enjoyed this photo review of the month. It's fun to see the passage of time in snapshots.


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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Flea Market Fun

Last weekend the kids and I went out to brunch and then to the flea market here in town that is open only on the third weekend of each month. I was looking for some new things for the kitchen and there is a wonderful booth full of nothing but Fiesta dishware. I got one bowl and one plate but she's bringing me some requested items next month!

I had never seen a sewing machine that looked like a tractor before. I thought it was clever but didn't look very user friendly.

Quite a few of the booths were not open due to the pandemic, but they were lovely to look at as they had quilts covering the merchandise. This string quilt and the four patch are both giving me ideas!

And this basket quilt is awesome! Is this desk a sewing desk or just a writing table? I do like the color.

I thought this little spool tree was clever. Wouldn't that be fun to decorate for the holidays?

And I was so proud that my daughter knew what this lamp was made from. She must be a quilter's kid for sure! LOL

And we even got some apartment decor for my son! Here in UGA country we rarely find VT stuff but this was waiting for us when we walked up! And it reminds me of patchwork made from wood if I do say so. I'm glad my son is excited about it.

I'm looking forward to going back next month!


Friday, June 26, 2020

June 2020 Book List

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This little book is magic. It is poetry, quotes, thoughts, and bits of wisdom. It is a collection of reflections on life and love and healing and sharing and ultimately self care. I absorbed this book in a single day but it will be a book I keep handy to turn to time and again. I can't suggest this book highly enough. It is a treasure.

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This is the follow up book to Heart Talk and it is an amazing look at where we can start to make a change in the lives of others by single decisions, one at a time. I love the poem that opens the book and I know it is one that I will turn to again and again. It was suggested to read it out loud, and I did. There is something powerful about hearing the words out loud that makes the inspirational become tangible. I also highly recommend this book and it is one I will pick up many times in the future no doubt.

Get the book HERE.

I added this book to my Audible library when I heard about it and then sort of forgot about it. I needed a new book to listen to while longarm quilting and I noticed this one. I was hooked the moment it started. I didn't realize that it was a book that included racism and privilege but the story grabbed me from the first chapter and I couldn't walk away. I was so interested in the issues the story seemed to touch on that I googled this interview and really enjoyed getting to meet the author. It's worth a view and don't worry, it won't spoil the book if you haven't read it yet. I highly recommend this book! 

Get the book HERE.

My daughter was required to read this book with her entire freshman class four years ago, and then the author spoke at her college. It was a profound experience for her and she highly recommended the book for me. I had every intention of reading it after our discussions of the book and the real life events that it documents. The process of learning about, and feeling all the emotions that go along with that awareness, are so far beyond the words I can come up with. To know that this kind of injustice and persecution are going on in my lifetime, in my backyard, is chilling to say the least. 

The book has been turned into a movie, and the movie is a 'must watch' in my opinion. It gives such a good portrayal of the spectrum of people involved in the system. How it can take such an emotionally charged topic and lay it out in a 'these are the facts' way while keeping the humans the center of the story is what makes this movie (and book) required reading, in my opinion. The movie has been made available for free here. Please take the time to watch this if you don't have the book. It will change you.

Get the book HERE.

I was captivated by the very first sentence and stayed up until 3 am reading this book. I lost all sense of time because I was so absorbed in the story. It is so beautifully written that is makes the story even more heartbreaking. I always love books that break my heart and give me hope at the same time. This book did that to me and I will definitely be adding her other books to my reading list.

Get the book HERE.

After reading so many reviews, I added this to my March Book of the Month Club box. I had been tempted to order it the month before, but could no longer resist after the reviews started rolling in. And then for some reason I didn't read it right away. I was struggling to read during the first month of the pandemic and this book just found it's way to the stack of books waiting for me. After looking at the growing pile of books, I canceled my subscription so that I could catch up on my unread books.

I'm so glad I finally picked this one up and started reading it. It was beautifully written (though the dialect was tricky at first) and the courage and strength of the main character was so incredible. It was a book I hope will have a follow up. This character worked her way into my heart and I want to know more!

Get the book HERE.

This book should be required reading for all white people. It is brutal truth. It made me feel so horrible to be a human much less a white human. I listened to it on Audible and perhaps if I had read it the experience wouldn't have been so harsh? It explains the systems of racism that exist in our country and how they go much deeper than just our daily choices and behavior. The ways in which the system has been created and set up to benefit white people and oppress people of color is truly horrible. I knew a lot of this information on a basic level, but the book explores so much more than I had ever considered before. 

The book also explains why white people struggle to discuss racism and get so defensive when the topic is brought up. Learning why white people tend to respond the way they do was helpful to understand. This book changed me and made me realize I was blind to so much even though I had always thought I was 'aware'. 

Enjoy every book!

The fine print: the links in this post are affiliate which means I earn a small reward for each purchase made through them. I appreciate your support and thank you for sharing the love of reading with me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Kitchen Renovation: Before and After


We've never lived in a house long enough to do any major renovations and this was our first venture into remodeling.


Let me start by blaming my husband. It was entirely his idea. LOL No really. I though it would be nice to have new counters and backsplash but he wanted to go FULL rip out and redo. So we somewhat compromised. (After he saw the quote on how much the full reno would be he decided he could be more flexible.)


In the end, we decided to get new counters and new tile. While we were replacing the counters, it would require a new sink, so we went with a farm sink option that was huge bonus! We kept our hardware and appliances (two of which have been replaced the others are original but still working.) We also kept the cabinets as they were in good condition, but we had them professionally repainted. We went with a soft white for the cabinets, and dark grey for the island and desk area. We also replaced the pot rack with lighting.


I love the work that was done, especially the painting. I do not recommend doing a remodel during a pandemic, as it took much longer because only one contractor per day would work (understandably.) The contractors were all wonderful and did great work. Also, all 3 of our college kids moved back home during the process because their campuses were closed. So we used a makeshift kitchen set up in the basement for 3 weeks which was not ideal.


We also had the walls painted a soft grey (Sherwin Williams March Wind) and painted the adjoining family room the same color. While the painter was here, we also had the dining room painted a dark blue, and the office a deep turquoise.


We haven't finished by any means. I've purchased and returned three sets of curtains online. We had the new sofas for the family room delivered but they were incorrect, so we are waiting for the new ones to arrive hopefully in July. There are still walls in need of decor (quilts to make) and new accessories for the new color scheme. But those will come as I find them.


While I'm thrilled with the result, I won't be anxious to do any more remodeling any time soon. Yikes that was nuts. Much wine was consumed during the construction phase of the process.

I'll share more after photos once we actually have some more afters.


Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mug Rug Love

Recently a few friends and I got together for a fun mug rug swap, lunch and fabric shopping date. We 'social distanced' by sitting at least 6' apart and we resisted hugging even though we really wanted to!

I chose to make rainbow mug rugs using the free pattern I designed for Craftsy several years ago. You can download it HERE.

I chose a favorite Alison Glass print for the backing and used it as my color palette for the front.

By laying a ruler on top of the strips I was able to determine the size I would need to cut. This was important because my scraps were very limited in some of these colors so it was a tight squeeze.

I started with the middle strip and worked my way out to one side, then the other. I also made them assembly line to reduce the confusion!

I machine quilted them in the ditch using a variegated thread. I also machine bound them as I would a regular quilt. However, when I'm working this small, I use a single fold binding instead of a double fold to reduce bulk.

My friends impressed me with their skills and creativity and I was particularly amused that one of them used my pattern!!! I just love them all! I'm so lucky to have such fun and creative friends.

Have you ever participated in a mug rug swap?


Monday, June 8, 2020

Longarm Quilting Designs

I've added quite a few new designs to my longarm design library. You can see all of them on my Pinterest Board HERE. Or feel free to request anything special that you don't see.

All of my longarm quilting information can be found HERE. I am currently up to date and have a 1-2 week turn around time.

I would love to quilt for you!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

I'm Listening...

Maya Angelou Positivity Quote Typed on Typewriter - 4x6 White Cardstock #Makeup

I've shared a few quotes and resources on social media in response to the current events in the USA. I am not adding my thoughts because my voice really doesn't matter.

As a white woman raised in the south I have seen racist acts and I've heard racist words. I've been on a lifelong journey to do the right thing when faced with a choice, and I've always been horrified by hate in any form towards any human or creature.

I've also been incredibly naive. I assumed that my intentions were enough. So I'm learning, and I'm listening and I'm making a choice every day to better understand how I can contribute in a positive way to the world around me.

Here are some of the resources I'm turning to right now...

video about systemic racism
video about white privilege

White Fragility
How to be an Anti Racist
Me and White Supremacy
Where to Begin
Sing Unburied Sing

Social Media:

I hope that wherever you are, you are able to dedicate some time to better understanding what's happening in our world right now. We can all do better. We can all support one another in that effort. Please leave information in the comments about books, authors, and social media you would like to recommend as well.

Much love,


NOTE: while most links on this site are affiliate, I have not used any links in this post that will result in any profit (monetarily or otherwise.) These links are meant to be resources only. Finding black owned bookstores to purchase these books from would be even better. 
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